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Things I Heard At The TestKit 2014 Conference


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TestKit is a once-a-year conference in Washington DC for testers, quality analysts, test architects, and business managers. I presented this summary of the things I heard and saw at the conference.

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Things I Heard At The TestKit 2014 Conference

  1. 1. Things Heard At TestKit 2014 Conference March 5, 2014 Frank Cohen,, (408) 364-5508
  2. 2. Heard at TestKit 2014 • #testkit has been renamed #snowkit! :) Good to be here! #softwaretesting • #subject7 positioning as easier than #saucelabs for testers that don't code. Says #sauce requires coding. #TestKitCon • 100% of participants in @fcohen session at #testkit are NOT happy with @hpqc .. Now, that’s a surprise!! :-D #killQCalready • Old Product Syndrome
  3. 3. Heard At TestKit 2014 • Asked @sbarber at #TestKitCon if he's seeing CI-build-unit-test- performance-test automation. Said depends on resources staying long term. • @appvance is my new 2nd favorite software company! Hand delivered by @fcohen. @tasktop still #1. #testkit Uoml0gJdAv • The presentations at the #TestKitCon conference have been good. Good presenters, good answers, mostly avoiding product pitches, says @fcohen
  4. 4. Code vs Record/Playback • Appium Is Not Ready for Prime Time • "I don't think testers should write code" @fredberinger at #TestKitCon when comparing #Appium #Selenium #Soasta • #TestKitCon "you can use functional tests as performance tests" I am proud of having an impact on that method of repurposing tests.
  5. 5. Appvance Candy Bowl • Appvance Performance Cloud Out Next Week • Cloud/Grid • JMeter Script Runner • soapUI Cloud Based • 85 Reports, including Scalability Index •
  6. 6. Appvance • When You Build Modern Apps And Wonder
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