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  • Exalogic interconecta los servidores a un gateway infiniband. Este utiliza para conectar al mundo exterior una red de 10GbE


    Servers (Infiniband HBA) -> Infiniband Swich Gategay ->10GbE Customer Network.
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  • Why we need 10G switch requried for Connecting Exalogic system . Need more technical inputs on the same .
    Pls help me on this
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  • Before we get started, I must share with you that information in this presentation is covered by this guidance.
  • Slide Transition: First, Oracle is simplifying I.T. by engineering hardware and software to work together, upending the longstanding industry practice of cobbling together different components.Oracle's strategy is based on these 4 elements:Best in class: We're innovating at every layer of the stack, and delivering best in class products – in servers, storage, Operating Systems, virtualization, enterprisemanagement, and in in databases, middleware and applications. We work in heterogeneous environments.Vertically integrate for extreme differentiation: We vertically integrate those pieces where we own the IP. Take those very same piece-part capabilities that I described and bring them together into vertically integrated systems for extreme improvement in performance and TCO for our customers.we do it as part of our R&D, not part of your IT budget. with things like integrated systems and engineered systems, where we bring the hardware and software and we engineer them together, is we actually engineer out services. We're in the services business in that we do it as a pre-provisioned product and a solution.Industry capabilities: solve our customers' problems that are unique by industry.Deployment choice: deliver with whatever architecture is best suited for the customer (ability to deliver all the capabilities I just described any way the customer wants to get them, through whatever delivery architectures are appropriate for them.
  • I mentioned how Oracle engineers the entire stack to work together, and that reduces complexity, drives better performance and better savings. If you look at what the alternative is, lets say you get the database from Oracle, but you run it on RedHat, using VMware for virtualization on HP gear running WebSphere. You could be using any number of different storage and networking vendors, might even have a few Windows Servers in the mix. Those disparate products were all designed and engineered by different teams around the world and it’s simply not possible for all of components to be designed and tested to work together with best practices that will yield anywhere near the same results. There is simply no single place where you can go to find out what to order with what, what works best with what, and then how get the most out of a particular set of technologies. So this means not only does the customer have to deal with all these different vendors and purchase orders, they also have to figure out how to put it together. That’s time and money that could be spend on either new solutions, or in transforming I.T.
  • So now we’re in a new era where a single integrated system delivers on all the needs of business application users.With Oracle Exalogic & Exadata.
  • Many of our customers have realized that their differentiation is in their unique business logic and business processes, not their data center build up.Complexity in the data center has become an inhibitor to fast time to market, which is viewed as a key source of competitive advantage.The bottom line is that enterprises can no longer afford to do custom engineeringYou need a solution that is built from the ground up that includes servers, storage, networking, and software that you can run your business on. And ongoing maintenance and management of your environment, including adding new applications is much easier
  • Industry analysts agree that the integrated systems trend is really catching on.According to Gartner… (read from slide)
  • This is clearly a big vision. What were our design goals?We set out to deliver on 4 key goals… (see slide)
  • Dong: the change the graph using Tuxedo data
  • Oracle hardware and software are not only engineered to work together, they are engineered to be maintained, updated, and supported together. We are uniquely qualified to provide optimized performance at every level of the integrated stack, delivering the essential services and resources your business needs to maintain high availability, increase operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.Oracle Premier Support provides fully integrated system support with a single point of accountability… 24/7 support with access to Engineered Systems experts 2 hour onsite response Updates, upgrades and support for the Oracle operating system, database and integrated server and storage hardware. Access to My Oracle Support portal which contains a 1 million article database and many, many proactive tools to help you keep systems running at peak performance Oracle Automated Service Request – where your system phones home to Oracle to let us know if there is a problem with the hardware…and now, qualifying customers can also receive the enhanced coverage of Oracle Platinum Services for no additional cost.Oracle Platinum Services is a special entitlement under Oracle Premier Support, delivered at no additional cost.It’s exclusively available on Oracle Exadata, Exalogic and SuperCluster based on certified configurations.It provides 24/7 Oracle remote fault monitoring Backed by extremely fast response times:5 Minute Fault Notification15 Minute Restoration or Escalation to Development30 Minute Joint Debugging with Development And, quarterly patching deployed by OracleOracle Platinum Services takes standard support to a whole new level with additional, no cost services targeted to delivering high availability.To learn more about Oracle Platinum Services go to: www.oracle.com/goto/platinumservices
  • Thanks MohamadToday I’m really excited to announce EECS 2.0We think it’s simply the logical choice for running business applications
  • Nodes1481630240RAM963847681536288023040SSD20080016003200600048000ZFSSA6060606060480
  • For illustrative purposes, this diagram shows InfiniBand connectivity on the vertical axis and Ethernet connectivity on the horizontal axis.The compute nodes and the storage device within Exalogic are provisioned with redundant InfiniBand connections. These devices have access to the datacenter “external” network via the Ethernet ports on the InfiniBand Gateways.Ethernet connectivity to the compute servers and cloud storage is provided through the InfiniBand fabric. Virtual Ethernet NICs are instantiated within the host stack and Ethernet frames are encapsulated within InfiniBand packets which are forwarded to the gateway, which has physical Ethernet ports.Note that there is an independent 1 GbE network for device management that connects to all components in Exalogic
  • Interesting:Good balance of ram to compute.96 GB RAM per system to keepUsing 12 of 18 DIMM slots – allows DIMMs to run at full clock speed.One empty PCIe slot.HCA = networking card.HBA =OS ISOs are pre-installed on SAS
  • Exadata does not use this product.Brand new product with Exalogic – not yet available outside of Exalogic.Every exalogic device is connected to 2 switchesBridged not switched = 8 10Ge NIC ports. Key to DC integration. There is not need to certify this as a switch.Can be mapped to multiple hosts.We are not yet certifying partitioning over IB. All the capabilities are supported by the switch. We are coming up with best practices and EDG around this.Active-Passive bonding (bonding provides an abstraction layer for multiple NICs).
  • This is a spine switch (connects leaf switches together).We have leaf switches for each connected device.
  • Assume ‘App1’ and ‘App2’ are separate clusters within the same SOA domain (say ‘SOA_PROD’)Maximizes Availability by utilizing all compute nodesIf Node8 fails, each cluster is still at 85%+ capacityWorks well with automatic whole server migration (requires at least 3 compute nodes in a cluster)Failed managed servers on Node8 can be restarted automatically on remaining nodes
  • Isolating Applications within set of compute nodes (mutually exclusive)If one node goes down for maintenance or unexpectedly, only 50% capacityTYPICAL SCENARIO IS HYBRID:E.g. DEV, TEST using horizontal slicing PROD is vertically sliced across all compute nodes.
  • Each ES includes a slightly different combination of the tech stack.Click Builds to ExalyticsThe h/w components and s/w are standard, as shipped for traditional Oracle systems. Db is the same, WLS is the same, EBS is the same...Click build for text box on lThese are all managed with the EM suite, from apps to disk.All ES have built in, low level monitoring and management tools – these have been integrated into EM 12cEM 12c has been enhanced to be ES aware  so the primary management toolset for ES is EM 12c, just as it is for traditional Oracle systems. Core functionality is free.It should be deployed as a single central application whose purpose is to manage the other Oracle systems in all environments.Click build for text box on r.EM 12c suite includes integrated tools for many purposes covering all stages of the lifecycle, physical and virtualised environments, can be linked to your other systems management and helpdesk tools and is seamlessly integrated with MOS. EM 12c is also the base on which Oracle Cloud computing capabilities are build. With EM 12c your ES can become the platform for Db, FMW or Applications AAS, with self service provisioning, elastic resource management and automated metering and charging Simpler architecture. Simpler Admin. Simpler admin tools.
  • Edit IP addresses
  • Exalogic workshop overview__hardwarev4

    1. 1. Infraestructura Optimizada Oracle: Exalogic Fran Navarro 1 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    3. 3. Agenda • Oracle Engineered Systems Strategy • Workshop Exalogic – – – – – Exalogic Hardware Exalogic Virtualized Exabus Exalogic HA + DR Exalogic – Multi Tenacy • Exalogic Management 3 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    4. 4. ENGINEERED TO WORK TOGETHER 4 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    5. 5. A NEW ERA: ORACLE ENGINEERED SYSTEMS HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE ENGINEERED TO WORK TOGETHER Before 6 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Now
    6. 6. GROUNDBREAKING TIME TO MARKET FEWER PIECES TO BUY, DEPLOY & MAINTAIN 100‟s of Components 1000‟s of Hours 7 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential   1 Machine 1 Day
    7. 7. THE INTEGRATED SYSTEMS TREND IS CATCHING ON “By year-end 2015, integrated systems will account for 35% of total server shipment value.” Gartner Symposium/IT Expo presentation, “Is the Concept of the Server Obsolete – or in Need of Redefining?”, November 2012 8 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    8. 8. Compute Appliances Have a Role Within Gartner's Fabric Continuum Exa-Systems OVCA 10 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    10. 10. Fusion Middleware Performance on Exalogic Tuxedo 11g SOA 11g ADF 11g UCM 11g Response time Response Time Concurrent Users Throughput 520ms 9X 1.1ms 7X 240,000 10X 3X 5,640 tps 0.16ms 58ms Standard Hardware 12 | 17,340 tps Exalogic © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential Standard Hardware Exalogic 24,000 Standard Hardware Exalogic Standard Hardware Exalogic
    11. 11. Engineered Systems: Scale With Your Business Multi-rack Full Rack Half Rack Quarter Rack 13 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential • Seamless hardware upgrade • Flexible software licensing
    12. 12. Oracle Support for Performance and Availability ORACLE PLATINUM SERVICES Complete. Integrated. Proactive. • 24/7 support coverage • Specialized Engineered Systems Support Team • 2-hour onsite response to hardware issues1 • New updates and upgrades for Database, Server, Storage, and OS software High Availability Services. No Additional Cost.  Better support for the complete Oracle stack – Includes higher support levels for Database software  24/7 Oracle remote fault monitoring  Industry-leading response times: – 5 Minute Fault Notification – 15 Minute Restoration or Escalation to Development – 30 Minute Joint Debugging with Development  Patch deployment by Oracle engineers 1 Covered system must be within an Oracle two-hour service area to receive two-hour response as a standard service. Available now for certified configurations on Oracle SuperCluster Oracle engineers perform patching services up to four times per year 14 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    13. 13. Exalogic Fundamentals 15 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
    14. 14. Exalogic Elastic Cloud Overview • • • • • • 16 | Exalogic Hardware Exalogic Virtualized Exabus (In deep in Other ppt) Exalogic HA + DR Exalogic – Multi Tenacy Exalogic Management © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    15. 15. Exalogic vs. the Status Quo Exalogic Status Quo Applications & Middleware OS Virtualization & Cloud Management Compute Networking Storage Layer 17 Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. X3-2
    16. 16. Exalogic Hardware
    17. 17. Exalogic X2-2 I Complete, Integrated Compute 4, 8, 16 or 30 servers, each of which can run a single instance of Operating System or multiple virtual servers I/O Fabric Converged I/O fabric connects all system components together and connects the system to the data center networks Storage Disk array and two storage heads with flash cache provides shared storage for the Exalogic system software 19 Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    18. 18. Exalogic X3-2 Converged Infrastructure Compute Power  2 socket, 8-core, 2.9 GHz Intel Xeon processors  256 GB of 1600MHz DRAM  480 cores in a Full Rack; also available in 1/2,1/4,1/8 or multi-rack configurations  Redundant SSD, power, cooling, InfiniBand Internal I/O Fabric and Data Center Connectivity  40 Gb/sec internal I/O backplane  10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to datacenter Integrated Storage     20 Enterprise-class, integrated Network Attached Storage ZFS Clustered for high availability 60 TB SAS disk, 4 TB read cache, 292 GB write cache Clones, snapshots, remote replication Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    19. 19. Exalogic X3-2 Seamless Scalability Eighth Rack Half Rack 4 Nodes 8 Nodes 16 Nodes 1 TB RAM 800 GB SSD 60 TB NAS 21 Quarter Rack 2 TB RAM 1.6 TB SSD 60 TB NAS 4 TB RAM 3.2 TB SSD 60 TB NAS Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Full Rack Multi-Rack 30 Nodes 240+ Nodes 7.7 TB RAM 6 TB SSD 60 TB NAS 61+ TB RAM 48+ TB SSD 480+ TB NAS
    20. 20. Exalogic X3-2 Hardware Architecture System Design Exalogic X3-2 Ethernet Gateways 10GbE Management Switch Data Center Mgmt Network Compute Nodes … Exadata Exabus Standard Oracle Database QDR InfiniBand I/O Backplane Data Center Service Network Spine Switch Storage GbE GbE Management Network (GbE) 22 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | GbE Direct IB Integration: • Exadata • Additional Exalogic configurations • ZFS Storage Appliance • Backup Media Servers
    21. 21. Exalogic Integration I Exabus (InfiniBand) Exalogic Rack Internal I/O Back-plane – – – – Compute Nodes InfiniBand Gateways Management Switch Compute Nodes InfiniBand Spine Switch 23 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Exabus Storage System 40 Gb/s per compute node Built on QDR InfiniBand Fully redundant Built in security and QoS Unique Software/Firmware – Ethernet over InfiniBand bridging – Exabus RDMA-based APIs
    22. 22. Exalogic X3-2 I Compute Node • X3-2 – – – – – – 24 | 1 RU (Rack-Unit), 4, 8, 16 or 30 (2) Intel 2.9 GHz Xeon (8-core) processors 256 GB 1600 MHz RAM (2) 100GB SSD/s (RAID1) (1) Dual-port QDR InfiniBand HCA (PCIe) ILOM and client O/S access through NET0/eth0 interface (1GbE) © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    23. 23. Exalogic X3-2 I Infiniband Switch / Gateway • Sun NM2-GW – – – – – Full 32-port QDR InfiniBand switch Fully redundantly deployed in Exalogic (2 or 4) An “appliance” within Exalogic 8 10GbE ports – bridged (not switched) to the IB fabric Serves 2 roles in Exalogic • Core InfiniBand switching function – all IB-connected components are switched through these • Connectivity to datacenter 10GbE client network – ILOM/Mgmt access on Exalogic 1GbE management network 25 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    24. 24. Exalogic X3-2 I Infiniband Switch / Datacenter • Sun NM2-36p – – – – – Full 36-port QDR InfiniBand switch An “appliance” within Exalogic Only populated in ½ and Full rack configurations Only wired and used for multi-rack configurations Serves the role in Exalogic of forming “fat-tree” fabric architecture for scaling to multiple racks • High availability is maintained by the 36p switch in each rack protecting each other (there is only 1 per rack) – ILOM/Mgmt access on Exalogic 1GbE management network 26 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    25. 25. Exalogic X3-2 I Integrated Storage • Enterprise-grade NAS – 60TB disk capacity, – 4TB read cache, – 73GB write cache • ZFS clustering • Embedded software suite – Clones – Remote replication Exalogic Sun 7320 ZFS Storage Appliance 27 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    26. 26. Exalogic Datacenter Integration I Simple View Exalogic Data Center Service Network 10GbE Standard TOR/EOR 10GbE Switches Data Center Management Network InfiniBand GbE Power 1PH or 3PH, 15 or 22 kVA, HV or LV 2.98kW-12.54kW 28 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | ZFS Storage Big Data Exadata Appliance SPARC SuperCluster
    27. 27. Exalogic Architecture I Fault Tolerance Exalogic Rack Dual Power Distribution Units (1+1) Dual power supplies in each component (1+1) Compute Nodes N+1 cooling (fan) strategy InfiniBand Gateways Management Switch Compute Nodes InfiniBand Spine Switch 29 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | GbE Exabus Storage System Redundant IB switches (1+1) Dual HCA ports in every component (bonded, 1+1) Redundant storage heads (1+1) All SSD and HDD RAID 1+
    28. 28. Virtualized Exalogic
    29. 29. Virtualized Exalogic I Core Components Hypervisor – Oracle VM 3.0.3 highly optimized for Exalogic – Mission-critical server virtualization Exalogic Control – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) management – Manage users, servers, network Exalogic Control Oracle VM 31 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    30. 30. Virtualized Exalogic I Elastic Cloud Software Middleware and Business Applications Enterprise Manager WebLogic Coherence Tuxedo Traffic Director Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Oracle Linux Guest OS Oracle VM 3 for Exalogic Physical Oracle Linux/Solaris Exabus Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Hardware = Virtualized Elastic Cloud Software 32 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Exalogic Control
    31. 31. Virtualized Exalogic I Key Use Cases 1. Application Consolidation – Deploy multiple applications on a single Exalogic system 2. Tenant Isolation – Provision secure Exalogic resources to multiple tenants 3. Deployment Simplification – Templates ease the path from test to production, scale up/down 4. Sub-capacity Licensing – 33 | Only the cores applications actually use need to be licensed © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    32. 32. Virtualized Exalogic I Ultra-Low-Overhead Near physical performance+ for virtualized applications running on Exalogic Raw performance advantage enables superior consolidation for transactional applications in a virtualized environment + ~2-4% 34 | CPU overhead, 0% throughput/latency overhead © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    33. 33. Exalogic Control I What Does It Do? IaaS Management Runtime Engine Runs directly in the rack Provision resources – compute network, storage – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) management Create, deploy, manage, scale and monitor virtual machines 35 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Exalogic Control
    34. 34. Exalogic Control I IaaS Roles For Datacenter Operations – create, provision, manage and monitor tenant “virtual data centers” For Exalogic Tenants – provision users, virtual machines, virtual networks and storage to applications 36 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    35. 35. New Approach I Virtual Assemblies VM images and deployment configuration and instructions Oracle middleware and applications downloadable as ready-to-run assemblies Develop custom assemblies with authoring tools 37 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    36. 36. Assemblies: Standardization with Flexibility Capture Complete Application Topology Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Studio Package Into Single Assembly Metadata 38 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    37. 37. Exalogic – Exabus (in deep in other track)
    38. 38. What is Exabus? • An assembly of special InfiniBand gateway hardware, device drivers, device firmware, software libraries and configuration files that allow other software ("applications") to make use of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud hardware and ensure the optimal performance and reliability of the system • Drives the extreme performance of Exalogic • I/O subsystem inside Exalogic – Offloads expensive CPU resources from I/O and improves overall I/O efficiency – Combination of network stack optimizations (native C++ and Java I/O APIs), kernel bypass operations (RDMA), hypervisor bypass (SR-IOV) and on-chip network virtualization – Software is installed on the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware at the time of manufacture 40 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    39. 39. Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software Enterprise Manager Middleware and Business Applications WebLogic Coherence Tuxedo Traffic Director Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Exalogic Control Oracle Linux Guest OS Physical Oracle Linux/Solaris Oracle VM for Exalogic Exabus Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware = Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 41 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    40. 40. Exabus Optimized Network Virtualization Standard Hardware I/O Exabus Application Application Application Buffer Application Buffer TCP IP Transport Zero Buffer Copy Direct Memory Access Kernel Bypass Kernel 4x 6x 20% Buffer Copies 40% Transport Processing THROUGHPUT Context Switches LOWER LATENCY 40 % Kernel 42 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    41. 41. Exalogic – HA / DR
    42. 42. HA within a data-centre Typical Needs High availability within one physical site • Cope with planned and unplanned downtime Application survives individual failures • Redundancy - no single points of failure for an application Service continuity • Capacity to maintain quality of service during failure 44 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    43. 43. HA within a data centre Exalogic Capabilities & Recommendations  Each rack has redundant Power Supplies, Storage Heads, Storage Disks, Network Redundant Hardware Cards, Network Switches & Network Gateways  Scales to multiple racks using InfiniBand – max. distance 100 metres  Leverage WebLogic, Coherence and Tuxedo clustering capabilities including Middleware Clustering HA Integration with DB automatic failover of requests + automated server migration  Adopt ‘Rolling Updates’ best practice for patching without downtime  Utilise WebLogic’s ‘Active GridLink’ connection pool feature for Oracle RAC  Quick detection of database node failure and quick failover of DB connections  Plan for ‘N+1’ sizing for quantity of compute nodes used for a cluster - ensure even Spare Capacity for Failover 45 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | load-balancing of failed over requests to other cluster nodes  Bandwidth of InfiniBand Fabric is designed to easily accommodate maximum peak traffic, even after switch failure
    44. 44. DR across two data-centres Typical Needs Active/Passive data-centre • Primary data-centre runs app during normal ops • Secondary data-centre is standby to take over if primary data-centre fails • Assume DB is Active/Passive too • Assume symmetric sites (same Hw, Sw & capacity) Minimal data-loss • • 46 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Recent copy of data needed in secondary site Complete data-consistency for secondary site
    45. 45. DR across two data-centres Recommended Topology Global Load Balancer Mid-Tier Mid-Tier Exalogic Exalogic ZFS Periodic Replication Sw Installations Sw Installations Sw Configurations Mw Server Mw Server Mw Server Sw Configurations Data-Tier Data-Tier Process State Process State Transaction Logs Oracle Data Guard Transaction Logs JMS Messages JMS Messages Business Data Business Data Active Site 47 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Mw Server Mw Server Mw Server Standby Site
    46. 46. DR across two data-centres Solution Recommendations  The database is the ‘linchpin’ of the system – ensure an Oracle MAA Database Let DB dictate DR process Aim for a single data synchronisation approach Leverage Exalogic‟s Storage for infrequently changing files Use asynchronous session replication if needed 48 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Architect is consulted  Store all critical data in the DB: Business data, XA transaction logs, JMS messages, BPEL process state  Apply critical data synchronisation at one tier – i.e. the database tier  To simplify DR process and to ensure data consistency in 2nd site  Oracle Data Guard + apply MAA best practices for data-tier synchronisation  Persistence of software installations, domain configurations & application configurations  Use ZFS periodic replication to enable 2nd site to have fairly recent copies  Is loss of what should be transient non-critical data really important and worth the investment for rare disaster scenarios?  If you really needs this, then use WebLogic WAN HTTP Session State Replication
    47. 47. Exalogic Integration I DR Network Topology Exalogic Production Site Exalogic DR Internet/Extranet (via Global LB) Compute Nodes InfiniBand Gateways 10GbE Storage System | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | GbE 49 DR Link B GbE InfiniBand Spine Switch 10GbE DR Link A Management Switch Compute Nodes Service Network Management Network
    48. 48. Backup/Disaster Recovery 50 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    49. 49. Exalogic – Multi Tenacy
    50. 50. Multi-Tenancy IB Partitions – Dynamic scalability, security & Level of Service • Security between devices is enforced by switches – Security provisioned based on IO device groupings called “partitions” • Level of Service-based traffic separation – Each IO device supports up to 15 Virtual Lanes – Virtual Lanes support per-application Quality of Service 52 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Partition A Partition B Partition C
    51. 51. Multi-Tenancy Maximum density, manageability, flexiblity Application A Application A WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic Domain A Domain A Domain B Domain C Domain B Domain C Domain D Partition A Compute Node Compute Node • Single application • High Availability • Dedicated CPU/Memory for maximum performance • Maximum security 53 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Partition B Compute Node Compute Node • Multiple HA applications or one composite HA application • Common Level of Service (shared CPU, Memory, failure unit, security) Partition C Compute Node • Multiple applications • Single availability • Maximum density
    52. 52. Vertical Slicing App 2 App 1 Compute Node 1 NM 1 SOA1 SOA2 SOA3 SOA4 SOA5 OSb1 IDM1 IDM2 OPMN1 Compute Node 2 NM 2 SOA6 SOA7 SOA8 SOA9 SOA10 OSB2 IDM3 IDM4 OPMN2 • Quarter Rack Compute Node 3 NM 3 SOA11 SOA12 SOA13 SOA14 SOA15 OSB3 IDM5 IDM6 OPMN3 • SOA Clusters Compute Node 4 NM 4 SOA16 SOA17 SOA18 SOA19 SOA20 OSB4 IDM7 IDM8 OPMN4 • App 1 Compute Node 5 NM 5 SOA21 SOA22 SOA23 SOA24 SOA25 OSB5 IDM9 IDM10 OPMN5 • App 2 Compute Node 6 NM 6 SOA26 SOA27 SOA28 SOA29 SOA30 OSB6 IDM11 IDM12 OPMN6 Compute Node 7 NM 7 SOA31 SOA32 SOA33 SOA34 SOA35 OSB7 IDM13 IDM14 OPMN7 Compute Node 8 NM 8 SOA36 SOA37 SOA38 SOA39 SOA40 OSB8 IDM15 IDM16 OPMN8 54 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    53. 53. Horizontal Slicing • Dedicated servers per Application • Lower capacity if one node down | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | NM 1 SOA1 SOA2 SOA3 SOA4 SOA5 OSB1 IDM1 IDM2 OPMN1 Compute Node 2 NM 2 SOA6 SOA7 SOA8 SOA9 SOA10 OSB2 IDM3 IDM4 OPMN2 Compute Node 3 • Isolation 55 App 1 Compute Node 1 NM 3 SOA11 SOA12 SOA13 SOA14 SOA15 OSB3 IDM5 IDM6 OPMN3 Compute Node 4 NM 4 SOA16 SOA17 SOA18 SOA19 SOA20 OSB4 IDM7 IDM8 OPMN4 App 2
    54. 54. Multi-Tenancy Maximum security and fine grained resource allocation • Multi-level application isolation – Balance performance, availability, security and density per Application or Line of Business as required • Security and resource allocation aligned, separable – Seamless integration with existing processes and organization 56 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    55. 55. Exalogic Management
    56. 56. Operational Benefits of Engineered Systems • Why is it easier to manage ? Simpler Architecture. – Single purpose with fewer options and pre-configured Standardisation – Of components, configuration and manufacture Self Contained Minimal new skills required • Standard Oracle software • Standard Linux / Solaris and x86 Infrastructure components • Exadata Storage Software / Exalogic Elastic Cloud software are self managing – Everything needed is in the box Single toolset – All tasks and all teams more productive and more consistent Easier support – Single vendor with known configurations Fewer admin jobs to do...and they are easier 58 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    57. 57. Potential Operational Management Benefits • Costs reduce and agility improves as use of Engineered Systems increases % of Oracle estate admin costs / agility before ES‟s 150 Operational Management Costs 100 50 I.T. Agility 0 0 25 50 75 100 % of Oracle estate on Engineered Systems 59 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Engineered systems can be approx 20 – 30% easier to manage than „traditional‟ AIX / Linux / HP UX / Windows platforms As ES are used for more of a companies‟ Oracle estate, the operational benefits become ever more significant.
    58. 58. The Right Tools Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides a single integrated toolset Centralised, Standardised, Automated • Middleware Each Engineered system has built in tools and management systems, which are free and integrate with EM 12c. 60 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Operating System Exalogic A single EM 12c system should be used to centrally manage both Engineered Systems and all other Oracle systems. Virtual Machine Exadata • • Physical and Virtual environments • • Integration with Oracle Support Integration with other mgmt systems Basis for Oracle cloud computing. Applications Analytics • • • • • • • • • Engineered Systems are specific precertified combinations of existing Oracle hardware and software. EM 12c is Engineered Systems aware Network Servers Enterprise Manager • Monitoring and alerting ((Performance, Availability and Configurations) Provisioning Testing S/W Problem diagnosis and resolution H/W Fault detection and replacement Performance Tuning Patching and Upgrading Backup and Recovery Storage Database
    59. 59. The Right Tools Business Users. ELA Exalogic Admin; Everything except apps Cloud Control Db Packs FMW Packs Apps Packs Cloud Mgmt Ops Centre ASR Exalogic Control Exalogic runs Apps DBMA Db Machine Admin; Everything Exadata runs Db 61 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Role for Oracle ES relates more to policies management, integration and strategic planning Applications Admin; Just the apps. Existing Teams. Network / Sys Admin / Security / Storage Involvement decreasing over time. Single Shared EM 12c
    60. 60. Complete and Integrated Management Maintain Deploy Remote Management - Telemetry Enterprise Manager Phone Home - Proactive Support My Oracle Support Integration Manage Cloud Control Provisioning of Firmware, OS, Middelew are, and Applications Clone and Scale-out OpsCenter End-to-End Diagnostics - Service Levels - Root Cause Test Functional Testing Load Testing Test Management Configuration Mgmt - Change Tracking Patch Automation - Firmware, OS 62 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
    61. 61. Enterprise Manager From Application Operations to Data Center Operations Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Enterprise Manager OpsCenter Drill Between Specific Views Application Operations CC Agent 63 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation | Data Center Operations Exalogic ILOM
    62. 62. Enterprise Manager Complete Stack Management Hardware Schematic overview provides visibility into Network Switches, Storage, and Compute Node ILOMs. •Support for Oracle Exalogic virtual Configurations – Understand how your virtual guests map to the underlying Exalogic with the Hardware Schematic overview. 64 | © 2012 Oracle Corporation |
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