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Randy Rogers Band in KC


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Randy Rogers Band in KC

  1. 1. How come our new, slutty friend won’t turn around for the picture?
  2. 2. One beer in and I’m tired! Do you want to fight? Anyone else?
  3. 3. Man, I’m cool! Love this opening band! Just wait ‘til you’ve had another half a beer. For Lacey and Renee I look good in these jeans, too!
  4. 4. Randy has no clue where he is. Chops is chillin’ out. Geoffrey & Brady jammin’.
  5. 5. Then out of nowhere, old homeless lady shows up. I wish Burress & Giese were here, they could buy me a pizza. Is he really doing that right in front of me?. Of course, Gabe starts hittin’ on her.
  6. 6. Brady, workin’ hard. Dude, enough with the pictures. No, really, fag, or I’ll get a restraining order.
  7. 7. Can’t really figure out this self-portrait thing. No, that’s not it… Crap! I’m getting worse! 12 beers in. 13 14
  8. 8. Damn, my hair looks good. My back hurts. This beer should make it feel better. 15 C’mon, Gabe, have another. Like I need your sorry ass to tell me to have another.
  9. 9. Everybody’s havin’ a good time… … then a fight breaks out… … good thing we had Dorman there.
  10. 10. I am so gonna pound this homo. I’m not as think as you drunk I am. Dude, chill out! I WILL DROP YOUR ASS OVER THIS BARRACADE!!! I love it when he talks tough. I wonder if I should have my other half a beer now? I wonder how I got here?? Can’t we all just get along?
  11. 11. Stay down sucka! (This is what you were looking for, Giese)
  12. 13. Good times.