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Flickr project

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Flickr project

  1. 1. FLICKR Connecting Photos/Videos with Users
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT USED FOR?Photo hosting & Video hosting Can later be embedded into blogs and other social mediaConnect users to various categories of images and videos Ex. Travel photography, food photography, etc.  Via Tags  Via the Explore tab  Groups
  3. 3. PHOTO BLOGGING?• Can Flickr be considered a social media blog?
  4. 4. TAGS
  5. 5. ACCOUNTS : FREE ACCOUNT300 MB of upload-able storage per monthIf inactive for 90 consecutive days: Account is subject to deletionCan not access original filesCan contribute in up to 10 group pools
  6. 6. GROUP POOLS?!
  7. 7. ACCOUNTS: PRO ACCOUNT  Upload an unlimited number of images and videos each month  Unlimited bandwidth and storage.  Photos can be placed in up to 60 different group pools.  Ad-free browsing  Access to account statistics  Original files accessible
  8. 8. HOW FLICKR APPLIES TO THIS CLASS: PRIVACY  How to change your privacy settings• What kind of images are you most likely to upload?
  9. 9. CONTROVERSYFlickr reserves the right to delete any account without reasonIn June 2007 Germany, Korea, Singapore, and China were no longer allowed to view images set by users as Moderate or Restrcted.Can this be consider a form of censorship?On websites such as these, how reasonable is it to have someone regulate content?
  10. 10. HOW FLICKR APPLIES TO THIS CLASS: LICENSINGAttributionAttribution No Derivatives Attribution Non-Commercial No DerivativesAttribution No Commercial Share AlikeAttribution Share Alike
  11. 11. FLICKR: ACCESSIBILIT YPlenty of cell phone applications for iPhone, and Android MarketUpload photos via E-mailDesktop UploaderConnect to your other social media:  Facebook  Twitter  Tumblr  Blogger  LiveJournal  Wordpress
  12. 12. SOURCES • Flickr: Creative Commons • Flickr censorship controversy: German users blocked from “unsafe” content controversy-german-users-blocked-from-unsafe-content/ • Flickr Photo Privacy Settings
  13. 13. CREATIVE COMMONS All images in this presentation are protected by a creative commons license Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives Forward all inquiries to Tim Franklin Photography
  14. 14. THEENDAnyQuestions?