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On overview of the entire Frank Talk Book series

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Frank Talk Books

  1. 1. Frank Talk Books<br />Helping Rotary Clubs Grow,<br />Support The Rotary Foundation<br />And Develop Leaders<br />Co-Authored by:Past Rotary International President Frank J. Devlynand David C. Forward<br />
  2. 2. Frank Talk<br />How YOU Can Make a Difference in your Career, Your Community and Your World Through Membership in ROTARY<br />Frank Talk is an inspiring book by Frank Devlyn in which he candidly discusses why you should join Rotary – while dispelling such popular misconceptions as: “It’s a boring ‘old boys’ club’ – I don’t have time – it costs too much, and – one person can’t make a difference.<br />
  3. 3. Comments on Frank Talk<br /><ul><li>“Frank Talk provides a fresh answer to a century-old question. ‘Why Rotary?’ Enjoy Frank Devlyn’s personalized answer to this question.” Charles C. Keller, RI President, 1987-88
  4. 4. “Frank Talk is a wonderful resource for Rotarians to give to their friends, business associates, and community leaders. It shows that person in the street who doesn’t understand what Rotary is or what Rotarians do why they should join the 1.2 million person world fellowship of people committed to making a difference in the world.”James J. Lacy, RI President, 1998-99
  5. 5. Read more comments on this book at</li></li></ul><li>Frank Talk II<br />How to improve Membership Retention and Energize Your Rotary Club.<br />The book to help you keep the Rotary members you already have while bringing in new ones.<br />
  6. 6. Comments on Frank Talk II<br /><ul><li>“When you read Frank Talk II, you feel immediately that the Rotary pin this outstanding author is wearing on his label give the following message: I am reliable, I am available, I listen to you, I give more than I take, I add value. Thank you, Frank for your excellent books.”Robert B. Barth, R.I. President 1993-94
  7. 7. “Nothing is more important to the future of Rotary than the job we do at retaining our members in the local club and then energizing them to become active, enthusiastic Rotarians.” Frank Talk II addresses many critical issues for inspiring, motivating or energizing our Rotary clubs to retain members.”Cliff Dochterman, RI President, 1992-93
  8. 8. Read more comments on this book at</li></li></ul><li>Frank Talk on ourRotary Foundation<br />In this third book, Frank Devlyn takes the reader through an inspiring series of real-world vignettes that will inspire, motivate, and education Rotarians about The Rotary Foundation. It will equip you with the tools to better understand Our Rotary Foundation, to better explain it to others, and to feel an abiding sense of pride and ownership in this, the largest privately run humanitarian foundation on earth.<br />
  9. 9. Comments on Frank Talk III<br /><ul><li>“This book is a great resource for all Rotarians. It tells the story in a compelling way of why our Rotary Foundation is so central to the life of every Rotarian.”Bill Boyd, R.I. President 2006-07
  10. 10. “The Rotary Foundation will lead the way by improving grassroots-level training to increase awareness of the Foundation’s mission. Every one of us must know it well, work with it, and work on its behalf.”Luis Vicente Giay, RI President, 1996-97
  11. 11. Read more comments on this book at</li></li></ul><li>Frank Talk on Leadership<br />The key to successful leadership today is not coercion, it is persuasion. Having the skills and knowledge to do the job is important, but not as vital as integrity, resourcefulness, vision, mentoring, communications skills and building relationships. This book shares the wealth of wisdom and experience from some of the world’s most acclaimed leaders – both within and outside of Rotary.<br />
  12. 12. Comments on Frank Talk IV<br /><ul><li>“Frank Talk on Leadership is a truly excellent manual on how to acquire leadership qualities. It should be required reading.”Dr. Michael Nobel, Chairman, Nobel Charitable Trust
  13. 13. “All citizen movements need leadership, and Frank Devlyn again reflects on leadership’s roles and responsibilities – a field he knows so well.”The Honorable Timothy E. Wirth, President, United Nations Foundation and Better World Fund
  14. 14. Read more comments on this book at</li></li></ul><li>Frank Talk Books<br /><ul><li>For more information on Frank Talk Books and comments on the books from leaders both within and outside Rotary you are invited to visit the following web site.
  15. 15. You can also purchase copies of any of these books from the above web site.</li>