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  1. 1. Eclipse By: Stephenie MeyerPresentation by: Francine Mendoza
  2. 2. WARNING!If you have not read/watched the previous books before this one, then I apologize, its giving away spoilers for you.
  3. 3. PlotIt has an intense beginning of the city of Seattle being taken over by murders, which Edward suspects are newborn vampires that are not able to control their thirst. Alice Cullen has a vision that Victoria, a vampire who has been hunting Bella since Twilight, is back. Out of no where in a sudden way, Edward proposes to Bella who says yes of course. Bella and the Cullens realize that Edwards thoughts on the murderers being the newborns were right, being controlled by either Victoria or the coven of vampires known as the Volturi. The Cullen family joins forces with the werewolf pack in order to have a successful win. After going into the mountains, Jacob overhears Edward & Bella talking about being engaged, and Jacob becomes enraged. He threatens to get himself killed in the fight because Bella doesnt love him. To stop him, Bella kisses Jacob. After kissing him, she realizes she has love for him also. Victoria tracks Edwards scent to Bella and Edward cannot help but fight, despite Bella and her wishes to keep him safe. Once Victoria and her army are destroyed, Bella explains to Jacob that even thought she loves him, her love for Edward shines brighter. Later on, Jacob receives a wedding invite that angers him enough to run away.
  4. 4. Theme From what I see in this book, the theme of it all is Love. All of the things that happened during thebook somehow lead up to a love. In the beginning, Riley and Victoria form a “love” for each other, but it ends up being unreal. Also, the feelings Bella develops for Jacob throughout the story come into play. Though as its been said, her love will never shine brighter for anyone else, other than Edward Cullen.
  5. 5. ConflictThroughout the entire book, many conflicts arise.Conflicts such as the Volturi getting involved withBella not being a vampire yet, and the murderous newborns. The biggest conflict that sticks out the most, is if Edward and Jacob are capable of working together. It comes off as the two cannot stand each other, but they appreciate each others hard work for Bella.
  6. 6. Character Analysis: Bella Swan Bella Swan is very much all over the place in this book. Shes in denial about a lot, all of it mostlycoming from her true inner feelings. Shes got this crazy need to become a vampire, but is forced to wait a while. Not only that, but she puts Jacob on the wrong path. Bella becomes selfish to her own needs, and not anyone else.
  7. 7. Character Analysis: Edward Cullen Edward Cullen plays one interesting man in this book. The way he can manipulate people is crazyintense. A lot of the ways he works comes off as a smart, but in all reality its cold... literally. [Vampire Jokes] There are times where Edward also plays the kind, trusting guy towards Jacob;then something happens like a kiss and it throws him off guard in the head.
  8. 8. Character Analysis: Jacob BlackJacob Black is one thing and one thing only in this book, and its a fighter. Throughout the whole book, he shows his complete focus to keep Bella alive and in his life. Hes willing to do anything to keep her around. The Vampires arent a clan to ignore, any Werewolf could easily be killed by one. Jacob takes huge risks for Bella, the one he loves.
  9. 9. The Volturi The Wolfpack The Cullens Newborn Vampires