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Skoda Yeti Launch 2009


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Skoda Yeti Launch 2009

  1. 1. Yeti odaStudies 09Sk CaseCamp aign 20
  2. 2. Premises Campaign objectivesOverview Target Campaign mechanism Executions
  3. 3. Premises
  4. 4. CONTEXT CHALLENGELaunching the new Skoda Y model eti Define the brand attitude that willon the Romanian market. determine an emotional add-on through the new car and creative expressions.
  5. 5. Campaign Objectives
  6. 6. Introducing the new Skoda Y to etithe target audience. Stimulate people curiosity about thePositioning the new car - the SUV product.that fits the city - as theadventurous car, always “ready for Create awareness about the product.adventure”.
  7. 7. Target
  8. 8. The main target: • Most probably has a small city car, but would love to have one that•Is aged around 30 years helps in the city as well as outside•Lives in urban areas • Has lots of traveling ideas and always•Has an active life, both professionally seeks for adventureand socially•Is concerned about safety and cares alot about friends and family
  9. 9. Campaign mechanism
  10. 10. Two phases We placed different and changing banners revealing the places where Y can go to. eti1.Teasing2.Launching Animal = Car core benefits Spreading the message Communication purpose“YETI is coming to ROMANIA - Anew species between us!” for 2 Everywhere & Whole yearweeks of teasing. functionality
  11. 11. How we did it executions
  12. 12. Teasing - onlineWebsite•10 days before Skoda Y eti launch inRomania•The website was built as a Journal of aman who follows Y eti, trying to discoverhim•The story took the audience intodifferent places: mountains, hills, seaside andin the end the city•User interaction through comments (userswere able to change the story)•Th e w e b s i te e nv i r o n m e nt c h a ng e dautomatically from day to night
  13. 13. Teasing - online Website -
  14. 14. Teasing - online Website -
  15. 15. Teasing - online Banners
  16. 16. Teasing - online Twitter & Facebook
  17. 17. Teasing - onlineTVC
  18. 18. RevealingWeb banners
  19. 19. eve alingR Special Take-over
  20. 20. alingReve Special Take-over
  21. 21. alingReve Special Take-over
  22. 22. Revealing Website
  23. 23. Revealing Website
  24. 24. Revealing Website
  25. 25. Revealing Website
  26. 26. RevealingTVC Skoda Yeti Off Road
  27. 27. RevealingTVC Skoda Yeti City