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VISTX Organizational Development Brochure

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Organizational Development Brochure 112008

  1. 1. THE VISTX DIFFERENCE APPROACH AND EXPERIENCE - By using our time-tested, visual approach and drawing on our experience, we are able to provide our clients with a jump start and minimize time to tangible results. ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Of every 10 workers in your organization now, three will retire over the next 10 years. Out of that same 10, three others are looking for new jobs even as you read this. And if you’ve hired younger “20-somethings,” expect them to stay no longer than 18 months, on average, before moving on. What should you do? INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE • LIFE SCIENCES The Gallup Management Journal’s Employee Engagement Index found 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs, 54% are not-engaged, and 17% are actively disengaged. • HEALTHCARE % of Employees • MANUFACTURING • TRAVEL AND 17 TRANSPORTATION 29 Actively Engaged • FINANCIAL SERVICE Not Engaged 54 • BANKING Actively Disengaged • HIGH TECHNOLOGY VISTX understands and designs organizational development so your people get engaged earlier and • COMMUNICATIONS stay engaged longer. Employees who are engaged work for personal and organizational interests. They are highly satisfied with their jobs and contribute fully to the success of the organization. When recruit- • INSURANCE ers call they aren’t interested. • CORPORATE REAL ESTATE AREAS OF FOCUS • CONSUMER PRODUCTS • Custom Training Development • Compensation and Benefits • Culture and Climate AND RETAIL • Recognition Programs • Team Dynamics and Diversity • Workplace Ethics • Management Training • Change Management • Communication
  2. 2. “The knowledge needed to transform a system ADDITiONAL VISTX SOLUTIONS must come from outside the system” - W. Edward Deming WHITEBOARD MANAGEMENT™ The best ideas typically start on the back of a napkin. Our VISTX Whiteboard Approach™ starts there and builds utilizing a simple, The VISTX Team, with their straightforward, easy to use Whiteboard Approach worked directly straightforward, visual set of exercises and tools with my folks to draw a solid picture of our current state. The collaborative exercises enabled us to designed to ensure: established scenarios for how to approach and deliver on the objectives without losing site of our capabilities and goals. VISTX ensured we met our timelines and they supported us through the • Your vision and strategy are aligned execution of the negotiations. On our own, I think we would have missed some key understandings, • Your objectives are clear and communicated would have overshot our timeline and my current clients would have felt the strain. VISTX was there when we needed them and they delivered the results we were looking for.” • Processes and tools are easily deployed and - Bill Dennis, President Coaching Solutions, Inc. scalable • Your organizational DNA is ready to WHAT WE DO continually improve VISTX Organizational Development provides end-to-end online learning and knowledge management solutions to enable strategic initiatives. We help you take initiatives from an idea to SMART-SOURCING™ results, bridging the gap between “big picture” strategy and “in-the-trenches” knowledge needed to make it happen. Initiatives require a mix of resources, skills and We have years of experience in helping commercial, non-profit and government organizations tools to deliver on organizational expectations. deploy a wide variety of learning and knowledge management solutions in an efficient and cost- VISTX SMART-SOURCING™, is a way of improv- effective way. ing your organizational performance for a single or multiple set of initiatives, we help manage Our model of providing expertise and analysis to help ‘you’ first – and bring in software second – your resource availability, capacity, and allows us to keep the cost of technology down so you can focus on the content and knowledge that expenditures to ensure timely deliveables. By drive real results. taking advantage of our SMART SOURCING™ engagement services, processes, templates and Our goal is your goal – ‘results’. Use us for one service, a combination of capabilities or the entire tools, ‘you’ save time and money. Benefits to our end-to-end solution. Together we help you focus on the right learning management capabilities you clients include: need to ensure success. • Your vision and strategy are aligned • Your objectives are clear and communicated AREAS COVERED • Processes and tools are easily deployed and Strategy: Front End Analysis, Requirements Definition, Solutions Design scalable Content: eLearning, Knowledge Management, Web Content, Training Development • Your organizational DNA is ready to Technology: Adaptive Delivery, Content and Learning Management continually improve Communications: Marketing Awareness, Training Delivery Support: Learner Support, Content Management, Systems Management WHITEBOARD MANAGEMENT™ SOLUTIONS BENEFITS Our Solution Accelerator software suite – proven tools and technologies for learning management, VISTX Portfolio/Project Management Services knowledge management and content management - allow us to move rapidly from design to deliver long sought benefits to our clients. We implementation to results in less time and at a lower cost. do this by combining technology with sound processes and governance to provide a • Meeting you where you are • Flexible and results oriented • Growth and Value complete solution personalized to the specific needs of our clients. Working closely with our clients, our experienced professionals: • Improve your results • Reduce Risk • Reduce completxities - Increasing the ease of where vision and strategy meet execution adoption • Provide incremental delivery options Scottsdale, AZ • Irvine, CA Phone: 480.304.5552 | Toll Free: 877.VISTX98 |