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Digital business transformation in operation(s)


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The success of many companies depends on the speed of implementing their business model innovations. Profitability of companies depends for example on the agile (re)positioning of the products and services in the market (e.g. from one time sale to license sales) or the agile incorporation of innovations and new logistical concepts (e.g. 3D printing).
Innovating a business model is relatively easy – the Osterwalder Business Model Canvas (BMC) can be applied. The more difficult part is the quick implementation of these business model innovations within the organization.
In order to continuously align the business model innovations with the changes in the business policies, End-to-End (E2E) processes, ICT template solutions and organizational performance metrics, the ADM business transformation life-cycle can help.
The ADM Business Transformation life-cycle can help to align all involved departments and to make sure they all use an integrated set of best practices and the same single source of truth supported by an integrated ICT tool chain.
The ADM business transformation life-cycle is developed by the ADM expert user group and the results are captured within the book; 'Business transformation in operation (s)'.
Within this book the concepts of the ADM business transformation life-cycle with 72 integrated best practices (which are required within every organisation) are explained, including the required ADM governance model and ROI rational.
This book contains use cases from companies like; Unilever, Philips, Nidera, Capgemini, ERIKS, Software AG, Achmea and Friesland Campina. Together these use cases cover the complete ADM business transformation life-cycle, give an overview how they applied the latest SAP template technology and give insight how these companies are transforming their organization. Furthermore information how SAP implements Business Process Management and Internet of Things (IoT) to support business innovations.
The virtual ADM governance team is required to maintain the quality of; the ADM Business transformation lifecycle, EIM (Enterprise Information Management), BIM (Business Information Management) and the business transformation project portfolio.
The final chapter of this book will show how the ADM Business transformation roadmap assessment can be used to determine whether your company is ready for a business transformation program.
The ADM business transformation life-cycle improves the organizational agility and optimizing the project portfolio thereby increasing the success rate of the digital business transformation projects within the operational business processes.
This book is specifically useful for people (e.g. enterprise architects, innovation managers, information managers) who are responsible for the implementation and management of the business transformation program and need more information about the required best practices and ICT technologies.

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  • Business Transformation is pervasive across industries. However, despite how common these large scale efforts are, research shows that about 75% of these initiatives fail. Leverage our collection of 20+ Transformation best practice frameworks to increase your chances of a successful Transformation by following best practices and avoiding failure-causing "Transformation Traps:" ......................................................................................................................... ....................................................................................................................................... Our frameworks range from general Transformation concepts (e.g. Phases of Transformation, Personnel Risks, Purpose-driven Transformation) to specific types of Transformation projects (e.g. IT Transformation, Operating Model Transformation, Procurement Transformation).
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Digital business transformation in operation(s)

  1. 1. Book summary; 1 Frank Luyckx
  2. 2. Companies are like the tower of Babel 2 Within every organization you have groups which have ; • Their own language, habits and bible. • Difficulty to understand each other and to share their deliverables. • Projects with incomplete or untraceable documented configurations. Frank Luyckx
  3. 3. The business - ICT alignment issues; 1. Inflexible platform to integrate new cutting edge technologies 2. Increasing time to market of new products and services 3. Business takes control of the project portfolio, budget and shadow cloud solutions 4. Limited ICT involvement in operational DeliveryDelivery managementmanagement complexitycomplexity Current issues of the CIO ( Capgemini landscape report ) 3 CapgeminiCapgemini landscapelandscape reportreport The ICT maintenance related issues; 1. Lack of documentation and detailed knowledge of support 2. Application instability / maintainability and associated risk for the business 3. Limited data quality, data standards, data integration and data security 4. Top management pressure to reduce the costs of the ICT maintenance 4. Limited ICT involvement in operational excellence and cost cutting initiatives. Frank Luyckx
  4. 4. Solution; Synergy (integration) of multiple industry standards E2E Performance Management E2E Enterprise Architecture Business Model Innovation 4 E2E Organization Management E2E Solution ManagementE2E Template Operations Frank Luyckx
  5. 5. Seminar; Business Transformation in operation(s) ‘use cases’ Process modelBusiness modelPerformance model Operating model E2E Performance Management Business Model Innovation E2E Enterprise Architecture 5 Quality model Architecture model Template model Project model Organization model Reporting model Integration model Business controls model Management Architecture E2E Solution Management E2E Organization Management Governance Models E2E Template Operations Frank Luyckx
  6. 6. Business Transformation lifecycle used by ERIKS 6 Frank Luyckx
  7. 7. Book; Digital Business Transformation in operation(s) 7 Frank Luyckx
  8. 8. On-line maturity check to define the transformation roadmap 8 Frank Luyckx
  9. 9. New projects & innovations Replace IT capabilities Application Services Integrate & rationalize infrastructure Advanced Delivery Management Align organization and agree on standards 30% 48% Business (model) innovations for Business Transformation New projects & innovations Expand IT capabilities Operations & maintenance 22% Operations & maintenance More focus on new projects and business innovations !! 9 capabilities Integrate & rationalize infrastructure layers capabilities 1. Agile business and ICT support by an integrated platform in which the business model is aligned with the enterprise architecture and reporting organization. 2. Reduced TCO by an integrated single source of truth to facilitate aplication rationalization, ERP roll-outs, reorganisations and mergers and acquisitions. 3. Improved profitability by a business model cockpit to analyze business innovations and reduce the E2E process costs. 4. Optimized OPEX and CAPEX by an collaborative goverance team to integrate information management and project portfolio management. Frank Luyckx
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention 10 The wings of each goose creates an uplift for the bird behind. By flying in a "V" formation, a flock of goose get 71% more flying range Frank Luyckx