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Wisdom of Community: Four Kinds Of Crazy


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Derek Powazek's closing keynote for Edge of the Web in Perth, Australia, on 5 November 2009, discussed why the internet makes good people crazy, and what you can do about it.

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Wisdom of Community: Four Kinds Of Crazy

  1. Edge of the Web • Derek Powazek • 5 November 2009 The Wisdom of Community Photo (cc) Mysekurity
  2. Jerkwads Douchebags & Wankers
  3. aka
  4. Why the Internet Makes Good People Crazy And What You Can Do About It
  5. Thanks
  6. Why So Crazy?
  7. People are Strange
  8. Missing Social Cues
  9. Alone Together
  10. Kinds of Crazy 1. Confused People 2. Too Passionate 3. Hecklers 4. Trolls
  11. Confused People
  12. What to do about Confused People 1. Provide good examples 2. Give help in context 3. Use content as a filter 4. Design for community
  13. Way Too Passionate
  14. What to do about the Overly Passionate 1. Give it a place to go 2. Timeouts (not deletions) 3. Require accounts 4. Community managers
  15. Hecklers
  16. What to do about Hecklers 1. Starve them of attention 2. Timeouts (not deletions) 3. Private messaging 4. Empower community members
  17. Don’t Create Factions
  18. Trolls
  19. A troll is not someone who disagrees with you.
  20. The Green Hair Theory
  21. What to do about Trolls 1. Delete accounts 2. Make them invisible 3. Call the authorities
  22. What’cha gonna do with all that Crazy?
  23. From 52 to 48 with Love by Ze Frank
  24. Angrigami by Ze Frank
  25. Angrigami by Ze Frank
  26. Patternicity