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Wollongong Futures Visions

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  1. 1. /7a{rWollonBonBFoFttreg 3,1 ,i
  2. 2. &#wollonsons 20227ollongong FuturesImagining the CityWhat kind of a city do you want Wollongong to be in twenty years? What willit look like? Who will live here? What will they do for a living? What recreationalpursuits willthey enjoy? How willthey get around?Wollongong Futures has been asking questions of the community since early2002. The aim is to create a picture of how the city sees itself in twenty yearstime. lndividuals, community groups, the business community, state governmentagencies and Council all took the opportunity to imagine the future. Of course,there were as many different futures imagined as there were responses, butthe reason for asking was to get answers. The range of responses tells us thateveryone had something to say.lnitially the role of Wollongong Futures was to ask and listen, while thecommunity imagined. The next phase of the project was to take the imaginedfutures and distil them into an image of Wollongong that the whole communitycould share. This important task was pedormed by the community during thefirst half of 2003. The process is now complete. The people of Wollongonghave imagined their city twenty years into the future and produced a vision todefine that city. This document sets out that vision, and shows us the kind ofcity we want to be.Wollongong Futures is a vital project to guide our planning so we can turn thatshared vision into reality. I thank everyone for their pafticipation and lookforward to your continuing involvement. %rO*Zv Alex Darling Lord Mayor City of Wollongong
  3. 3. Vrfi&t;T uturesVisions of the FutureHow do you, in just one paragraph, define a city that wont exist for twentyyears? lt sounds impossible, but after a great deal of deliberation and discussion,the people of Wollongong have done it. The city has an idea of its fuiure self- an idea that can guide us both as individuals and as a community.The one grand vision this idea represents is supporled by nine visions, eachof which describes an aspect of the life and look of our city. When the ninevisions become a reality the grand vision of Wollongong will have been achieved.The Visions cover the whole LGALegendE Urban, Residential, CommercialE lndustrialI---l Recreation, Tourism, EnvironmentalI Non Urban Main Roads- Stanwell Park Freeway- Coalcliff Wombarra Austinmer Thirroul Woonona *& i .:. _, r&" Port Kembla { Lake lllawarra I l- drd *,b --," *.;]@{{q,, s..*1ry
  4. 4. avis,i ,f#rwollongong 2022tWollongong - A Sustainable LocalGovernment Area for the Futureln the year2o22,Wollongong will be a sustainable localgovernmentarea, safeguarding the economic, social, culturaland environmentalwell-being of present and future generations.ln partnership with the whole community, wollongong adopts developmentand management strategies, practices and activities that satisfy our needs increative ways, without limiting the positive choices of future generations. Thiswill guide our everyday actions as ciiizens, and our choices as a local governmentarea. At every level, we will act to protect and enhance the environment,develop our economy, and constantly improve our quality of life.This is the grand vision of our City in 2022. The following nine visions supporlthis idea.
  5. 5. "i x"1; uturcsiAccess, Equity and l-Jtility HI*FHWollongong witl be a Local Government Area that is accessibleon all levels to the whole community. IEln the future, Wollongong will consider access, equity and utility in all that itdoes and strives to achieve. Opportunities, services and infrastructure will beplanned so that they are available in locations that are convenient to access,provide use to a wide range of the community, and are suppoded by a rangeof transporl choices. Utility means services and infrastructure will be developedin response to the needs of the community.Access and equity will also be considered in terms of: lf.l ,o physical issues, including the built form, location and transport; t. cultural issues, including culiural appropriateness and language;. economic issues, including affordability, J id. social issues. including access by marginalised social groups, community safety. and fear of crime. ,-"q
  6. 6. ons 2022 Councrl and Community Partnership in City Governance Wollongong will have an involved communityworking in partnership with an accessible, responsive and accountable Councilto provide dynamic and proactive leadership to the local government area. A partnership between Council and the whole community will provide better f leadership and planning, by encouraging all members of the community to1} participate and take ownership. A thriving and innovative local governmenta area will be developed through this partnership, where community and Council work together to promote and enhance the whole area. ln this instance, Council refers to both councillors and Council staff. Dynamic leadership will come from both community and Council where both parlners take responsibility and ownership for the implementation of visions of the future for Wollongong. An accessible, responsive, accountable council shares information and knowledge, seeks community inputs, takes these inputs seriously and is transparent in decision making. lmprovements in planning and leadership will be achieved by encouraging the whole community to pafticipate in the decision making processes. These improvements will lead to a better understanding of the communitys requirements in terms of: . ownership of plans by the community; . environmental protection and enhancement; . community safety; r adequate services and infrastructure; . access to education and employment opportunities; . health services. lmprovements in community participation will result in better services, facilities and programs for everyone and, in turn, lead to greater community well-being and strong social capital. Community participation is an important element of a sustainable future.
  7. 7. uturcsDeveloping a Progressive andQuality llrban Environment for Peopl"Wollongong will foster thriving urban areas with innovativedevelopment based on principles of design excellence contributingto a strong sense of place throughout the local government area.To create an innovative and thriving region, Wollongong will employ the latesttechnology and develop new ideas around urban (and suburban) development.This exciting and progressive local government area will have a prosperous,desirable and environmentally sustainable built environment and a thrivingregional centre, complementing suburban centres and neighbourhoods inharmony with natural processes.Principles of design excellence will guide environmentally sensitive, sustainable,attractive and socially progressive development. The celebration of heritagevalues and the retention of open space will contribute to a strong sense ofplace and identity throughout the urban environment. ,r,# "r - r:ffi 1" :l [r r!1 I *q
  8. 8. Developing Local Communities Wollongong Local Government Area will boast local communities that reflect their unique qualities and atmosphere. Local communities (village neighbourhoods and other places, such as ihe city centre) are places that are safe, healthy and accessible, where people canG+ identify, interact and connect with each other and the surrounding environment. They are places that reflect the local people who live in them: their character, atmosphere, heritage and vision. Most importantly, they are places people call home. Because of its cultural diversity and geographic spread, Wollongong has many neighbourhoods and places with a local village feel. Through strategic planning and place management, Wollongong will foster and develop these local village neighbourhoods to their full potential in the context of their role and place in the local government area.
  9. 9. Embracing Creativityand Cultural Identity ffiB ei(&uWollongong will be a vibrant, contemporary local government areawhich protects, enhances and celebrates diversity, inclusivity,creativity and originality.Wollongong has a vibrant, cultural precinct with a well-resourced and livelycultural infrastructure that is the creative heaft of the lllawarra region. The cityintegrates urban design and public art that reflects and celebrates local stories,experiences and aspirations.Our unique cultural and social heritage is an asset to protect and promote asan integral part of the citys identity. Wollongong encourages local communitiesto express and celebrate their creativity, identity and place.Wollongong embraces creative industries as an essential part of sustainabledevelopment within a contemporary knowledge economy. l- -Y
  10. 10. - a vision for wollongong 2022 Enhancing our Communitys Lifestyle The Wollongong community will enjoy a lifestyle that is continually improving through the conservation and enhancement of, and appropriate access to, the natural, cultural and recreational assets of the local government area. A high quality lifestyle is dependent on safe access to places and facilities that promote health and wellbeing, and that allow and encourage people to pursue a range of leisure, recreational, learning and cultural experiences that they believe add value to their lives. Both community and private assets contribute to provision of these opporlunities. Natural assets, including fauna and flora in urban areas, consist of such things as bushland, wetlands, foreshores, the escarpment, creeks and watercourses. Cultural assets include cultural organisations and groups, European and Aboriginal heritage sites, libraries, performing arts centres, museums, art i..:tj , . i:$El .: l galleries, multicultural centres, and other cultural facilities, such as community- +*.::,=r" *.-e"€l halls. lt also includes village character. Recreational assets would include such things as sporting fields and clubs, playgrounds, public open space, swimming pools and leisure centres. The continual improvement of these assets and services both through the private and public sectors will enable the city to respond to the changing lifestyle requirements of its community. At the same time, it will also extend opporlunities to those who have previously experienced difficulty in accessing lifestyle options and improve the facilities and opportunities that already exist. t^d, , Ytr
  11. 11. ESF acrhtating and Integrating Movement f=ffi=Wollongong will have a well-planned, coordinated and cleantransport system that provides access to all relevant localities ofthe local government area in a safe, convenient and affordablemanner. €5 -rThe transporl system refers to the public and private, hard and soft infrastructurethat facilitates the movement of goods and people. lnfrastructure comprisesphysical infrastructure (roads, parking facilities, etc) as well as soft infrastructure(such as safeiy, marketing, surrounding environment, policies, etc) withoutwhich the transport system will not work.A well planned transpod system will take into account other planning fields,such as land use planning, while allowing for the integration of different typesof transporl throughout the city.Promotion of the use of non car-based types of transporl (public transport,cycling and walking) and the implementation of technologies whichprovide non polluting public transport will contribute to a cleaner environmentfor Wollongong.
  12. 12. a visien f€:wollongong 2022 I ISupporting and Developingthe Regional Economywollongong will have a flourishing sustainable economy withemployment opportunities facilitated and developed for everyonein the local government area.Both hard and soft infrastructure will be provided to facilitate economicopportunities and attract investment. Hard infrastructure refers to physicalinfrastructure, while soft infrastructure refers to issues like state and FederalGovernment investment supporl for the region; access to venture capitalinvestment in people through leadership development and skills basedevelopment etc. ofopportunities for the regions economy will arise through the development developedboth traditional and emerging industries. A robust economic base isthrough diversification and is able to withstand the changing nature of the modern economic environment (state of national and international economy) Facilitation and development of appropriate economic opportunities focuses on activities that support sustainable economic growth. wollongong concentrates on the development of leadership supporting a flexible and innovative business culture, new technologies including communications, cleaner and greener technologies, job generating activities etc. Economic and employment oppoftunities are created through the development of traditional and emerging industries, the use of new technologies and the direct and indirect employment opportunities that result. wollongong also identifies and pursues opporlunities to attract sustainable growth and new technology industries that contribute significantly to employment
  13. 13. resValuing and Sustaining the EnvironmentWollongong will enjoy a natural environment that is protected andenhanced, and a human environment that is designed anddeveloped in harmony with nature.Wollongong is a place that is famous for its unique natural environment, inparticular the escarpment. lake and coastline. The local government areastrongly identifies with these three features as vital contributors to the qualityof life of its residents - as the lifestyles of a large percentage of the populationare either focused around or affected by them.Wollongong recognises that it is part of the natural world, not separate fromit, and is acutely aware of the value of preserving the environment upon whichit depends. As it develops, the city does not ignore but rather works with theprocesses of natural ecosystems in innovative ways that:o protect and improve water, air, and soil quality;o protect and expand habitat for all forms of life;. use resources such as energy, water, waste and other materials efficiently and responsibly;. respond to the issues posed by hazards such as bushfire, landslip, coastal processes, flooding, etc.The focus of all of these activities is to continually improve the ecologicalintegrity of the area and increase the quality of life for the whole community. ",n I .-1: **qil !-- - !! - -.r1.--. -* I
  14. 14. wollonsong 2C22How did we do it?Wollongong Futures is a project based on community padicipation.As its stafting point, the project commissioned a communitysurvey to find out what the people of Wollongong felt were theimpoftant issues - their likes and dislikes.The next step was to bring in the CSIRO to lead a series of community visioningworkshops. Starting from the survey, workshop participants identified issuesimpofiant to our future, and ranked them. Links between issues were identified,and all this information was articulated as visions. The whole exercise wasrepeated with different stakeholders, organisations, state government agencies,council staff, senior and executive management and councillors.Armed with the community survey and a host of visions from the workshops,the next step was to identify key vision components and group them into visionthemes. A community advisory group was established to develop and refinethe visions further. lt also ensured that the outcomes were representative ofthe work done within the community visioning sessions.At the end of this process, which took over a year, the community advisorygroup arrived at the visions contained in this document.Comrnunity participatlon in Wollongong Futures d -ry- lq ; lJiRVrYj l, gqnple.- $4rAEhg6oh61 9nt4 / 6.t.${ ht eeFqaucGa+i 6oN.lrv1Y Mtrory 6ra+, fdndvElryk^p, RcadetB,@drel iffi11, :-l NcRr$bF5 lqqf *d..@E@r kx1; S.r..n# ht{*t Do hE Ni}fi"{6 BS ? li5i6rsy Fr6ze99 **r*i6*#**6fffinfft
  15. 15. tVhat Happens Next?A vision of the city in 2022 is a very powerful tool in guiding the decisions wemake as individuals and as a community, but a vision alone is like a destinationwithout a map of how to get there. The next key element of Wollongong Futuresis the action planning phase, due to begin in October 2003. ln this phase thecommunity, Council, and other stakeholders will define the goals, strategiesand actions to take us from the Wollongong of the present to the Wollongongof the future. lt is a key phase of the project, and one that will rely on theexpertise and commitment of Council and state agency staff, business leaders,and the community.B;, the end of 2004 Wollongong should have not only a vision of the future, but adetailed plan of hor,v to get there and a community committed to making the journey.7,i 4ec ?Do9Adoption of community visionsAction planning - Action planning workshopsLocal plan development - Review of existing LEP - lnception of new place based localplan process - Development control plan workshopsCommunity profiling continuedCommunications5qn 4ec ?boqAction planningDevelopment of monitoring systemWollongong local plan review - Place based local plan workshopCommunity profiling continuedCommunicationsPRODUCTSCommunity profileAction planPlace based local plan elements
  16. 16. t qrVisit our website:www.wol lon gon contact:Etienne BritsWollongong City Councilphone (02) 4227 7615email / Local Action 2lWorroNGoNG City oI InnoDation ffiIII) cstRo