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A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Frank Myers Auto Maxx       From The Automotive Transportation & Financing Experts / 33...
Time Management Is Always A Hot                                        Interesting Facts              Topic Up For Discuss...
Do you know of someone who is lookingfor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants to                                          ...
W      hy am I giving away a Kindle Touch?         Because everyone likes to win stuff. It’sfun. And I want this newslette...
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Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter - November 2012


Published on - Enjoy the latest edition of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter. Look closely and discover how you can win a Kindle Touch with NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Published in: Automotive
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Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter - November 2012

  1. 1. A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Frank Myers Auto Maxx From The Automotive Transportation & Financing Experts / 336-767-3432 / This Month Get Happy Now! by Barbara Zagata In History First, what exactly is keeping you from be- good needs to be “trimmed away” so that ing happy right now, in this moment? Most something even better, even more in align-1- 1992 - The U.S. ex- people will explain a situation that is either ment with our life purpose, can come toploded the first Hydrogen currently going on or has already happened. fruition. This is why I can’t be happy now . . . Be-bomb at Eniwetok Atoll in cause that happened (or is happening). The more you can trust this process to be so,the Marshall Islands. Really? Is that really the reason you cannot the more happiness you will be able to con- be happy right now? Or is it, in fact, the nect with. Happiness doesn’t just happen.3- 1957 - Soviet Russia belief you are holding about the situation? Like fulfilling relationships and a healthy body, you must consistently cultivate yourlaunched the world’s first Next question, what if that belief, that par- happiness.inhabited space capsule, ticular thought that is causing your grief, wasn’t part of your belief system? What if it If you find that you have been chronicallySputnik II, which carried a wasn’t true? One of the most empowering unhappy, and you truly desire to be happydog named Laika. questions comes from Byron Katie (The begin by simply stating out loud, “ I choose Work): “Who would you be without that to be happy now.” Every time you catch thought?” yourself thinking a thought that brings you9- 1989 - The Berlin Wall down, say, “I choose to be happy now.”was opened up after stand- So often, in retrospect, with an expandeding for 28 years as a symbol perspective, we discover that what was Next, create a list of things you can do that causing all the grief and pain and upset, help lift you up.of the Cold War. wasn’t even true! The truth is, we never even know all the details. If you would like some new ways to look at11 - 1926 - U.S. Route 66 Attitude is everything. There are countless life, a short book that can be read over and over so you can reprogram your mind foris established. examples of people who have lived through more beauty, abundance and of course hap- hard times and even traumatic situations piness, can be just what you need to stay30 - 1982 - Michael Jack- who have ultimately thrived. Not only be- cause they were able to hang in there, but focused. This kind of inspiration is invalu- able. Take charge of your reality today.son’s Thriller, the best- because they found a way to look at life that Choose happiness now!selling album of all time, is brought even more inner peace.released. The third question is this: What makes you so sure that what is happening now isn’t going to ultimately lead you to a better place? Having interviewed people who are in a wonderful place in their lives I discov- ered a common thread. They recognized that 4 if not for everything that had come before, they couldn’t be where they currently are. Just as when fruit trees and rose bushes get pruned, we also must endure those times in our lives when even what appears to be“We Specialize In Helping Individuals & Families Find, Qualify For And Own The Vehicle Of Their Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Even With Less Than Perfect Credit.”
  2. 2. Time Management Is Always A Hot Interesting Facts Topic Up For Discussion You Never Knew by Brenda Johnson PadgittLearning how to manage time is a Every November I plan for thechallenge for many and easy for next year. I include new goals andsome. Time Management is planning old goals. I also celebrate completedevery hour, minute and second of goals and tasks in the previous year.what, how, when and where you willdivide 24 hours. You prioritize your The old adage "Time Waits for Notime to accomplish your tasks. Man" is true and should be takenThings most important to you should seriously. Time goes on no matterhave the highest ranking on your what. You cannot roll back time. Did you know . . . The elec-schedule. Once time has moved on, it has tric chair was invented by a moved on. dentist.According to, timemanagement is the act or process In the Random House College Dic-of exercising conscious control tionary, redeem means to buy Did you know . . . The livingover the amount of time spent on back, recover, or to make up for.specific activities, especially to in- When time is lost find a way to re- do not outnumber the dead;crease efficiency or productivity. deem the time to complete the task. since creation 60 billionEfficiency and productivity is using people have died.your time wisely. Dont let time slip Some people recover time by dou-away without productivity and ac- bling up on tasks, delegating taskscomplishment. Some people manage and using technology. Other people Did you know . . . Abouttheir time with "to do lists" and with resort to a method commonly used 50% of Americans livedaily, weekly and monthly calendars by some college students, which iscalled planners. Others use sticky pulling all nighters without any within 50 miles of theirnotes, journals; pop up reminders on sleep. In Garfield Gates article birthplace. This is calledcomputer calendars, etc. Whatever "Effective Study Habits for College propinquity.method you choose, make sure it is Students" in, he giveseffective and productive for you. 7 tips on how college students can study effectively and plan ahead. He Did you know . . . WomenI use a combination of to do lists also covers some time management make up 49% of the world’sand planners. I write everything tips for students.down. I do this habitually so I wont population.forget anything. I also use daily and In Randy Morrisons CD seriesmonthly planners. I started using the "Time: The Currency of a Pros-Franklin Covey Planner system when perous Life," he says "The majorI took the class "What Matters Most" difference between the prosperousin 2001. and the poor is their value of time."I have a feeling of accomplishment FAMOUS WORDSand satisfaction when I get things Managing your time is important.done. Daily and monthly planning The way you manage time will deter-keep me on track with my goals. I mine how much you achieve in a “Every adversity, every fail-only focus on my daily schedule given day, week, month or year. A ure, every heartache carrieswhile leaving room for emergencies. time management system is essential with it the seed of an equal orSometimes tragedies can delay your in moving forward with your goalsgoals. In these instances dont blame and dreams. greater benefit.”yourself, stay on track and pray forwisdom on how to proceed. Napoleon Hill
  3. 3. Do you know of someone who is lookingfor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants to SUDOKO Puzzleupgrade their current vehicle? Even if theyhave little money to put down or they’ve had Quick SUDOKU rules . . .trouble qualifying in the past… I can helpthem! Send them my way. They’ll be glad To solve a SUDOKU puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appearyou did and so will you! Here’s why…when in:you refer someone to me this month, when • Each of the nine vertical columns we finish the paperwork for their nicer,newer car - I will give you the opportunity to • Each of the nine horizontal rows walk away with up to $750 in prizes! You’re • Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes a guaranteed winner just for playing! For Remember no number can occur more than once in any row, column ormore info, visit: box. Tracy Myers is a best- selling author and con- sumer advocate. He has spent his life fighting the negative stigma that plagues car dealers around the world. He does this by fighting for the consumer as a cardealer that advises people and helps themget the quality vehicle they want and de-serve in an positive and safe environment.Frank Myers Auto Maxx4200 North Patterson AvenueWinston Salem, NC THANK YOU!“Bruno was very helpful and was determined toget me in a vehicle of my choice. And he did hisbest to get in a car. I am very happy with theservice and also happy with the car Bruno has putme in. Appreciate it!” -A. Grady from Winston Salem, NC Prize Winner “Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark;Search This Newsletter For The AnswerTo The Kindle Touch Question and Sub- professionals built the Titanic.” mit Your Answer Online. Anonymous
  4. 4. W hy am I giving away a Kindle Touch? Because everyone likes to win stuff. It’sfun. And I want this newsletter to be fun for you. Ialso want you to read it. Ahhh . . . now you’ll seemy selfish motivation. Don’t Get Ripped Off The Next Time You Buy A Car. In order to win the Kindle Touch you have to FREE REPORT Reveals The 10 Most Notorious and Common Car Scams Dealersanswer the question below. In order to answer the Use To Rob You Of Your Cash & Sanity and How You Can Avoid Being A Victim!question, you have to read this newsletter. I’ve hid- Tden the answer somewhere in the contents of these here are dastardly scams being pulled months. This report explains the tenfour pages. on innocent car buyers every day. most notorious and common car scams If you read the whole newsletter, I think you’ll It’s really tough to tell where these shyster that go on at dealerships all over the coun-like it and you’ll look forward to getting it every lots are and whether or not you’re on one. try. Some right here in our own town.month. Remember these people are very well This report will show you how to spot Then when you are looking to buy a vehicle or trained and may be taking advantage of these scams and how to avoid being a vic-know someone who is, you’ll remember this news- you without you ever knowing it. tim. This is insider information youletter and hopefully you’ll give me the chance to won’t get from any other car dealer. Inearn their business. That’s my master plan. So an- You know this to be true because of the stereotypes we all hear about how shady fact, I’m sure I’ll get some heat from theswer the question and you could be the winner. and unscrupulous car dealers and used car industry just for writing this. But I don’tThere’s a new winner every month. salesman are. It’s true. There are some bad care. I’m here for you. apples out there that spoil it for the bunch. If you are in the market for a car you So what can you do about it? Arm are entitled to this information. It is yourself with the insider information available to you absolutely FREE with no Here’s The Question: you need to recognize a common car cost or obligation. scam when you see it. This information To request your free copy of this spe- What is the main difference between the can save you big money, lots of time and prosperous and the poor? cial industry expose’ visit my report re- an enormous amount of pain, heartache quest web site at: Submit Your Answer And Win and frustration. Go to I’ve prepared a FREE REPORT espe- CONTEST CODE: Frank Myers Auto cially for people who are thinking about making a vehicle purchase in the next few Submit Your Answer By: November 30, 2012 B ecause I’m an automotive transportation and financing expert I can do things that most other car dealers can’t. I’ve been helping individuals like you and families like yours for years and you know I’ll do it for you. So here’s my promise…If I can’t show you how to drive home in a nicer, newer vehicle...I’ll give you $1000! Get Expert Automotive Financing Answers & Solutions For Free. Call Me Now At 336-831-0646 INSIDE THIS ISSUE • Get Happy Now • Time Management • Interesting Facts • Sudoko Puzzle