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Chiropractic Marketing: 3 Phases of Doubling Your Practice


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Chiropractic marketing is not needed to use the materials in this book to double or triple your practice. Use these existing metrics already available to you to increase patient retention and double, triple your practice or more.

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Chiropractic Marketing: 3 Phases of Doubling Your Practice

  1. 1. Hello there. My name is Frank Sardella, and I am the host of Will Work 4 Patients
  2. 2. podcast for chiropractors and modern wellness professionals.
  3. 3. I want to talk to you today about a breakthrough I am about to help you make
  4. 4. that will show you how to double or triple your practice production and collections
  5. 5. without special tricks, costly marketing or even getting a single new patient.
  6. 6. My goal as a Chiropractic advocate, professional screener, coach and podcaster has always been to expand the profession by
  7. 7. helping practice owners grow to the appropriate size to create total wellness
  8. 8. in a maximum number of people in their practices, communities and areas.
  9. 9. I want to tell you about a tool you can use to grow your practice, a book I wrote called
  10. 10. In this book, I reveal to you my super-secret formula that enables true practice growth,
  11. 11. allowing you to do a self-practice-assessment, using metrics already available to you.
  12. 12. What you will find out, after you do the math yourself, will absolutely SHOCK you,
  13. 13. but that very shock will soon be turned to hope, optimism and enthusiasm,
  14. 14. as you further calculate your potential, which will be far greater than you ever imagined.
  15. 15. For, this book will help you do three things:
  16. 16. Calculate your Practice Wealth Potential,
  17. 17. assess your existing operation,
  18. 18. and predict and control your desired growth.
  19. 19. This short book will empower you to find your way, not only to your practice goals,
  20. 20. but to your true potential, which is far greater than you calculated or believed prior.
  21. 21. Using this book, you make some very interesting and revealing discoveries,
  22. 22. that will make you rethink your operation, your methods and your practice future.
  23. 23. This useful, free handbook features
  24. 24. 46 Pages and 14K words of advice and tools,
  25. 25. printable practice assessment forms,
  26. 26. my “super-secret” practice growth formula,
  27. 27. step-by-step growth calculation formulas,
  28. 28. a guide to delegating and automating,
  29. 29. the means to reduce missed appointments,
  30. 30. a roadmap to create multiple revenue streams,
  31. 31. ways to bust thru hidden growth barriers,
  32. 32. and everything needed to double in size.
  33. 33. I decided that it was time for me to step up my game so that you can step up your game.
  34. 34. This book is not only how I intend to do it, but the exact tool needed to accomplish it.
  35. 35. My goal is to get you to see your exact, true potential which, itself, far exceeds
  36. 36. what you conceive it to be, or previously estimated as to its quantity and limit,
  37. 37. and I not only intend to show you a possible increase, but your unlimited potential.
  38. 38. This is my plan to have the Chiropractic profession take its rightful place
  39. 39. as the dominant field and method of achieving wellness on planet Earth,
  40. 40. a status it not only deserves, but one it has a responsibility to reach and maintain.
  41. 41. I intend to do this by doing everything possible to make you dominate your area,
  42. 42. and to help you achieve that status by the most efficient means possible,
  43. 43. to win the race against the onslaught of pharmaceuticals and sick-care,
  44. 44. which have given true health and well-being a very twisted appearance and a bad name.
  45. 45. Realizing I would never accomplish this through screenings and advocacy alone,
  46. 46. teaching others my “True Screening Process” and “Lifetime Patient Ladder” systems,
  47. 47. and getting a wide variety of others up to the task and performing in volume,
  48. 48. I realized I would not reach every professional on the planet via such means.
  49. 49. This is the genesis of my Will Work 4 Patients podcast, which I specifically designed
  50. 50. to spread the message farther, wider and faster than any coaching and services could.
  51. 51. As my audience grew over the ensuing years, I started realizing this as a successful means
  52. 52. and channel to reach millions who would, in-turn, heal millions and bring wellness
  53. 53. to people, their loved ones and their communities and, finally, the world.
  54. 54. My podcast is growing and was a mere first step in the accomplishment of these aims,
  55. 55. as I plot, scheme and devise more strategic plans to create a wave of magnitude
  56. 56. among those who previously thought they couldn’t make it in their own communities,
  57. 57. who now see themselves as part of a much larger body of healing practitioners,
  58. 58. who are yet making an impact they thought impossible in our current healthcare climate.
  59. 59. So, while I continue to roll out my agenda, spreading my message effectively,
  60. 60. I give you this next milestone as a gift to you to help you expand, on your own steam,
  61. 61. within your own means,
  62. 62. and on your own terms,
  63. 63. well beyond limits anyone would impose.
  64. 64. So please accept my book as a gift to you, the rest of the Chiropractic profession,
  65. 65. and the rest of the world, for that matter.
  66. 66. is, essentially, all you need to assess, strategize and boom your existing practice,
  67. 67. using metrics, means and resources you already have in your practice,
  68. 68. and increase its size, reach and strength, to double, triple, or whatever size you desire.
  69. 69. These are the 3 Phases of Doubling Your Practice and you can achieve them.
  70. 70. Contact me personally, and I will send you a copy of the book via email, free of charge.
  71. 71. I will give you my email address on the next slide for you to note down.
  72. 72. Ready?
  73. 73.
  74. 74. Got it?
  75. 75.
  76. 76. Email me now.
  77. 77. Or visit and enter your name and email.
  78. 78.