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San genifp


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San genifp

  1. 1. Financial planning for the Sandwich Generation A personal vision Donald M Fraser CFP APFS
  2. 2. In case you were confused…
  3. 3. We could call it the Vice Generation, but…
  4. 4. A personal declarationJust in case I show any bias, you can see whereI’m coming from……which seems fair
  5. 5. What am I going to talk about tonight that may remotely engage you?• Calories and cave dwellers• Trees• Television• The planets• Happiness• The human psyche and stuff like that…
  6. 6. Why this is important todayA back to basics approachForms strong long term client relationshipsIntergenerational family planningIdeal for working with lawyers/accountantsA target rich environmentVery little ‘investment’ riskEasy to find and identify
  7. 7. Cave dwellers were not fat
  8. 8. Bamboo or Oak?
  9. 9. The Simpsons, or Friends?
  10. 10. Venus or Mars?
  11. 11. With thanks to
  12. 12. Happy or sad…?
  13. 13. How typical is this family scenario? Father Husband Wife Ex WifeDaughter Girlfriend Son 2 Son 1 Grandson
  14. 14. The Golf Club Sandwich 80s 50s to 60s 20s to 30s 0 to 5
  15. 15. The Up All Night Club Sandwich 90s 60 to 70 30 to 40 Teens
  16. 16. How well equipped are we all?• Technical (Mars) and emotional (Venus)• AF1 Tax and Trust Planning• R05 Financial protection• STEP certificate or diploma• ER1 Equity release• CF8 Long Term Care• SOLLA
  17. 17. Answers Technical Responsive ProductsDetailed Solutions Cleverness Right
  18. 18. Listening Understanding Clarity Helping NonEmpathy Compassion Patience judgmental
  19. 19. If not you, then who and if not now, then when?There is nobody else ‘out there’ who can offerwhat we can, in the style that we do, in aconfidential and non-judgmental manner.There has never been a better time to focus onhelping a specific sector of our society.We are on the cusp of exciting times.