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20121108 bsa mentoring how to recruit your first team


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20121108 bsa mentoring how to recruit your first team

  1. 1. How to recruit your first team as a founder/startup.
  2. 2. Rule #1: Take your time.Rule #2: Never stop scouting.
  3. 3. Rule #3: Be prepared. Know your enemies.And your targets.
  4. 4. Rule #4: Use any occasion to recruit.
  5. 5. Rule #5: Have a professional process to recruit toptalent.
  6. 6. Finally: Fall in love and stick to your stomach.Recruiting is like dating.
  7. 7. appendix
  8. 8. • Select people for talent, not just years of experience, intelligence or determination.• A performance profile describes the required results, the process used to achieve the results, and the environment in which this happens.• Define the job, not the person. Define success, not the skills. It’s best to separate the job from the person. This allows for a more objective appraisal of true competency.• You’ll have more accurate and valuable interviews by having a documented set of measurable and objective criteria to reduce the chance each interviewer you pair with a candidate is using his or her own criteria to evaluate the candidate.• efforts/
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  11. 11. Just entertain me for five minutes, I’m not going to talk.Would Mahatma Gandhi Make a Good Software Engineer?If you could be any superhero, who would it be?What would you do if you just inherited a pizzeria from your uncle?How would you cure world hunger?
  12. 12. one start-up I founded we assigned each new hire a mentor - someone from the companywho hand holds them for the first few days - gets them set up with a desk, benefits, etc. andgenerally is on hand to answer all their questions. We also require mentors to walk theperson through a different dept each day (at a minimum) and introduce them to everyone.Additionally all new hires stand up at the weekly beer call to introduce themselves. Finallywe had an intern (to start with) work side by side with them to get all the paperworkbullshit completed as painlessly as possible. As a final gesture, all new hires got some cashto spend on tricking out their desk.
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