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Fs letter of rec


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Rec ltr

Published in: Education
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Fs letter of rec

  1. 1. JENNIFER E. WILLIAMS 430 Druid Road West Clearwater, Florida 33756 727.430.3873 May 31, 2014 To Whom it May Concern, It is both my professional and personal pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Fran Siracusa, an incredibly valuable member of the Country Day School faculty. As both a colleague and a teacher to my own children, I have known Fran for the past four years in her role as World Language Department Head and Director of International Programs. In my position as Director of Education, I have had the privilege of working each day with Fran and have come to not only respect her professionally, but also as a cherished friend. I first met Fran when she joined the Country Day School community in 2010. Fran immediately sparked excitement within the faculty and the students through her innovative teaching practices and with the integration of technology into her Spanish classrooms. Through meaningful and creative lessons, she shared her passion for the Spanish language and culture with students ages two through eighth grade. Over the years, I have watched each lesson in her classroom come alive as she brilliantly connects experience to concepts in authentic and exciting ways! Children feel empowered to reach greatness and are supported by Fran each step of the way. With a shared interest in 21st century teaching practices and research, Fran and I were instant teaching partners and friends from the moment we met. Together we sought out professional learning opportunities that would further develop our programs and enhance our abilities as educators. Fran’s enthusiasm for lifelong learning is contagious. She constantly pursues opportunities to present at conferences and embraces any chance to collaborate with like-minded and forward-thinking educators from around the world. Following receiving a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, Fran assisted in coordinating a 1:1 iPad program for our World School program. Further, she worked to develop programs for teachers, including a weekly Technology Consortium for Country Day School faculty members, a summer Technology Collaborative Institute bringing teachers from near and far to learn together, and inspired a school-
  2. 2. wide faculty Spanish language challenge to inspire language learning for teachers. Further, in her role as International Program Coordinator, Fran carries out the school mission to “educate children within a supportive environment to become confident lifelong learners, intellectually discerning thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible participants in a global society.” Fran has instilled this mission into every school day. Whether coordinating 21st century global projects with friends from around the world in projects such as Flat Classroom, Caine’s Arcade, Rock Our World, Global Happiness Project, and International Model UN, or organizing international travel for our Middle School students to Spain, Costa Rica, and China, Fran truly embodies the culture of the school community and is an inspirational change agent that has the dedication, determination, and passion for creating amazing things. Fran is devoted to supporting her team and champions each student to reach the highest of heights. Her deep understanding of educational technology and language pedagogies and methodologies and enthusiasm for research and best practices enable her to develop outstanding programs. With a passion for connecting and networking and fervor for educating through activity-based learning, her classrooms are alive with invention, imagination, and collaboration. As a devoted educator, innovator and lifelong learner, Fran is an inspiration to all students, parents, and teachers. In addition to her excellence in performing her many responsibilities at Country Day School, I admire Fran for her kindness, compassion, integrity, professionalism, and daily enthusiasm. Fran will be an invaluable addition to any professional organization she joins. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend my colleague and friend, Fran Siracusa, to your program. Warm Regards, Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams, MS, CCC-SLP Director of Education Country Day School