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  • We’ll be focusing on scale-out DBs
  • Riak is Basho’s Open source distributed database that was designed to handle these challengesIncremental scalability – grow your database a server at a time, or grow quickly to react to viral load. Viral growth is like a big DDoS attack – if you don’t have a plan to respond to sudden growth you’re in trouble. Low latency – users of games and web applications are growing more and impatient. An extra 100ms for load time results in a 1% decrease in sales for them. So low latency – not average, but latency measured at 99.9th percentiles is very important for a responsive game and for retaining users
  • Basho pres

    1. 1. In the beginning… All built their own Databases because no commercial database could meet their requirements
    2. 2. Today Enterprises Want The Same • Reliable Cloud and Customer-Facing Services • Horizontal not Vertical scale • Never Lose Data and Never Return an Error • Rapid App and Feature Development • Geo Data Locality • Operational Simplicity
    3. 3. These Leaders are Disrupting Their Markets On-Demand Forecasting Real-Time Advertising Customer Centric IT Multi-Cloud Management Public-as-aService Mobile Payments Smart Water Meters Workforce Collaboration IT Platform-as-aService Flash Retail
    4. 4. We are Entering an Era of Flexible Architectures Top Performers Strategic Technology Investments 49% 66% 156% Concerned about High Velocity Feel BI gives them an advantage More likely to invest in Distributed NoSQL Type of Data Use of Data Data Technology Base: 603 business intelligence, data management, and governance decision-makers, comparing those with 15% more annual growth (N = 55); Source: Forrsights Strategy Spotlight: Business Intelligence and Big Data, Q4 2012
    5. 5. We are Rethinking Downtime: Resiliency, not Recovery Bulletproofing the Customer Experience Recovery Implies downtime and that systems must first suffer an outage before they can resume normal operations Resiliency Refers to the ability of a business to spring back from a disruption to its operations with an outage
    6. 6. We are Addressing Massive Data Explosion 90% of the World’s data created in the last two years By 2017, only 1% of all data generated will require a relational data model
    7. 7. Basho: Inspired by Amazon Amazon Dynamo Paper October 2007 Enabled tens of millions of simultaneous users on the World’s most popular ecommerce site
    8. 8. The Answer SQL Or Something Like That
    9. 9. NoSQL is a bad name – SQL was never the problem Rather, NoSQL is.. SQL ..a response to changing business priorities and new challenges ..a reboot of database architectures that were developed before the Internet existed
    10. 10. NoSQL Flavors DeveloperOriented Scale-Out Distributed
    11. 11. Intro to Built-In Replication Incremental scalability Predictable low latency Flexible storage Global data locality Operational Simplicity
    12. 12. Basic Concepts Object/key Operations Masterless node VALUE KEY VALUE KEY bucket KEY VALUE • Key/value pairs stored in buckets • Any data type, objects are stored as binaries node node node node • Deployed as a Cluster of Nodes
    13. 13. Under the Hood • Consistent Hashing and Replicas • Virtual Nodes • Vector Clocks • Hinted Handoff • Gossiping • Read Repair / Active Anti-Entropy • Erlang/OTP
    14. 14. Multi-Datacenter Replication Business Goals Applications, Users and Machines Generate Data • Disaster Avoidance Cloud Mobile Social • Data Locality • Regulatory Compliance Riak Stores and Manages Data Efficiently and Effectively • Analytics and Reporting Data Center #1 • Other Secondary Workloads Multi-Data Center Replication Data Center #2 Data Center #3 • Cloud Bursting
    15. 15. +Extras Secondary Indexes, Full-Text Search, MR… Riak Key Features Riak Clients • Key/Value Store (Ruby, Java, Node.js, PHP, .NET, etc) Protocol Buffers (HTTP) (Binary, Persistent Connect) MDC Replication Riak SNMP / JMX * Riak Enterprise Only * Riak Enterprise Only Riak Pipe Distributed MapReduce Riak Search Riak KeyValue Store (Distributed, FullText) Riak Core (Ring Management, Partitioning, AntiEntropy, Replication, Version Control) Pluggable Storage Backends Bitcask LevelDB Riak Control Webmachine • Full-Text Search and Support for Secondary Indexes • Distributed MapReduce • Advanced Multi-Datacenter Replication • Easy-to-interface via HTTP or Protocol Buffers • Large library of drivers and class libraries • Bitcask, LevelDB and inmemory storage engines • RiakControl, Riaknostic and Basho Bench Tools
    16. 16. +Multi-Tenant Object Storage Simple, Available Cloud Storage Software
    17. 17. Product Availability Enterprise Open Source Distributed Database • Alwaysavailable, scalable, opsfriendly NoSQL database • Over 35,000 downloads per month • Thousands of users worldwide • Version 1.0 unveiled September 2011 Commercial Distributed Database • Adds multi-data center replication & Basho 24x7 support • Over 30% of the Fortune 50 • Enables Secondary Search and MapReduce Clusters • Version 1.4 in May 2013 Open-Source Cloud Storage Platform • Expands with multitenancy, large object support, metering and Amazon S3 API • Enables public and private cloud storage • Software released to open source on March 20th • RiakCS Enterprise commercial version
    18. 18. Breaking News >> Traffic on Doubles Every Two Minutes Instant Scale Low Latency
    19. 19. Angry Birds Toons • Orchestrating and registering push notifications Global Session Store • RedBird Riak Cluster Account Profiles The Croods • Rovio Account – Storing Fan profiles and related information • Game State Storage – Storing game states • Payment Transactions • YellowBird and FatBird Riak Clusters
    20. 20. “Viral” Success 3TB+ New/day
    21. 21. Product Configurator Recommendations Engine 3rd Party API Integration
    22. 22. “In short: using Riak to insure high data availability helps avoid health risks and in the worst case, patient death.” Common Medical Card Prescribe-to-Payment Drug Allergies
    23. 23. “In short: using Riak to insure high data availability helps avoid health risks and in the worst case, patient death.”
    24. 24. “In short: using Riak to insure high data availability helps avoid health risks and in the worst case, patient death.”
    25. 25. Integrated Customer Platform Catastrophe Ready Scale
    26. 26. Customer HR Attachments
    27. 27. Private, Secure “Dropbox” 35,000 Users
    28. 28. Public Cloud +T BSS/OSS & Service Orchestra on +T Network Orchestrator AT&T Add-ons • Dev APIs • IRSCP • Model Driven Management • Capacity Mgmt driven by Application SLAs • Configuration Monitoring
    29. 29. S3 Public Cloud Storage Amazon Economics
    30. 30. @basho