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Getting your Super Powers with Watson and IA


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presented at Escape Velocity Conference on 9/1/17. How AI and IA solutions will enable you to have Super Powers only imagined in Sci Fi.

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Getting your Super Powers with Watson and IA

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  2. 2. © 2015 International Business Machines Corporation2 IBM Introduction ▪"Write me a creature that thinks as well as a man, or better than a man, but not like a man.“ ▪John Campbell, Editor, Astounding Science Fiction, 1930’s
  3. 3. © 2015 International Business Machines Corporation4 IBM Augmenting our human brains to become Super Powerful !
  4. 4. © 2015 International Business Machines Corporation5 IBM Watson answers a grand challenge Can we design a computing system that rivals a human’s ability to answer questions posed in natural language, interpreting meaning and context and retrieving, analyzing and understanding vast amounts of information in real-time? video
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  12. 12. © 2015 International Business Machines Corporation14 IBM Becoming a Super Oncologist Business problem: Need better individualized cancer treatment plans Solution: • Suggestions to help inform oncologists’ decisions based on 600K+ pieces of evidence and 2M pages of text from 42 publications • Analyzes patient data against thousands of historical cases and trained through 5000+ Memorial Sloan- Kettering MD and analyst hours • Evolves with the fast-changing field Attacking the cause of one in four deaths Watson for Oncology Built with Memorial Sloan Kettering
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