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Frank Monte Centurion : Relationships with Clients


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Frank Monte Centurion : Relationships with Clients

  1. 1. Client Relationships Shares by Frank Monte Owner of Frank Monte Centurion
  2. 2. About Frank Monte Centurion Frank Monte Centurion is the a successful Florida-based marketing company, that building trusting relationships with clients is an indicator of a prosperous business. Frank Monte, founder and owner of Centurion, knows that a strong business begins with a positive attitude.
  3. 3. 2008 Housing Crisis Frank Monte worked with a variety of clients in high-stress situations, such as the 2008 housing crisis Frank Monte is had the opportunity to develop the art of understanding what the client needs to hear and how to communicate in a way that is going to promote trust and respect.
  4. 4. Building Meaningful Client Relationships
  5. 5. Deep Client Relationships Focusing on open communication in a light-hearted manner helps clients feel less pressured and more comfortable opening up to explore options.
  6. 6. Frank Monte has built a savvy team of professionals at Frank Monte Centurion, his marketing company based in Wesley Chapel, Florida.
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