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Valentine's day


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A brief history of Valentine's Day and its relevance nowadays

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Valentine's day

  1. 1. 14 February
  2. 2. Valentin versus Claudius IIClaudius II (213-270)
  3. 3. Secret marriagesValentin as bishop at Claudius II the Gothic AgeProhibition of marryingValentine is taken to prison
  4. 4. The tradition of sending valentines
  5. 5. Pagan originsLupercaliaPan, a god who is everywhere in natureFebruary ( purification): Februa , straps
  6. 6. Lupercalia
  7. 7. Other love images in Ancient RomeCupid/Eros and his mother Venus/Aphrodite
  8. 8. Rather popular couplesEros et PsiquePyramus and ThisbeTristan and IsoldeRomeo and JulietDon Juan Tenorio et InésGeorge and the meringue moon
  9. 9. Some activitiesRomantic dinersWarm evenings by the fireplaceEtc…
  10. 10. FlowersCharles II of Sweden introduced the Persian custom of "the language of flowers” in 1700sThe red rose is Venus’s favourite flower.Tulips and daffodils are also popular.
  11. 11. Symbols
  12. 12. FoodOur favourite gastroblog has got an entire list of recipes to impress your partner on this special occasion.
  13. 13. I wish you a day full of lovingmoments