Smart Sourcing Brochure 10312008 Ver 1


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VISTX Smart Sourcing Brochure

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Smart Sourcing Brochure 10312008 Ver 1

  1. 1. THE VISTX DIFFERENCE APPROACH AND EXPERIENCE—By using our time-tested, simplified, visual approach and drawing on our experience, we are able to provide our clients with a jump start and minimize the time to deliver results. TM SMART SOURCING SOLUTIONS where vision and strategy meet execution In today’s tough economic times, it is more important than ever to deliver on-time and within budget ensuring that INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE promised ROI is achieved. This places an increased emphasis on identifying the “right” LIFE SCIENCES ! initiatives, managing the new requests and executing HEALTHCARE ! according to plan. MANUFACTURING ! TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION ! THE CHALLENGE FINANCIAL SERVICE ! BANKING ! Staffing Multiple Projects and Phases HIGH TECHNOLOGY ! COMMUNICATIONS ! INSURANCE ! Typical Project Roles - Single Project CORPORATE REAL ESTATE ! CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND ! RETAIL Initiation and Planning Design Execution and Validation Closeout Implementation Project Manager Project Manager Project Manager Project Manager Project Manager Business Analyst Business Analyst Validation Director Business Sponsor Business Analyst Technical Analyst Technical Analyst Business Sponsor Technical Analyst Validation Director Validation Director Subject Matter Expert Validation Director Business Sponsor Business Sponsor DBA Business Sponsor Subject Matter Expert Subject Matter Expert Technical Writer Subject Matter Expert DBA Developer DBA Technical Writer Test Script Writer Technical Writer Developer Tester “The knowledge needed to Developer Test Script Writer transform a system must come from outside the system” - W. Edward Deming
  2. 2. ADDITIONAL VISTX SOLUTIONS For over 25 years, we have delivered high quality, predictable results in a timely and cost-effective manner. VISTX consultants have a wealth of expertise and experience working in many different environments and can assist in moving your initiative forward without the frustration of the trial and error approach utilized in many THE TYPICAL INITIATIVE RESOURCING STRATEGY consulting firms. Do Nothing Staff Augmentation Hire FTE’s This experience along with our proven, visual, Pros Pros Pros data driven approach provides our clients with a No cost reliable, consistent and predictable roadmap to Short term commitment Long Term commitment make vision a reality. Skilled Experts Skilled experts Flexible Reliable Cons Cons Cons No Growth ENTERPRISE PROJECT AND Time to recruit, interview, Time to recruit, interview, PORTFOLIO MANAGMENT orient and manage orient and manage Higher short term costs Higher overall cost VISTX Portfolio/Project Management Services No commitment Allocation availability deliver long sought benefits to our clients. We Turnover Turnover do this by combining technology with sound Narrow Skill set processes and governance to provide a complete solution personalized to the specific VISTX SMART SOURCINGTM needs of our clients. Working closely with our Efficiency - Speed - Capacity - Flexibility - Lower Expense clients, our experienced professionals: ! Improve your results Initiatives require a mix of resources, skills and tools to deliver on organizational ! Reduce risk expectations. VISTX SMART-SOURCINGtm, is a way of improving your organizational ! Reduce complexities—Increasing the performance for a single or multiple set of initiatives, we help manage your resource ease of adoption availability, capacity, and expenditures to ensure timely deliverables. ! Provide incremental delivery options ! Minimize time to attain benefits with the The Bottom Line - You save time and money by taking advantage of our SMART- lowest possible cost of ownership SOURCINGtm engagement services, processes, templates and tools. WHITEBOARD MANAGEMENTtm BENEFITS SOLUTIONS Ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction across projects ! The best ideas typically start on the back of a Tactical impacts managed to meet strategic goals ! napkin. Our VISTX Whiteboard Approachtm starts Reduced overhead, turnover & training ! there and builds utilizing a simple, Improved use of Management time ! straightforward, visual set of exercises and tools Agile expert teams, wide set of skills, single point of management designed to ensure: ! Readily available for competency & capacity needs ! Your vision and strategy are ! aligned Experience from 100’s of Projects, Programs, Change Initiatives ! ! Your objectives are clear and High value real time resource management ! communicated Predictable cash flow, optimal use of expenditures, within budget ! ! Processes and tools are easily deployed Focused is on deliverables & ROI is guaranteed and scalable ! ! Your organizational DNA is ready to continually improve where vision and strategy meet execution Scottsdale, AZ | Irvine, CA Toll Free: 555.543.5432 | Fax: 480.304.5552 |