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  1. 1. Spaghetti andWaffles
  2. 2. Men are like waffles Compartmentalize the information in their head. Value power, competency, efficiency and achievement above all else. Fulfillment through success and accomplishment Interested in objects and things Autonomy is a symbol of efficiency, power and competency Cope with stress by retreating and solving a less difficult problem
  3. 3. Women are like spaghetti Everything they think is somehow connected Value Love, communication, beauty and relationship Self is defined through their feelings and the quality of their relationships Experience fulfillment through sharing and relating Women are more intuitive because of cultivating an anticipation for the needs of others. Cope with stress by vocalizing the problem.
  4. 4. Men and relationships Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed Relationships start with a challenge (flirtation) Failure is the biggest attack a man can receive
  5. 5. Women and relationships Women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished. Women are happy when they believe their needs will be met. Disconnection is the biggest blow a women can receive.