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We buy all kind of gold for cash at best prices, send your gold to us in our free gold pack, or come in person. Appointments available 01902 456 152.

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Sell gold ppt

  1. 1. WebsiteWebsite IdEmail Email Id:-
  2. 2. About UsAbout UsWe buy all kind of gold for cash at best prices, send your gold to us inour free gold pack. We happily welcome anyone who would like to visitour retail premises to sell their gold in confidence. With a reliable teamof experienced staff, you can count on us to handle your gold well andpay you good money - we are not going to cheat you out of cash! Wetrust and have faith in our customers, and treat them with the properrespect owed.These days, there are many financial advantages to trading on theInternet and we wish to pass on some of those advantages to you.Youll most likely find that the prices we quote to you for your gold arefar higher than youd receive on the high street. We also do our verybest to offer the most competitive Internet prices.Website:- Email Id:- Email Id:-
  3. 3. How to Get Cash for your GoldHow to Get Cash for your GoldYou cannot do anything with the scraps. The broken gold jewelleriesand accessories and the unwanted cups, medals, commemorativeplaques and trophies that are gathering dust in your cupboard cannotbe used for any purpose. Instead of hoarding them, consider sellingthem to a reliable dealer. A gold buyer, after assessing the goldcontent of the scrap and its weight, will pay you for the present in theitems.Get the Gold Scrap AppraisedThe scraps are usually the broken pieces of ornaments, jewelleriesand accessories. Even the gold dental crowns and bridgeworks aresold as scraps. Unlike hallmarked jewelleries, the carat value may notbe easily detected on most of the scraps.Website:- Email Id:-
  4. 4. Tips for Selling Gold ScrapTips for Selling Gold ScrapEvery piece of gold can earn you money. bars, coins and jewelleriesare not the only gold items that can be sold for cash. Even goldpresent in scrap can fetch you several bucks. As supply of is limited,market price of gold is primarily governed by the changing demandfor gold. If you are planning to sell, it is advisable to verify the currentmarket price of the metal.Track the Gold PriceFind a BuyerPrevent LossTestimonials of other SellersWebsite:- Email Id:-
  5. 5. Sell Gold in UKSell Gold in UKAs more and more Brits are considering buying gold a profitableinvestment option, a number of their fellow citizens are selling goldto make money. You can sell gold in UK in different ways.Although there is no dearth for gold buyers, finding a buyer who isready to pay the best price for your gold items is not easy.Experienced BuyerOnline Buyer with Retail StoreLicensed BuyerGood Customer ServiceWebsite:- Email Id:-
  6. 6. Things to Remember Before Selling Gold forThings to Remember Before Selling Gold forCashCashThe escalating price of gold is prompting numerous people to sellthe undesirable gold scraps to earn some cash. However, peoplewho want to sell gold for cash should take their expensivebelongings only to reliable buyers. To avoid fraud, always check thecredibility of the buyer before selling your gold scraps.Know the WeightCarat Value of JewelleriesValue of GoldCompare QuotesWebsite:- Email Id:-
  7. 7. Where to Sell GoldWhere to Sell GoldThere are different reasons for selling gold. Most people sell goldduring financial crisis, whereas others sell gold to get rid of theunwanted scraps lying around in the house. Given the year roundstable demand for gold, you can easily find a gold buyer.However, not all buyers are willing to give sellers the appropriate pricefor the gold ornaments or scraps. Only after spending sometimelooking for buyers and after comparing their quotes and verifying theircredibility, you can find a gold merchant who is ready to give the bestprice for your valuables.Jewellery ShopAuction HouseOnline Gold BuyerWebsite:- Email Id:-
  8. 8. Website:- Email Id:- for Selling Gold JewelleryTips for Selling Gold JewelleryUncertainty in the financial market is encouraging numerousinvestors to hoard gold, the most cashable asset. For a largenumber of people, this is the best time for selling gold jewellery thathas lost its appeal. The rising demand for gold ensures that sellerscan get the best price for the precious metal.However, selling gold is not easy. The availability of various sellingoptions has made the task more complicated and risky. You caneasily find a buyer. However, it is your task to verify the buyer’scredibility. There is significant variation in the prices of goldjewelleries offered by different buyers.
  9. 9. Cash For Your GoldCash For Your GoldAfter selecting a buyer, verify the credentials. Avoid the temptation ofselling your valuables to “pop-up” buyers. These rogue gold dealersrun lucrative advertisement campaigns, luring owners of expensivegold jewelleries to sell their precious belongings. In most cases, thesellers are underpaid, and in some cases, they do not receive anypayment.The purity of the gold jewellery, determined by its carat value, is thekey factor in determining the price of the item. If your gold jewellery ishallmarked, you will find the carat value stamped on the item.We run our service Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. Give us a calltoday on 01902456152Website:- Email Id:-
  10. 10. Contact UsContact UsGold Forever467 Dudley RdBlakenhallWolverhamptonWV2 3AF us:- 01902 456 152Website:- Email Id:-