Frank myers Auto Maxx-June 2012 Newsletter


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The GoodLife Newsletter offers helpful advice and fun tips for car buyers, car shoppers and car owners. It is a free family resource courtesy of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, the premier Winston Salem used car dealership. In this month's issue, read about: Stupid Answers, Summer Vacation Tips and more. PLUS, you'll have the opportunity to win a FREE Kindle Wi-Fi! For more info on Frank Myers Auto Maxx, visit 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston 336-767-4069...or visit

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Frank myers Auto Maxx-June 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Frank Myers Auto Maxx Frank Myers Auto Maxx | 336-767-3432 | This Month There Are No Stupid Questions, Only Answers by Marisa Fanelli In History Article Source: Remember back in elementary started my practice, I knew nothing5- 1968 - Robert F. Ken- school, when the teacher would dis- about the web. I didnt even knownedy was shot and mortally cuss a topic that made no sense to how to do a PowerPoint presentation. anyone? Inevitably, after a few min- My computer work was limited towounded. utes of awkward silence, the teacher emailing and Googling search terms. would blurt out, "“Well, any ques- But, I knew my business needed a tions? Come on, its okay...there are website. So I started asking. I asked6- 1944 - D-Day, the larg- no stupid questions." And then, one people about starting a site. Then,est amphibious landing in kid would raise his hand and ask a after I figured that out, I started ask- really stupid question. Remember? ing about how to make a website thathistory. people would actually want to visit. Somewhere along the way, this After that was accomplished, I started18 - 1983 - Dr. Sally Ride, phrase became my mantra. I dont asking about how to promote this know if its due to my lack of expo- website. Step by step, my questionsa 32 year-old physicist and sure to television and newspapers, or led to the creation of something that if I am actually a natural blonde, but I once seemed completely overwhelm-pilot, became the first am infamous for not knowing the ing and intimidating.American woman in space. most basic information. If I was ever on that show where you have to know My questions arent just limited to more than a third-grader, I would get finding out information. If Im look-26 - 1945 - The United Na- massacred. I know nothing about cur- ing for a car, an apartment, officetions Charter was signed in rent events, the government, or any space...anything...I put it out there. I geographical location. On the sliding make sure to mention it to everyone ISan Francisco by 50 na- scale that ranges from book-smart to talk to. And, it never fails: I alwaystions. street-smart, I fall at the polar end of find what Im looking for. nerddom; in some ways, Im really, really smart. When it comes to com- Its funny how many people are30 - 1997 - The 26th mon sense, though, I am sadly lack- loathe to ask any sort of question. Im ing. Its truly a miracle that I havent not sure if they dont want to look stu-Amendment to the U.S. Con- accidentally poisoned myself yet. pid, or if they just dont want to bestitution was enacted, grant- Fortunately, though, I do have some- bothersome, but most people I knowing the right to vote to thing that makes up for what I lack: I would rather stick a fork in their eye ask questions constantly. than say to someone, " Hey, ImAmerican citizens 18 years looking for a new XXX, if you hearor older. People always ask me how I seem to of one coming up, let me know." Its always attract the things that I want. really not that hard, people! If you Part of it is visualization and will- want something, put it out there! The when I want something, in my mind, worst that can happen is nothing. And it is as good as mine already. Im a you may get far more than you bar- 4 great manifestor. Im not bragging, because this is something that any- one can get good at if they work at it. gained for. Manifesting aside, I ask a million questions about everything. When I“We Specialize In Helping Individuals & Families Find, Qualify For And Own The Vehicle Of Their Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Even With Less Than Perfect Credit.”
  2. 2. Top Summer Vacation Tips Interesting Facts By Jolana Klobouk You Never Knew Source: you are traveling by plane, train Keep The Kids Amusedor automobile, summer vacations are theperfect opportunity to get away to a fa- If you are traveling with kids, unless youvorite spot or experience new sights and love to hear "Are we there yet?" over andadventures. Most important, it is a time to over, make sure they have enough to staybe together and enjoy each others com- amused. Have them pack their own travelpany. If however, your trip is not planned bags with things they love in order tocorrectly, you will spend your vacation keep themselves occupied during the tripstressed out! So regardless if you are on the plane or in the car. You can alsopacking up the kids in the back of the van find inexpensive travel games in stores, oror traveling solo to exotic destinations,here are some travel tips to make this you can play your own such as "I Spy" or the license plate game. Did you know . . . Unlesssummer vacation your best one yet: Be Prepared For Rain or Cooler food is mixed with salivaPack Right Weather you can’t taste it.Easier said than done right? Packing is a There is nothing worse then packing t-fine balance of bringing what you really shirts and shorts only to be hit with a coolneed without taking too much. How do spell and spending your summer vacation Did you know . . . No twoyou do it? Planning ahead and having a trying to stay dry and warm. Even if youreally good list. Bring anything you abso- are traveling to a hot desert, be prepared cornflakes look the same.lutely must have, bring co-ordinated with basic rain gear and a warm jacketclothing you can mix and match and make and vice versa.sure to have a list prepared well in ad-vance so you dont forget anything. Dont Be Ready For An Emergency Did you know . . . Frogsbring too much of anything, you will notwear six pairs of shoes I promise you, and If traveling by car keep an emergency kit don’t drink (they absorb wa-dont bring anything that can be boughtalong the way if you really need it. handy that includes jumper cables, basic hand tools, flares or reflective warning ter through their skin). triangles, a first aid kit, a flashlight withHave Plenty of Sun Screen, Hats and fresh batteries, and a cell phone if possi-Sunglasses ble. Did you know . . . The ArticThe sun is stronger in the summer time What Not To Do On Your Summer Va- Ocean is the smallest in the cationand UV rays keep increasing. There isnothing worse then getting sunburned on world.the first few days of your summer vaca- There are a few things you should also nottion and spending the rest of it uncomfort- do in order to have a great summer vaca-able. Sun protection is more important tion. First, try to avoid traveling during peak times, this means long weekends in Did you know . . . Tennisnow then ever before. the summer, unless you are a sucker for was originally played withBe Flexible punishment. It also means rush hours in the city if you are driving, try to plan your bare hands.Leave a little wiggle room in your plans. time around these hours.Give yourself plenty of time for delayedflights and traffic jams. Even if you do not Dont break the bank. A recent Expediaget an opportunity to do something as survey found that 57 percent of travelersplanned, enjoyable rest stops or detours blow their vacation budgets on food andcan be used to explore and can end up drinks. Ways to get around this includebeing even more memorable than the staying at all inclusive resorts and bookingplanned stops. rooms with a kitchenette. Before you visit a particular city, check out what activitiesBring A Camera are free to do there. “If a June night could talk, it wouldThis one sounds obvious I know, but you And the most important tip for having a probably boast that it invented ro-would be surprised how many people ei- great summer vacation? Dont over ex-ther forget to bring the camera or the tend yourself! You are on vacation, dont mance.”extra batteries or the memory card (in the plan too much into a short amount ofold days it used to be the film) etc. Pre- time, and leave room to just r-e-l-a-x.pare your camera gear in advance so you Enjoy the glorious summer days and Bern Williamshave it ready to go, you do not want to nights, as we all know, they go by way tomiss that great sunset or your childs first fast.encounter with the dolphin.
  3. 3. Do you know of someone who is looking SUDOKO Puzzlefor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants to Quick SUDOKU rules . . .upgrade their current vehicle? To solve a SUDOKU puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in: Even if they have little money to put downor they’ve had trouble qualifying in the • Each of the nine vertical columns past… I can help them! Send them my way. • Each of the nine horizontal rows They’ll be glad you did and so will you! • Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes Here’s why…If you refer someone to me this Remember no number can occur more than once in any row, column or box.month, when we finish the paperwork fortheir nicer, newer car - I will give you the  opportunity to walk away with the BIG check  for $500!   TRACY MYERS: Is an author and consumer advo- cate. He has spent his life fighting the negative stigma that plagues car dealers around the world. He does this by fightingfor the consumer as a car dealer that advisespeople and helps them get the quality vehi-cle they want and deserve in an positive andsafe environment.Tracy MyersFrank Myers Auto Maxx4200 N. Patterson AvenueWinston Salem, NC 27105SALES: 336-767-3432SERVICE: 336-831-0656 THANK YOU!“We are extremely pleased with theservice we recieved with Eddie. Hewas extremely helpful and veryfriendly. Best service weve evergotten at a dealership!”- Amber Alexander Prize Winner To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June.Search This Newsletter For The Answer To The Kindle, Wi-Fi Question and Jean-Paul Sartre Submit Your Answer Online. French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980
  4. 4. W hy am I giving away a Kindle, Wi-Fi? Because everyone likes to win stuff. It’sfun. And I want this newsletter to be fun for you. Ialso want you to read it. Ahhh . . . now you’ll seemy selfish motivation. Don’t Get Ripped Off The Next Time You Buy A Car. In order to win the Kindle, Wi-Fi you have to FREE REPORT Reveals The 10 Most Notorious and Common Car Scams Dealersanswer the question below. In order to answer thequestion, you have to read this newsletter. I’ve hid- Use To Rob You Of Your Cash & Sanity and How You Can Avoid Being A Vic-den the answer somewhere in the contents of these tim!four pages. T here are dastardly scams being cially for people who are thinking about If you read the whole newsletter, I think you’ll making a vehicle purchase in the next few pulled on innocent car buyers everylike it and you’ll look forward to getting it every months. This report explains the tenmonth. day. It’s really tough to tell where these shyster lots are and whether or not you’re most notorious and common car scams Then when you are looking to buy a vehicle or on one. Remember these people are very that go on at dealerships all over the coun-know someone who is, you’ll remember this news- try. Some right here in our own town. well trained and may be taking advan-letter and hopefully you’ll give me the chance toearn their business. That’s my master plan. So an- tage of you without you ever knowing This report will show you how to spotswer the question and you could be the winner. it. these scams and how to avoid being a vic-There’s a new winner every month. You know this to be true because of the tim. This is insider information you stereotypes we all hear about how shady won’t get from any other car dealer. In and unscrupulous car dealers and used car fact, I’m sure I’ll get some heat from the salesman are. It’s true. There are some bad industry just for writing this. But I don’t apples out there that spoil it for the bunch. care. I’m here for you. Here’s The Question: What % of travelers So what can you do about it? Arm If you are in the market for a car you blow their vacation budget on food & drinks? yourself with the insider information are entitled to this information. It is you need to recognize a common car available to you absolutely FREE with no scam when you see it. This information cost or obligation. Submit Your Answer And Win can save you big money, lots of time and To request your free copy of this special Go to an enormous amount of pain, heartache industry expose’ visit my report request web CONTEST CODE: Frank Myers Auto Maxx and frustration. site at: I’ve prepared a FREE REPORT espe- myers/ Submit Your Answer By: June 30th, 2012 INSIDE THIS ISSUE • There Are No Stupid Questions, Only Stupid Answers • Summer Vacation Tips • Interesting Facts • Sudoko Puzzle