Rural Innovation


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The summary of results from the UNICREDS project on the factors required to stimulate innovation in rural areas and how this links with the role of regional universities (Presented in Ceske Budejovice, January 2012)

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Rural Innovation

  1. 1. Nurturing Innovation in Rural Areas Frank Rennie Joe Irvine Tara Morrison University of the Highlands and Islands
  2. 2. Survey Methodology• SurveyMonkey questionnaire• To local leaders• In English with translations• Basic demography• Attitudes
  3. 3. WP4 SURVEY RESULTSRespondents by country and sector
  4. 4. Vibrant Communities
  5. 5. Effective Communication
  6. 6. Raising Awareness of Opportunities
  7. 7. Leadership Training and Support
  8. 8. WP4 SURVEY RESULTS What one thing would help to support better links public bodies, local businesses andthe regional university to stimulate innovative development ideas in your community?
  9. 9. Opportunities for Innovation
  10. 10. WP4 SURVEY RESULTSWhat key advice/recommendations would you give to policy makers whendeveloping future strategies aimed at nurturing a more innovative businessculture in remote rural and isolated communities?
  11. 11. The wider roles of a University
  12. 12. Policy Recommendations
  13. 13. WP4 SURVEY RESULTS What one thing would help support better links between public bodies, localbusinesses and regional universities to stimulate innovative development ideas in your community?
  14. 14. Best Practices• Understand the needs of local communities in isolated areas• Ensure two-way communication• Raise awareness of business opportunities• Communicate this awareness in communities• Facilitate collaboration and co-operation• Share innovative examples• Fund collaborative innovation
  15. 15. Thank you