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Frank Myers Auto Maxx August 2013 Newsletter


Published on - Read the August 2013 edition of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx newsletter, The Good Life. Featuring an opportunity to win a FREE sound bar and an article on how to beat the Summer blues.

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Frank Myers Auto Maxx August 2013 Newsletter

  1. 1. This Month In History A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Frank Myers Auto Maxx “We Specialize In Helping Individuals & Families Find, Qualify For And Own The Vehicle Of Their Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Even With Less Than Perfect Credit.” Call (336) 767-3432 or visit Summer is a season that many people wish was longer. The warmth, extra day- light, vacations and barbecues are just a few of the things that many individuals relish about summer. However, as the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end," and you, along with many others, may feel like you've got the end of summer blues when the season fades. Here’s a few simple ways to beat the end of summer blues: Celebrate. Even though you hate to see summer end, it is im- portant to acknowl- edge it's happening and there's no better way to do that than have a party. This could be a backyard barbecue, a beach party or a picnic. Decorate with remind- ers of summer, enjoy your favorite sum- mer foods and drinks, and reminisce about the fun you had this summer. Place your summer memories on dis- play. Beating the end of summer blues is easy if most of the images you see around you represent summer. Place your summer pictures in a scrapbook, a decorative picture frame, or use them as a screen saver on your computer. When- ever you are feeling overwhelmed or a little depressed about cold weather com- ing, glancing at those summer images will help you feel warm and relaxed. Take a whiff of a tropical scent. Smell is our most powerful memory trigger and the smell of coconuts and summer seem to go hand in hand. Infuse your home, car and office with the coconut scent by using sprays, candles or oils. Exercise outside. As the amount of sunlight you get each day dwindles with the end of summer, a bit of seasonal af- fective disorder (SAD) may set in. An- other good way to beat those end of sum- mer blues is to get your heart pumping in some natural light. Forty-five minutes of exercising outside at least three times a week should do the trick. See if you can squeeze in a lunchtime powerwalk in the park for a midday pick-me-up. Take a "staycation." Taking a local mini vacation provides a sense of free- dom similar to that felt during a leisurely summer vacation. Be a tourist in your hometown and enjoy the local museum, art gallery or take a walking tour. Clean out the closets and go shopping. The change of seasons is a great time to clean out closets and get rid of any clothes you have not worn in a year. Get- ting rid of things brings on a freeing feel- ing for most people that will overpower your end of summer blues. Once you've cleaned out your closets, do some retail therapy to welcome the new season. 7 - 1782 - The "Order of the Purple Heart" was created by Presi- dent George Washing- ton. 10 - 1833 - The village of Chicago was incorpo- rated. 11 - 1966 - The Beatles began their last US con- cert tour. 21 - 1959 - Hawaii be- came the 50th state. 30 - 1993 - The Late Show with David Letter- man premiered on CBS.   4 How to Beat the End of Summer Blues By: Janel Flynn
  2. 2. FAMOUS WORDS Interesting Facts “Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso Did you know . . . Coca- Cola would be green if col- oring weren’t added to it. Did you know . . . 96% of candles sold are purchased by women. Did you know . . . 2 billion people still cannot read. Did you know . . .Vincent Van Gogh sold exactly one painting while he was alive. Did you know . . . 2 out of 5 people marry their first love. When it rains, it pours. We have all heard that at some point, haven't we? I started thinking about the phrase and its relationship to momentum. Isn't that what it means? That mo- mentum has begun? Usually against you, too. So, then it started me thinking about what creates momentum. Two things I think. 1. Belief in the certainty of some- thing 2. Consistent action Belief is required in that you have to be sure that good (or bad) things are going to happen and keep happening. What you believe will happen is sure to happen, because your mind will make sure that it will happen. You will subconsciously do things that support the belief. So for positive momentum to happen, you abso- lutely MUST believe that it will. Consistent action is partially an out- growth of belief. By taking action consistently, even small actions, you are affirming that you believe posi- tive momentum is coming. Do things that will move you in a positive di- rection. Even small things like read- ing a positive book for 5 minutes a day or getting up 15 minutes earlier or just visualizing positive future events can start momentum. Momentum is nothing more than a sustained series of events that propel you in a particular direction. It is not something that can be imposed upon you. It is not something that is be- yond your control either. Think about sports and momentum. In football for instance, when a team is on a roll during a game, they do EVERYTHING right. They hit the passes, run the ball, make the first downs, score, they defend, intercept the ball, sack the opposing QB, etc. The team on the negative side of mo- mentum often never gets back in the game, though it isn't because they can't. It's because they lose confi- dence or belief in their ability to do so. Did you catch that? It is a MAJOR CLUE!!!!! They don't BELIEVE THEY CAN WIN. They may not say it, but everyone can SEE it in their attitudes and ac- tions. (Belief and consistent action) So when you desire to start positive momentum, you must believe in it and take consistent action toward your goals. Take little steps at first. Do the small things that are easy to help support your belief. As you get more confident and consistent, take bigger steps, bigger actions. You will find that they will become easier as you progress. Why is that? Because you no longer doubt the out- come. You have conditioned your- self to believe and do not accept fail- ure as a possibility. How Do You Start Momentum?  by W Timothy Johnson
  3. 3. THANK YOU! Prize Winner Do you know of someone who is looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants to upgrade their current vehicle? Even if they have little money to put down or they’ve had trouble qualifying in the past… I can help them! Send them my way. They’ll be glad you did and so will you! Here’s why… If you refer someone to me this month, when we finish the paperwork for their nicer, newer car - you’ll have the opportunity to walk away with the BIG check for $750! Check out for info. Tracy Myers is an author and consumer advocate. He has spent his life fighting the negative stigma that plagues car dealers around the world. He does this by fighting for the consumer as a car dealer that advises people and helps them get the quality vehicle they want and deserve in an positive and safe environment. Frank Myers Auto Maxx 4200 N. Patterson Avenue Winston Salem, NC 27105 (336) 767-3432 “I felt very confident about getting a car today. Mr. Long was very kind and patient he smiled the whole time and told me that I would be riding. And I left Frank Myers riding in my new car. I would most definitely send my friends and family to Eddie long. Thx. Mr. Long.” − k. Noel from Winston Sa− lem, NC Search This Newsletter For The Answer To The Sound Bar Question and Submit Your Answer Online. “I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” Bill Cosby SUDOKU Puzzle Quick SUDOKU rules . . . To solve a SUDOKU puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must ap- pear in: • Each of the nine vertical columns  • Each of the nine horizontal rows  • Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes 
  4. 4. Why am I giving away a Sound Bar? Because everyone likes to win stuff. It’s fun. And I want this newsletter to be fun for you. I also want you to read it. Ahhh . . . now you’ll see my selfish motivation. In order to win the Sound Bar you have to answer the question below. In order to answer the question, you have to read this newsletter. I’ve hidden the answer somewhere in the con- tents of these four pages. If you read the whole newsletter, I think you’ll like it and you’ll look forward to getting it every month. Then when you are looking to buy a vehicle or know someone who is, you’ll remember this newsletter and hopefully you’ll give me the chance to earn their business. That’s my master plan. So answer the question and you could be the winner. There’s a new winner every month. CONSUMER ALERT! WIN A FREE Sound Bar INSIDE THIS ISSUE Here’s The Question: What 2 things create momentum? Submit Your Answer And Win Go to CONTEST CODE: Frank Myers Auto Submit Your Answer By: August 31, 2013 There are dastardly scams being pulled on innocent car buyers every day. It’s really tough to tell where these shyster lots are and whether or not you’re on one. Remember these people are very well trained and may be taking advantage of you without you ever knowing it. You know this to be true because of the stereotypes we all hear about how shady and unscrupulous car dealers and used car sales- man are. It’s true. There are some bad apples out there that spoil it for the bunch. So what can you do about it? Arm your- self with the insider information you need to recognize a common car scam when you see it. This information can save you big money, lots of time and an enormous amount of pain, heartache and frustration. I’ve prepared a FREE REPORT espe- cially for people who are thinking about mak- ing a vehicle purchase in the next few months. This report explains the ten most notorious and common car scams that go on at dealer- ships all over the country. Some right here in our own town. This report will show you how to spot these scams and how to avoid being a victim. This is insider information you won’t get from any other car dealer. In fact, I’m sure I’ll get some heat from the industry just for writ- ing this. But I don’t care. I’m here for you. If you are in the market for a car you are entitled to this information. It is avail- able to you absolutely FREE with no cost or obligation. To request your free copy of this special industry expose’ visit my web site at: • This Month In History • How to Beat the End of Summer Blues • How Do You Start Momentum? • Interesting Facts • Sudoku Puzzle Because I’m an automotive transportation and financing expert, I can do things that most other car dealers can’t. I’ve been helping individuals like you and families like yours for years and you know I’ll do it for you. So here’s my promise…If I can’t offer you an opportunity to finance a nicer, newer car then I’ll give you $1,000! Get Expert Automotive Financing Answers & Solutions For Free. Call Me DIRECT Now At (336) 831-0646 Don’t Get Ripped Off The Next Time You Buy A Car. FREE REPORT Reveals The 10 Most Notorious and Common Car Scams Dealers Use To Rob You Of Your Cash & Sanity and How You Can Avoid Being A Victim!