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npEXPERTS from around the nonprofit sector have joined forces to bring you battle proven fundraising ideas and marketing tips. For the next few weeks you'll have the opportunity to listen to each of the nonprofit experts live. Join us for as many live webinars as you have time to attend. We promise that you will not be disappointed!

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  • Integrated Marketing for Nonprofits by Dennis McCarthy

    1. 1. 4/23/2013 Footer 1INTEGRATED MARKETINGYESTERDAY AND TODAYSmall and large ideas to be more effective, honestand real with your supportersDennis
    2. 2. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 2NPEXPERTS: FUNDRAISING IDEAS ANDMARKETING INSIGHTS FOR NONPROFITSNonprofit experts share their extensiveknowledge and expertise in:• Online marketing and fundraising• Email communication• Social media• Mobile engagement• and much more!Download the npEXPERTS eBook andregister for free webinars
    3. 3. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 3WHAT’S OLD IS NEW AGAIN…
    4. 4. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 4The Target Analytics National Fundraising Index tells us that the numberof supporters has been declining for years…And this year’s Blackbaud Online Benchmarking Report shows that clickthrough and response rates for email solicitation are down by 18% fromthe year prior?AND WHY DO WE CARE…
    5. 5. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 5SO WHY DO WE THINK THIS IS HAPPENING?
    6. 6. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 6SO HERE IS WHAT THE CURE IS…
    7. 7. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 7Use our resources in the best way possible to connect values,goals and beliefs for the constituent, and to create an entiretythat they expect. When organizational departments worktogether, we can create more meaningful interactions that go farbeyond touching on a single aspect of the donor experienceAn approach to marketing that can only be fully realized when itsfully embraced by your entire organization. Actually, it’s a littlelike love: it must be wanted, and it takes work, belief andcommitment ... and we all need it.Credits to: Mike Johnston, Katy Dubina and Chris McKinley of@IMABgroupSO WHAT IS INTEGRATED MARKETING..
    8. 8. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 8• The Donor- Deepen your relationshipwith your donors- Engage new donors• The Organization- Alignment in systems,structure, culture and strategy• The Practice- Trends, benchmarks and resultsTHREE PILLARS OF INTEGRATED MARKETING
    9. 9. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 9AN EXAMPLE OF REAL CHALLENGES
    10. 10. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 10What challenges do you face to achieve an integrated fundraisingstrategy?- Resources- Technology- Internal Silos- Investment Justification- Communication challenges- Unified DataCHALLENGES WITH INTEGRATION
    11. 11. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 11Solutions- Resources > establish priorities, focus incremental improvements- Technology > prioritize based on complexity of program- Internal Silos > communication, test it!- Investment Justification > complete campaign review- Communication challenges > coordinate messaging calendar- Unified Data > start with coordinating donor databasesCHALLENGES WITH INTEGRATION
    12. 12. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 12Scenario Outline:- Advocacy organization focused on fundraisingnationally.- Organization acquires and reactivates throughtelemarketing (inbound and outbound) with a smallcontingency through direct mail and online.- Election years have unique effects on the trends of theorganization leading to up to and then after dependingon the election outcomeINTEGRATION IN ACTION
    13. 13. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 13- Gross Revenue is trending down over the last few years.- Fiscal year-to-date 2-12 gross revenue is up, accounting foran increase of $853k compared to FYTD 2011.- The gifts from donors giving at a level of $10,000 or morehave decline by 70% since 2008.- Note that telemarketing represents a large portion of revenueand is also a large source of acquired donors. Should theorganization diversify its acquisition program?INTEGRATION IN ACTION: GROSS REVENUE
    14. 14. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 14- If current trends are maintained, then gross revenue projected to remainflat.- By 2015, gross revenue will have increased only 4% and the number ofactive donors will have increased by 1%.- Since this is an advocacy organization, there is a large spike in acquisitionpost election year with a sharp decline following. Lapsed reactivation followsa similar trend.INTEGRATION IN ACTION: CURRENT TREND FORECAST
    15. 15. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 15- Strategies to Better Reach, Retain, and Upgrade Different Generations- Strategies to Offer Different and Integrated Ways to Engage and Give- Moves Management and Integrated Strategies to help overall fundraising- Measure and evaluate Key Performance Indicators for impact and changesto long term valueINTEGRATION IN ACTION: STRATEGIC INITIATIVES
    16. 16. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 16• Where are you Now?• Where do you Want to be?• What Barriers do you foresee?WHAT ABOUT YOU?
    17. 17. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 17WHAT CAN I TELL MY BOSS I DID DURING THIS WEBINAR?
    18. 18. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 18• Make giving tangible, emotional and interesting• Multiple giving options into all communications• Use your website as an acquisition tool• Engage your donors beyond giving• Find and leverage your evangelists• Welcome and cultivation strategy• Combine traditional and new marketingchannels• Be open to multi-step acquisitionINTEGRATION IN ACTION: TACTICAL CHECKLIST
    19. 19. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 19• A new online supporter• An on line advocate• A person who buys from your catalogue• Consider monthly giving• Consider leveraging telemarketing for response rateTEST AND RETEST HOW TO CONVERT
    20. 20. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 20• De-compartmentalize how to acquire new email addresses from yourweb site and social media.• Test and validate harvesting email addresses they are different!• And then…think conversion….TEST AND RE-TEST ACQUISITION
    21. 21. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 21PRACTICAL TIPS
    22. 22. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 22TEST AND RETEST
    23. 23. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 23“I HAVE NOT FAILED. I HAVE JUST FOUND 10,000 WAYS THATDID NOT WORK”
    24. 24. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential• “Exit, Voice and Loyalty by Albert O. Hirschman•• And as always thank you for your timeAND NOW HOMEWORK..
    25. 25. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 25NPEXPERTS > DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOKConnect with supporters, activate donors,and raise money online.Nonprofit experts share their extensiveknowledge and expertise in:- Online marketing and fundraising- Email communication- Social media- Mobile engagementDownload the npEXPERTS eBook andregister for free webinars
    26. 26. 4/23/2013 Blackbaud Confidential 26Luminate™ Online helps you understand your online supporters and improveonline fundraising performance. Youll have everything you need to acquire moreconstituents, build online fundraising campaigns and nurture sustainable donorrelationships.