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Using conjuguemos


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Using conjuguemos for extra credit

Published in: Education
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Using conjuguemos

  1. 1. Using Conjuguemos
  2. 2. Rules for extra credit • 100 minutes, due by Wednesday of end of six weeks, midnight • At least 20 words/verbs • Score of at least 70% • 10 extra points added to the QUIZ category (=four points on six weeks grade). • Students must do 100 minutes to receive 10 points…all or nothing, no partial credit.
  3. 3. Signing in! • Go to • Click on Student Sign In
  4. 4. Signing In • Username should be FirstLastStudentID, as in johnsmith123456 • Password is student ID
  5. 5. Activities • Choose the available activities:
  6. 6. Activities • Set your time if you want:
  7. 7. Activities • Click ‘add accent’ after a letter if you need an accent, umlaut, or other mark over a letter. Ex: á, type a, then click ‘add accent’
  8. 8. Recording and Sending • IMPORTANT!!! When finished, click RECORD/SEND RESULTS! Otherwise your teacher WILL NOT get this!