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Frank Myers Auto December 2012 Newsletter


Published on - Read the latest edition of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Newsletter (the December 2012 edition). Frank Myers Auto Maxx is a Winston Salem, NC used car dealer specializing in helping people find, qualify for and own the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down...even with less than perfect credit.

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Frank Myers Auto December 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Frank Myers Auto Maxx 4200 North Patterson Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27105 / Phone: 336-767-3432 / This Month Giving the Right Gift By Irene Perette In History There are many occasions on which we can give. give gifts. When that gift is for somebody5- 1901 - Walt Disney special, it becomes something that is ex- What if you are the recipient of a gift, howwas born in Chicago, tremely personal. Of course, you can always can you make sure that you are saying thankIllinois. go to your local store and pick up something you properly? Most people are going to send off the shelf to give to them, but in many out thank you cards, and they may do so en cases, they are going to appreciate it much masse, simply blanketing the entire list of7- 1941 - The U.S. more if it is something that is personal. Here everyone that gave them a gift. It is moreNaval base at Pearl Harbor, are some tips that can help you to give the thoughtful, however, for you to consider the right gift and to make it something that is possibility of sending a personalized thankHawaii, was attacked by going to be memorable. you cards. The little extra touch that isnearly 200 Japanese air- added with a personalized item is going to First of all, you really need to consider the mean a lot. Keep in mind, they may havecraft. personality of the individual that is receiv- put a lot of thought into the gift that they ing the gift. That is going to make a differ- were giving you and by you simply sending15 - 1939 - Gone with the ence in the gift that you give, so you should them something that is personalized, they not simply gloss over that fact. If you are will know that you truly appreciated whatWind had its world premier unsure of their likes and dislikes to the ex- they Atlanta, Georgia. tent where you feel uncomfortable taking a guess, you may need to enlist the help of a Gift giving is something that is done in all mutual friend or perhaps a family member. areas of the world. It is a great way for you17 - 1903 - After 3 years They would be happy to give you some to let somebody know that you are thinkingof experimentation, Orville guidelines as to what would make a proper about them or perhaps to celebrate a specialand Wilbur Wright gift for the individual and then you can take occasion with them. When you are fortunateachieved the first powered it from there. enough to be part of a special day or have a bond with somebody that would make youairplane flights. At this point, many people have a problem think about giving them a gift, make sure with giving a gift because they are some- that you give the best gift that you can. what lacking in creativity. That is unfortu-23 - 1888 - Dutch painter nate, because personalized gifts that areVincent van Gogh cut off his somewhat creative are some of the best giftsleft ear during a fit of that are available. This is where you may need to again organize some assistance fromdepression. a friend or family member. If you know somebody that tends to be creative or that  does crafts or perhaps designs crafty items, such as wedding ceremony programs, Im sure that they will be able to give you some 4 guidelines as to what you can do to give the best gift that you possibly can. They may even be able to help you with the creation of that gift, depending upon what you decide to“We Specialize In Helping Individuals & Families Find, Qualify For And Own The Vehicle Of Their Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Even With Less Than Perfect Credit.”
  2. 2. Three Simple Ways for Families Interesting Facts to Save Money You Never Knew by Zeeshan Naveed BariThere comes a time for all of us when  you do not really need them. Surely, we need to watch our expenses. If  many of us would like to have a fast your account balance is really low, it  sports car or designer heels, but can make life very difficult for you.  things like these are not really neces‐No matter how healthy and happy  sary to stay alive and well. Start de‐your family is, if your family is living  termining the things that are utterly on a tight budget, then the problem  necessary for your survival, and then of money will come at some point or  start building from there. You can the other. Brainstorming ways to  make a list, separately writing down  Did you know . . . Thesave more money might not be  the things that your family utterly  human eye is sensitive tosomething pleasant for you, but in  needs and the things they want. For a the long run it will be good for you  couple of months, continue buying  sound. and your family. If you want to bring  only the things your family utterly your family budget in the right direc‐ needs. tion, then there are 3 simple ways   you can save money for your  3. Paying with Cash  Did you know . . . Accord-family.  We are living in a day, and age  ing to NASA, moon dust  where people are more ac‐ smells like gunpowder.1. Cutting out minor ex‐ customed to swiping a credit penses now  card even when they have to For most of us, budgeting  pay a very small amount. downfalls tend to be a  This is absolutely true, no  Did you know . . . In 1801,normal thing. Often we  matter how absurd it  when the first completecannot help but purchase  seems. Paying with credit  world census was carriedthe things we love. How‐ cards is certainly a con‐ever, wasting money on  venient thing to do, but  out, the world’s populationfrivolous items is not wise if  the big problem is that it  was 1 billion. you want to save money. Often we  blinds you from the fact that our even buy things that we never get  money is slipping away from us. the time to use. If you go through  When you decide to pay with cash,  Did you know . . . The heartyour bank account statement, you  you can see exactly how much money will be able to evaluate every small  is leaving your pocket every time you  of a blue whale is the size ofarea where you seem to waste  buy something. This has several  a small Once you figure out where  benefits. You will know much you are you are wasting money, you will be  spending; you wont incur any debt, able to cut out those additional ex‐ and it will motivate you to start sav‐penditures. The next time you are out  ing. shopping, make sure you do not pur‐   FAMOUS WORDSchase anything unless it is available  You can save yourself from consider‐on sale.  able nail‐biting and stress through   the year by doing some budgeting,  “Be yourself; everyone else is2. Distinguishing wants from needs  even though you might not really en‐ already taken.”For many of us, figuring out the  joy it much. So, start implementing things they need to get by is one ma‐ these 3 steps into your lifestyle, and  Oscar Wildejor task that budgeting all comes  you start saving money quite impres‐down to. There are perhaps many  sively. things that you have in your life, but 
  3. 3. Do you know of someone who is lookingfor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants toupgrade their current vehicle? SUDOKU Puzzle Even if they have little money to put down Quick SUDOKU rules . . .or they’ve had trouble qualifying in thepast… I can help them! Send them my way. To solve a SUDOKU puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must ap-They’ll be glad you did and so will you! pear in:Here’s why… • Each of the nine vertical columns  If you refer someone to me this month, • Each of the nine horizontal rows when we finish the paperwork for their nicer, • Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes newer car - you’ll have the opportunity towalk away with up to $750 in prizes! Remember no number can occur more than once in any row, col- umn or box. Tracy Myers: Is an author and consumer advocate. He has spent his life fight- ing the negative stigma that plagues car dealers around the world. He does this by fighting for the consumer as a car dealerthat advises people and helps them get thequality vehicle they want and deserve in anpositive and safe environment.Tracy E. Myers, CMDAuto Transportation & Financing ExpertFrank Myers Auto Maxx4200 North Patterson AvenueW-S, NC THANK YOU!“He (Eddie) was great. Al-ways smiling. Very patient.And caring about our needs.Also he was very informative.Thank you Mr.Long, for allyour help.” - The WitcherFamily from Winston Salem,NC Prize Winner “I’ve learned that people wil forget what you said, people wil forget what you did, but people wil never forget how youSearch This Newsletter For The Answer To The Indoor/Outdoor Wireless made them feel.” Speaker System Question and Submit Maya Angelou Your Answer Online.
  4. 4. WIN A FREE Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker System Don’t Get Ripped Off The Next Time You Buy A Car. FREE REPORT Reveals The 10 Most Notorious and Common Car Scams Dealers W There’shy newIwinner every a Wireless Speaker a am giving away month. System? Because everyone likes to win Use To Rob You Of Your Cash & Sanity and How You Can Avoid Being A Victim! Tstuff. It’s fun. And I want this newsletter to be fun making a vehicle purchase in the next fewfor you. I also want you to read it. Ahhh . . . now here are dastardly scams being pulled on innocent car buyers every day. months. This report explains the tenyou’ll see my selfish motivation. It’s really tough to tell where these shyster most notorious and common car scams In order to win the Wireless Speaker System you that go on at dealerships all over the coun-have to answer the question below. In order to an- lots are and whether or not you’re on one. Remember these people are very well try. Some right here in our own town.swer the question, you have to read this newsletter.I’ve hidden the answer somewhere in the contents of trained and may be taking advantage of This report will show you how to spotthese four pages. you without you ever knowing it. these scams and how to avoid being a vic- If you read the whole newsletter, I think you’ll You know this to be true because of the tim. This is insider information youlike it and you’ll look forward to getting it every stereotypes we all hear about how shady won’t get from any other car dealer. Inmonth. and unscrupulous car dealers and used car fact, I’m sure I’ll get some heat from the Then when you are looking to buy a vehicle or salesman are. It’s true. There are some bad industry just for writing this. But I don’tknow someone who is, you’ll remember this news- apples out there that spoil it for the bunch. care. I’m here for you.letter and hopefully you’ll give me the chance to So what can you do about it? Arm If you are in the market for a car youearn their business. That’s my master plan. So an- yourself with the insider information are entitled to this information. It is you need to recognize a common car available to you absolutely FREE with no Here’s The Question: scam when you see it. This information cost or obligation. Which country or state lays claim to the can save you big money, lots of time and title of being the world’s smallest? To request your free copy of this spe- an enormous amount of pain, heartache cial industry expose’ visit my report re- Submit Your Answer And Win and frustration. quest web site at: Go to I’ve prepared a FREE REPORT espe- CONTEST CODE: Frank Myers Auto cially for people who are thinking about Submit Your Answer By: December 31, 2012 B ecause I’m an automotive transportation and financing expert I can do things that most other car dealers can’t. I’ve been helping individuals like you and families like yours for years and you know I’ll do it for you. So here’s my promise…If I can’t show you how to get the car of your dreams, I’ll give you $1,000! INSIDE THIS ISSUE • Giving the Right Gift • 3 Simple Ways for Families to Save Money • Interesting Facts • Sudoku Puzzle