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Disaster Response & Preparedness


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The Northern California & Nevada District’s Disaster Relief Task Force has a passion to train the church how to “give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name” to help survivors of a crisis or disaster event to find a new normal in their lives that brings contentment.

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Disaster Response & Preparedness

  1. 1. When Your Life or Neighborhood Looks Like This: Who do you call? Where do you go for help? Are you ready?
  2. 2.  Jesus says the end times will include earthquakes, famines and other calamities in Matthew 24:4-14; Mark 13:5-11 & Luke 21:5-19. Revelation describes the same kinds of events before the 2nd. Coming of Jesus. Religious People always want to blame the victims for sin in their lives. If sin entered the world with Adam and Eve, then is what we see taking place - the death of the earth and not “Gods judgment?”
  3. 3.  Many will come and say they are “the way” but don’t go with them – the cults are getting prepared and trained so that they can be on the “front lines.” All these things are “an opportunity for your testimony” – when we serve people well, they will ask you “so what do you believe?” “So make up your minds not to prepare beforehand to defend yourselves;” – too many in the church come with an agenda in their head as to what they NEED to say instead of LISTENING to those who have suffered.
  4. 4.  60-70 Years ago society revolved around the church. Today – most see the church as “unessential.” Everyday in our communities people are in crisis – death of a family member, divorce, lost jobs, medical diagnosis that is not favorable. Church should be the safest place to come and be open and honest about the trials we face. Training to be better equipped is simple and can expand to meet the needs of a community. Many programs already exist that a church can use to meet the needs of the hurting.
  5. 5.  After 9-11, President Bush signed HSPD #5 authorizing the development of National Incident Management System or NIMS. NIMS opens the door to faith based organizations to serve as long as volunteers are trained to respond. VOAD – Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster is our open door to reach the hurting after a local event like the San Bruno Fire. Training with one organization is not “transferable” to another without an MOU. There are liability issues that each church must consider.
  6. 6.  Fires in Santa Cruz County in 2010 did not meet the criteria for SBA to get involved leaving many un-met needs. Groups, like Convoy of Hope need at least 200 families to be displaced in a concentrated area before they will respond. Earthquake in Japan and the ensuing Nuclear Reactor issues kept outside resources at bay for many, many days.
  7. 7.  Only state, under Governor Schwarzenegger to have a Cabinet member who oversees all volunteerism in the state. Many counties are not willing to share their volunteers with other counties because of fiduciary responsibility. As of September 2010, it was mandated by the Governor that every mobile home park in the state have a written disaster response plan submitted to the governor’s office Not every county in NorCal has an active VOAD but they are easy to launch.
  8. 8.  Developed a Disaster Relief Task Force. Task Force has presented Response Plans that the Presbytery have approved. We are members of Northern California VOAD at the State Level. Possible for us to have representation at each county VOAD and to participate at the local levels. Training Matrix for all Volunteers is in place.
  9. 9. 1906 Earthquake in the Bay Area Today• Today, 7.2 Million live in the bay area.• Death rate of ¾ of 1% today would be the equivalent of 50,000 dead.• Homeless rate of 56% with today’s population would leave 3.7 Million without a place to live.• Reports from 1906 show that Santa Rose had more damage than San Francisco.
  10. 10. Christ Centered Training Offered• Sunday Service Presentation.• 4 Hour Introduction to Crisis & Disaster Response.• 1 Day – Piece by Peace: Discovering God’s Plan for Dealing with Death, Trauma, Divorce and Other Losses in Our Lives.• 2 Day Training in Critical Incident Stress Management.• Church Planning and Preparation with Pastor Jim.
  11. 11. The Need Is Great
  12. 12. Christ is The Answer Will you Prepare? Will You Help?
  13. 13. Will You Go?
  14. 14. The Only Piece Missing is You