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Measurement for VA Public Affairs Officers Mentoring Group


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A survey of current thinking and examples for measuring public relations and social media programs and campaigns. With extreme credit to the work of Kami Watson Huyse and Shonali Burke.

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Measurement for VA Public Affairs Officers Mentoring Group

  1. 1. Measurement Strategies For Public Affairs Professionals
  2. 2. The Measurement Problem
  3. 3. Obstacles to Measurement • • • • It’s Hard It’s Time Consuming It’s Complicated It’s Expensive Sound familiar?
  4. 4. Why Measure? • Identify Success • Redirect Efforts • Prioritize Programs • Demonstrate Value
  5. 5. Under-measuring Only 22% had a strategy that ties analysis back to business objectives. Econsultancy Online Measurement & Strategy Report for 2012 Only 30% are regularly reporting to management. Alterian Annual Survey: How Engaged is One’s Brand? Fifty-seven percent say “poorly defined success metrics and key performance indicators” were three major obstacles to social media marketing adoption. 2012 B2B Social Media Marketing: A Surge in Adoption Courtesy of @kamichat
  6. 6. What NOT to Measure • AVEs aka Advertising Value Equivalent • “Hits” or Clips
  7. 7. Industry Standards • The Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles. • Valid Metrics Framework for Public Relations Measurement • Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards • The #SMM Standards Conclave Courtesy of @kamichat
  8. 8. Two Paths to Measurement
  9. 9. The “O’s” Outputs, Outtakes, Outcomes
  10. 10. Measurement Resources #measurepr chat on Twitter weekly
  11. 11. Outputs The Physical Results of your Work Including, but not limited to: o o o o o o o News stories Brochures Blog content Fam tours Scheduled Interviews Newsletters Speeches
  12. 12. Outtakes What People Think About Your Output Including, but not limited to: o o o o o Surveys Focus Groups Other Customer Feedback Content Analysis Sentiment Analysis
  13. 13. Outcomes How Behavior Changes as a Result of Your Work Including, but not limited to: o o o o Purchase New Opinion Signing up for Something Opinion Change Event Registration
  14. 14. The “As” Activity, Attention, Awareness, Attitudes, Actions
  15. 15. Measurement Resources
  16. 16. You need To get Which brings Which cultivates Which leads to @kamichat Activity Attention Awareness Attitudes Actions
  17. 17. Campaign Sample Tourism Industry Week-Long Promotion
  18. 18. Activity Activity Attention Awareness Attitudes Actions • 42 posts on FB and Twitter in 5 days • Frequency increased four-fold over normal posting pattern • Dedicated Web page with 5 profiles of industry experts
  19. 19. Attention Activity Attention Awareness Attitudes Actions • Overall reach on FB doubled during week of promotion
  20. 20. Awareness Activity Attention Awareness Attitudes Actions • Did not truly measure awareness in this promotion • Key RTs on Twitter were from specialty audience sites
  21. 21. Attitudes Activity Attention Awareness Attitudes Actions • Did not measure attitudes for this promotion • Why? Timeline was short • Overall, travel is a positive force
  22. 22. Action Activity Attention Awareness Attitudes Actions • 6 messages w/ key RTs on Twitter amplified audience to 12K+ • 3 profiles were shared outside the central FB page • 175 page views on new Web page; 54 uniques
  23. 23. SMART Goals
  24. 24. SMART Goals
  25. 25. SMART Goals Channel Goal Description Metric Time Goal Type Measure Activity - Output All Channels Increase content 1 original post per day/channel Immediately Activity Measure Attention –Increase Fan Base Facebook Page 1 Increase fans 200 3 months Attention Facebook Page 2 Increase fans 100 3 months Attention Twitter 1 Increase followers 50 3 months Attention Twitter 2 Increase followers 25 3 months Attention Measure Awareness – Engagement Level Facebook 1 Maintain Engagement 8-10% 3 months Awareness Facebook 2 Maintain Engagement 9-12% 3 months Awareness Twitter 1 Increase engagement 45% or higher 3 months Awareness Twitter 2 Maintain engagement 50% or higher 3 months Awareness
  26. 26. Measurement Resources • A Practitioner’s Guide to Public Relations Research, Measurement, and Evaluation by Don W. Stacks and David Michaelson, rev. 2010, ISBN 978-1-60649101-0. • A Commonsense Framework For Social Media Measurement by Kami Watson Huyse, published as whitepaper here: o
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Fran Stephenson @fransteps on Twitter 210-557-8207