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  1. u r b a n c o o l k c . c o m URBAN COOL KC? WHY SELL WITH
  2. TOP CONCERNS OF SELLERS HSTORY MONEY How can I get the most money for my home? TAM 50 40 30 20 10 0 TIME How much time will the process take to sell my home? WHO What is the agent’s track record? Who all is involved? MARKETING What is the plan for marketing my home to the public?
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Cross-platform posts on our 40k+ follower pages, PLUS up to $100 in Boosted posts to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. PROFESSIONAL HDR PHOTO Virtual Tour and unique, shareable URL. STAGING Full home and staging edits available. Including edits to existing furnishings and/or providing additional furniture to perfect spaces. SERVICES & FEES SYNDICATED TO 100+ WEBSITES Your home's listing will be available for buyers to view across 100+ websites.
  4. COMMISSION 6% Total - 3% Buyer Agent & 3% Listing Commission. OPEN HOUSE Curated open house including neighbor invite, flyers, postcards, and optional social media promotion. SIGNAGE MLS Listing, Sign In Yard, Open House, KWKLY Yard Sign Text for Information. SERVICES & FEES
  5. COMMUNICATION Our team will set up your listing in our CRM database, Brivity, which will send you daily progress updates on the sale of your home. We will email you a unique login to Brivity, providing you full transparency during the listing process. DAILY UPDATES You will receive weekly marketing reports from the Urban Cool team. We will also keep you updated on the transaction process once an offer has been accepted. MARKET UPDATES Merisa, our Transaction Coordinator, will handle all contracts from start to close. You will recieve emails from Merisa through the listing process. TRANSACTION UPDATES
  6. LISTED AT $340K Sold for $325K. Utilized specialty marketing because the property was formerly was an AirBnB/ Multi-Family Housing. FACEBOOK STATS +40,000 people reached. 516 WABASH SPECIALTY MARKETING
  7. LISTED AT $1.2 MILLION Sold for $1,087,300. Utilized specialty marketing because the property included three condos & a duplex. FACEBOOK STATS +60,000 people reached. 522 HARRISON SPECIALTY MARKETING
  8. LISTED AT $259K Sold for $295K. 13 offers & over 40 showings. FACEBOOK STATS +100,000 people reached. 4010 CLARK 1 DAY ON THE MARKET
  9. STAGING The longer a homes stays on the market, the lower it drops below list price. - National Association of Realtors Research Group, 2021 Survey On average, staged homes sold in 23 days or less, whereas un-staged homes of comparable value sit on the market longer. - RESA, 2020 Survey of 13K Staged Homes. 70% of potential buyers are willing to sacrifice space for a home that is "move-in ready." - Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, 2020 Survey Staging a home can increase its value by 5%. - National Association of REALTORS Research Group, 2021 Profile of Home Staging
  11. To promote your listing, we post curated content across all of our social media platforms. Your home will reach an audience of over 46,000 people who follow Urban Cool's social media accounts. A larger audience means more potential buyers viewing your listing. Urban Cool is present on the below platforms: YouTube Twitter LinkedIn SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CROSS PLATFORM EXPOSURE Facebook Instagram Website Virtual Tour
  12. Many of our followers are not actively looking to purchase a home, but many have seen a home they fell in love with on our page and decided to buy. FACEBOOK MARKETING Our Facebook page puts great homes in front of over 42,000 people. MISSION TACTIC You can get 100x more exposure for your house, therefore selling it quicker and for more money. BENEFITS
  13. 516 WABASH FACEBOOK MARKETING 16.3K people reached 24.6K people reached Posts reach thousands of potential buyers. 3.1K engaged with post 4.7K engaged with post
  14. 522 HARRISON FACEBOOK MARKETING 54.6K people reached 7.2K people reached Posts reach thousands of potential buyers. 17.3K engaged with post 4.0K engaged with post
  15. 4010 CLARK FACEBOOK MARKETING 91.5K people reached 12.7K people reached Posts reach thousands of potential buyers. 32.6K engaged with post 4.9K engaged with post
  16. Franny is a consummate professional. She and her team of contractors staged and prepared our home for sale in record time, and delivered outstanding results while staying within the constraints of our budget. Throughout the process, she dealt with our questions, fears and unexpected problems with patience, skill and calm competence. She was always accessible and responsive by whatever means we chose to communicate, be it email, text or phone. Her calm, steady and alert presence was a source of much needed reassurance throughout the process of preparing for relocation. REVIEW OF FRANNY KNIGHT - MALIK NASH CLIENT TESTIMONIAL
  17. THE URBAN COOL KC TEAM FRANNY KNIGHT Founder & Agent HUBERT BEATTIE Founder & Agent Hubert has a Bachelors Degree in Business and has 30 years of Management Experience. He played on a basketball scholarship and still is at home on the court. Hubert’s experience and eye for homes that can be rehabbed or flipped make him an excellent resource for investors and homeowners that love the idea of a “diamond in the rough.” Franny has a Master’s in Psychology from Wichita State University. She played College Volleyball and Basketball! She continues to stay fit by walking her babies, Dexter, Ruby & Betty Rae on trails in the metro. In addition to being a full-time Realtor, she teaches companies, entrepreneurs, and social-service agencies to improve their marketing with Social Media. Prior to being a Realtor, she was a Public Speaker and Trainer for Creative Marketing & Thinking. MERISA BEATTIE Transaction Coordinator & Agent Merisa is an agent, Transaction Coordinator and Listing Manager with Urban Cool KC. Before joining the team, she worked in the restaurant industry where she served and collaborated with all types people (and made tons of friends in the process). She loves meeting new people that are buying or selling a home. Her clients love her exceptional staging which helps their homes sell faster. MARK GOODMAN Agent Mark’s career started in the US Army where he was a Tank Mechanic. After the military, his ability to repair things lead him into IT and military contractor work. Upon his return to the US, he continued problem solving for IT companies such as Sprint, H&R Block, and Marriott Hotel & Resorts, but also began to pursue Real Estate and his personal passion of home renovation. His IT, Renovation, and Real Estate skills combine to make him a great asset to his investor clients.
  18. "THAT HOUSE IS SOOO COOL." That’s what Franny Knight thought to herself when she took her first picture of a cool home in 2006. Franny lived in downtown Kansas City. She knew first hand how easy it was to fall in love with an urban area...and a really cool house. At that time, she was new to real estate. She’d made a career change to join her soon to be husband in his established real estate business. With no customers of her own yet, she decided to spend her time documenting the cool urban homes she found in Kansas City. Those first pictures were followed by many others and have now grown to a social media following of nearly 40,000 on Facebook alone. Today, Urban Cool KC is about you, the Urban Cool Villager, and about this city and all it has to offer. The journey continues and we are happy to help you find your Urban Cool home and/or the Urban Cool Villager who will love your home as you did. ABOUT US
  19. Keller Williams is the world's largest real estate franchise by agent count, has more than 1,000 offices and 180,000 associates. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States. In 2015, Keller Williams began its evolution into a technology company, now building the real estate platform that agents' buyers and sellers prefer. Since 1983, the company has cultivated an agent-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that rewards agents as stakeholders. ABOUT KELLER WILLIAMS 4200 Somerset Dr. Ste #101 Prairie Village, KS 66208 Office: (913) 825 - 7500
  20. u r b a n c o o l k c . c o m FRANNY KNIGHT Urban Cool KC Founder Realtor KW KEY Partners Urban Cool KC has a Facebook page that posts cool houses every day in urban neighborhoods. You can also find us on Instagram @urbancoolkchomes and on Youtube at Urban Cool KC-KW Key Partners. 816-686-7499 4200 Somerset Suite 101 Prairie Village, KS 66208