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Savethedate ao h_berlin_aug_2011


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Published in: Technology
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Savethedate ao h_berlin_aug_2011

  1. 1. Save the Date: August 4th to 7th 2011, Berlin(st a r t in g 4 th in t h e mo rn in g, en d in g 7t h in t h e lat e af t ern oon ) The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter How do we want to learn and lead in changing cities? More than half of the worlds population lives in cities. In Germany, approximately 85% of the population are urban dwellers. Berlin is one of more than 130 cities world-wide that has more than 3 million inhabitants. Throughout its history, the city has undergone a series of remarkable changes, not least the peaceful transformation in 1989, when it became a crystalisation point for a new world order. Today, Berlin can in many ways be seen as a laboratory for urban change, providing spaces for a wide range of experiments in creating urban communities, connecting locally and translocally in order to address local and global challenges such as climate change, migration or an ageing society. We invite you to join us in conversation and dialogue to explore:  What will thriving cities look like in future?  How do we want to learn and engage as urban change makers in our local realities?  How can we make meaning of our experiences and connect translocally in order to address global challenges? We invite you as someone who cares, as someone who likes to act on her or his passion and as someone who wants to step into collaborative leadership for the common good.
  2. 2. The Art of Hosting & Harvesting ismore than a Training ProgrammeThe Art of Hosting is a response to a world that isbecoming increasingly complex and fragmented,where true solutions and innovations lie not inone leader or one viewpoint, but in the biggerpicture of our collective intelligence and wisdom.The Art of Hosting is a practise ground for all whoaspire to bring out the best in others. It is basedon the assumption and experience that humanbeings have enormous untapped wealth andresilience.More Information and Contact DetailsA fuller version of the invitation and a registrationform will follow shortly. If you have any questionsbefore that, please feel free to get in touch withus at and have a look it on!Please pass on this call to anyone you think mightbe interested.