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Democratic Product Management - YOW CTO Summit 2016


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Democratic Product Management - YOW CTO Summit 2016

  1. 1. Democratic Product Management How to get innovation out of everyone in your company Francisco Trindade - YCTO 2016
  2. 2. Co-Founder at YourGrocer All things tech and the rest Consultant at ThoughtWorks Uk, Germany, India, Brazil, China & Australia Software Developer by Trade Computer Engineering Francisco Trindade @frankmt
  3. 3. 65% say greengrocers offer the best value 10,000+ independent shops in Australia 63% would actually prefer to shop at their local greengrocer How come with these facts...
  4. 4. … we get these results?
  5. 5. People local shops...
  6. 6. ...but NEED convenience.
  7. 7. We make it possible.
  8. 8. $2,500,000 worth of local groceries sold (92% to repeat customers) 3 Years Down the Track 3,000 customers 80,000 orders placed with shops 25,000 deliveries
  10. 10. How to make innovation usual? + Stop anyone from blocking ideas?
  11. 11. Every 2 weeks the whole company VOTES
  12. 12. No roadmaps No hippos* and it works.
  13. 13. Anyone can have an idea Aligned with company objectives Support to write brief Present in prioritisation meeting Ideas get voted Creator becomes experiment leads Experiment is reviewed after completed
  14. 14. Prioritised list of experiments is the roadmap for next two weeks One person can only lead one experiment at a time All votes count equal Requires full transparency
  15. 15. Why?
  16. 16. No single point of failure Decisions close to the ground High adaptability
  17. 17. Focus on execution Cross functional work Context, lot of it
  18. 18. Why not?
  19. 19. Not for everyone Aimless roadmap Process overhead When do you need control?
  20. 20. The Tech
  21. 21. Dev,QA,Ops in the same people Generalists are necessary Microservices and MVP’s Build small Cards are actually the placeholder for a conversation Communication
  22. 22. In Summary
  23. 23. There is life after the 6-12 months roadmap Set objectives, leave the solutions to someone else Your team can decide better than you
  24. 24. Thank you! Have you bought your Christmas turkey already?