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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Communication and Social media each play a pivotal role in building and maintaining a a well rounded and significant digital presence for your non-profit. This presentation looks at the key building blocks and equips you with actionable insights that you can put into practice today.

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  • There’s a lot of competition out there …Even among non-profitsHow will you stand out?SEO plays a key role in your ability to stand out, be found andcapture new supporters.
  • It’s the number one way to find information on the web
  • 60 -> 100 Million searches per MONTH
  • The simple way to view SEO is like an introduction. When you are introduced the person your meeting is more likelyto trust you, talk to you, listen to youGoogle is the best friend you have on the web (and Facebook is your second)
  • Ask attendees for their feedback.What do you do that you want others to know about???
  • Key in on mission statement.- Raise awareness about child sexual abuse- Education/Training Programs for prevention
  • Key in on left col content
  • The BLOG – they talk about their training events consistently
  • AdWords utility for doing research on keywords/phrasesLow competition and high search volume is the key!
  • Ask attendees:Where do you think you want to target (generally speaking)?Top left or bottom right?
  • SEO Get’s them there, but you website does the work from that point on so don’t forget …. 1st impressions matter!
  • If you did an audit todaywhat would you find that isn’t inline withsome of the above tips
  • First impressions really matter.- Visually interesting, but not ugly/over-the-top- Easy to see that they are into educating young people- Makes me want to poke around
  • I’m using givingas an example of “conversion”, but there’s all sortsOf things that you could do.Enews sign up, membership, product, volunteerIt all comes down to your original goals and the things you identifiedwhen we were talking about your SEO keywordsYou have a great looking website, but remember now that your SEO efforts got them there you’re interested in getting them todo something.You don’t just want people browsing through your storefront, right?
  • People will do their research on you via the web. You do it, right?
  • Your design/brand matter. Generic conversion pages don’tconvert as well.
  • eMail communication should be at the heart of yoursupporter connection strategy.
  • It’s easy for me to grab data from our customers so …
  • #1) Capture peoples email (opt-in) now that all that traffic is coming to your site based on your new SEO strategy.Think about having a compelling call to action on every page of your site.Make it simple to subscribe (i.e. possibly email addy only form)
  • Start a regular newsletter now that people have given you permission to communicate with them … but make sure you’re not abusing their trust. Make sure it’s visually branded to match your site/other communication Keep the design/layout simple and easy to scan The subject line matter, craft them carefully Generate useful content that’s easily consumed by the social media age Always include a call to action, even if it’s just asking people to share with friendsCreate a calendar (monthly, weekly) so that you stay on top of things. Think through themes for each month in order to help with content production
  • Create landing pages that match what the reader would expect based on the content of the newsletter (and call to action) Branding Simple to scan Easy to tell what you’d like me to do
  • Build your listAsk people to share (in the emails)Leverage acknowledgement emails (let people know about your regular newsletter)Put an opt-in form on your websitePut an opt-in form on your Facebook page (and give people incentives to subscribe)
  • Example of utilizing acknowledgements simple, but branded targeted at me based on my info (puppies) Utilizing eCard (ask) to help encourage spreading the word Social media outlets simple to spot (I could go find them on Twitter and Tweet to my followers about how I just registered to become a member on the site)
  • A whole lot of web-based applications that do countless things for you.- it can be overwhelming, confusing, exciting, etc all at the same time/There’s a lot of opportunity and potential, but you’ve got to focus small to start.
  • 96% based on study by
  • Hard ROI based on this type of fundraising.There are a lot of other examples:- Twestival- Tweetsgiving- 12for12k
  • Pick the right social networks for your organization and go claimyour space (i.e. get your account/url/brand represented)Facebook – community buildingTwitter – buzz/informationYouTube – they create awesome videoFlickr– they take/receive great imagery
  • We’re going to focus on Facebook today as it’s the biggestAnd most likely place you’re already doing something.How many out there have a Facebook page?Make sure you use the logo area to brand it. Don’t just use a standard logo, think bigger and more exciting.
  • Email sign upSocial media integration (YouTube,Flickr)eStore
  • Custom landing tab that gives visitors who LIKE your page access to special content/offers
  • This is really where the magic happens, everything else is (set-up).Provide info, but use compelling images
  • Work hard to build a communityThis is NWF’s page … people share/talk/discuss on their own now days
  • Make your posts witty, funny, interesting, etc … and, at times, have a purpose
  • Use video as a way to capture attention and promote your cause(note: this is not a LAF video, they are sharing other resources)
  • Start interesting discussions by asking good questions (and using images)
  • Share good news about how your making impact (and use images)
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