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10 Rules Of Social Media Strategy


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Een aardige checklist om te beginnen met social media binnen je communicatie strategie. met als belangrijke boodschap: Learning by Doing!

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10 Rules Of Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. 10 Rules of a Social Media Strategy Also introducing Hugh MacLeod Amsterdam, september 2007 Dit rapport is bestemd voor de organisatie van de opdrachtgever. Verspreiding en reproductie van (delen van) dit rapport buiten de organisatie van de opdrachtgever is niet toegestaan zonder vooraf verstrekte schriftelijke toestemming van Boer & Croon.
  2. 2. Social Media? widget online video 3D internet blogs ratings collaboration communities Ajax social networks RSS filesharing vlogs mashup web 2.0 podcast wiki tagging user generated content ons sati ver con line on 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  3. 3. Rule 1: Assess your readiness 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  4. 4. Rule 2: Focus on people, not the technology 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  5. 5. Rule 3: Carefully consider the business benefit 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  6. 6. Rule 4: Grasp the difference between traditional and social media 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  7. 7. Rule 5: Prepare to relinquish control and share the process 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  8. 8. Rule 6: Be experimental and involve employees 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  9. 9. Rule 7: Give employees clear guidelines 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  10. 10. Rule 8: Take a hands-off approach 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  11. 11. Rule 9: Work with what you’ve got 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  12. 12. Rule 10: Don’t obsess about the numbers 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  13. 13. How ready are you for social media? Where you are now Where you’d like to be Action needed to get there Cultural readiness Consider: senior leaders, managers, willingness to collaborate, two-way communication? Attitude to risk? Your audiences What’s the demographic profile? Are employees already using these tools? Are customers? Potential business value Where’s the need? You and your team Skills, training, what’s your team’s role in making this happen? 0.1/XXX/Amyyon
  14. 14. 0.1/XXX/Amyyon