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VISTX Program, Project & Portfolio Management

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Pmo Brochure Gen 2 01272009 V1

  1. 1. THE VISTX DIFFERENCE APPROACH AND EXPERIENCE - By using our time-tested, visual approach and drawing on our experience, we are able to provide our clients with a jump start and minimize time to tangible results. Are you investing your money in projects with less than a 50/50 chance of success? Creating a RESULTS-ORIENTED Project Environment - A Balanced, Holistic Approach We have all seen the statistics. Depending on the survey you believe, project failure rates are between 50% and 75%. During these tough economic times, Business and IT Executives are under ever increasing pressure… to reduce expenses and to deliver bottom line results… at an accelerated pace. ABOUT VISTX Consequently, organizations are continually challenged with delivering the right projects in a timely, cost-effective and VISTX is a Business Performance predicable manner and the industry is asking for help to get from Improvement specialist with over 25 years of experience in delivering where they are today to where they want to be. real world results to companies like yours through a simple, balanced, OUR ANSWER: The VISTX Balanced, Holistic Approach holistic approach. By focusing on your people, pro- cesses, policies, procedures, prac- tices and tools, we partner with you to deliver timely - effective decision making, improve business performance and seize competitive advantage. INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE • LIFE SCIENCES • HEALTHCARE • MANUFACTURING • TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION • FINANCIAL SERVICE • BANKING • HIGH TECHNOLOGY • COMMUNICATIONS • INSURANCE • CORPORATE REAL ESTATE • CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND RETAIL
  2. 2. “The truth of the matter is that you always know ADDITiONAL VISTX SOLUTIONS the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” - General H. Norman Schwarzkopf WHITEBOARD MANAGEMENT™ The best ideas typically start on the back of a napkin. Our VISTX Whiteboard Approach™ starts there and builds utilizing a simple, straightforward, visual set of exercises and tools WHAT WE DO designed to ensure: We offer focused solutions in project, program and portfolio management; from troubleshooting or managing specific projects, to providing a customized, hosted environment that includes tools, • Your vision and strategy are aligned process, governance, our people or training your people, proven techniques and templates, and a • Your objectives are clear and communicated strategy that takes you from where you are today to where you want to be. • Processes and tools are easily deployed and scalable VISTX ENTERPRISE PROJECT MANAGEMENT(EPM) MANAGED SERVICES • Your organizational DNA is ready to continually improve As part of our ongoing effort to assist our clients we are now offering our clients the option of ongoing consulitng services as well as customized hosted solution in a secure, hosted environment. SMART-SOURCING™ Our Managed Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services allow your organization to experience results faster with security, reliability, flexibility and performance not seen in typical deploy- Initiatives require a mix of resources, skills and ments. The specific components include: tools to deliver on organizational expectations. VISTX SMART-SOURCING™, is a way of improv- • Industry Leading Project Governance and Process Models ing your organizational performance for a single • Templates that can be customized to meet your specific organziation, industry or compliance or multiple set of initiatives, we help manage requirements your resource availability, capacity, and expen- • Microsoft Project Server 2007 ditures to ensure timely deliveables. By taking • Microsoft Project Portfolio Server 2007 advantage of our SMART SOURCING™ engage- • SharePoint Access ment services, processes, templates and tools, • Ongoing monitoring and metrics ‘you’ save time and money. Benefits include: • Access to leading reporting tools and project dashboards • Ability to accelerate, decelerate, change • Secure, Reliable Environment direction across projects • Administrative and Environment support. • Reduced overhead, turnover & training BENEEFITS • Agile expert teams, wide set of skills, single point of management readily available for competency & capacity needs By taking a more holistic approach, we are seeing organizations realize significant benefits including: • Experience from 100’s of Change Initiatives • Predictable cash flow • Easier access to information allowing for better, more effective decision making. • Senior Leaders throughout the organization become more aligned • Focus is on deliverables • Improved Organizational morale • ROI is guaranteed • Strong change agents across all layers and disciplines of the organization • Tools are utilized as a significant part of the strategic planning process • Timely project data that reflects the “actual” status of the project ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Complete understanding of project inter-relationships, dependencies and resources VISTX Organizational Development provides end-to-end online learning and knowledge man- Bottom Line– An environment that turns visions into results. agement solutions to enable strategic initiatives. We help you take initiatives from an idea to results, bridging the gap between “big picture” strategy and “in-the-trenches” knowledge need- ed to make it happen. Benefits include: • Rapid Deployment and results • Meeting you where you are • Flexible and results oriented where vision and strategy meet execution • Growth and Value Scottsdale, AZ • Irvine, CA Phone: 480.304.5552 | Toll Free: 877.VISTX98 |