Testing Ajax, Mobile Apps the Agile Way


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Testers are under big new pressure to use Agile software methods, Ajax environments, and Mobile environments. In this session, Frank Cohen of Appvance will show how Best Buy and PepsiCo cope with the changes: How they select test tools, test management tools, and create operational test data. See how this all fits together in an Agile environment using Continuous Integration, Source Repository, Test Scripting, and Agile Test Management for Agile Stories. Frank will show practical examples - to the code level - to deal with desktop browsers, iOS and Android native apps, WebKit and Mobile Web browsers.

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Testing Ajax, Mobile Apps the Agile Way

  1. 1. Testing Ajax, Mobile Apps
 the Agile Way March 4, 2014 Frank Cohen, fcohen@appvance.com, (408) 364-5508
  2. 2. PepsiCo Needs Deep Reach To Consumers • High User Experience Web App Campaigns • Do Us A Flavor, Every2Minutes using Ajax, Web, Flash/Flex, • Broad Reach Mobile App Campaigns • iOS/iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets Native Apps • Time-On-Page Using Publishing Platforms • Tumblr, WordPress, Google+, Facebook, Twitter • Partners Via ERP, Workflow, Integration Platforms • Oracle, TIBCO, IBM, Microsoft, Software AG, Redhat BPM, EMS, MQ
  3. 3. Testers Are Under Big New Pressure • Agile Software Methods • Ajax Environments • Mixed Mobile Environments “The Business Managers Tell Us They Need 1000 VUs in 10 Mins” “The Devs used JMeter” “The App Runs on WebKit Browsers and Android Native”
  4. 4. How Does It All Fit Together • Agile Environment featuring Agile Stories • Story < UseCase < Test < Schedule < Deploy < Build • Continuous Integration, Source Repository, Test Scripting, Deploy Manager, and Agile Test Management • CloudBees, Travis CI+Deploy, JMeter, Rally, Appvance • Select Test Tools, Test Management Tools, And Create Operational Test Data
  5. 5. Test Runtime Architecture Continuous Integration Developers Jenkins Appvance Performance Cloud Appvance Controller Test Injector Test Management Clear Instance 1 Map Story to Tests Deploy to Cloud Log Results Test Repository Clear DPL Repository Oracle Script Runner, Monitor, DPL Browser Driver Chrome, IE SOAP, REST Instance 2 Test Injector Script Runner, Monitor, DPL Aric New User SLA Warning Average perf: 32 Seconds Business, DevOps Results Repository Oracle Dashboard Driver Chrome, IE Scalability Index Browser SOAP, REST Shared Services Environment Service Under Test App Under Test Virtualized Environment Service Under Test App Under Test
  6. 6. Modern Deployment Requires Modern Testing • Desktop browsers, iOS and Android native apps, WebKit and Mobile Web browsers • End-To-End means HTTP Protocol level testing • Beginning-To-End means Driving The Entire App • Combination Testing Surfaces Root Case To Bottlenecks
  7. 7. The Hybrid Model • End-To-End Component Testing at API/Protocol Level • Beginning-to-End App Integration Testing • Scalability Testing of End-User Experience • Data Driven Tests from live operational data sources • Functional Tests Repurposed To Performance Tests • Validate Digital Agency Tests (normally not LoadRunner)
  8. 8. Typical Solution Combines Process and Teams • LoadRunner Best Practices for Ajax, Mobile • Tool and license for LoadRunner team to do its own testing • Train testers and business managers on Test Methodology • Consulting Practice, Integration Expertise • Build upon the tools • Identify Requirements for Digital Agencies, Product Teams • 10-15 best practices required by digital agencies for app development • Server Configuration Requirements Document • SLA Requirements Definition for Publishing PAAS Providers
  9. 9. Missing Integration Expertise • App Integration Bridges Digital Agencies Agency Architecture Diagram Host Implements Frank: “Where’s the Node.js load balancer?” Host: “Oh, We missed that.”
  10. 10. Digital Agencies Making Same Mistakes • Frank asks: “Why is the deployed app not accepting 13 digit cap codes?” 
 Agency: “We missed that.” • Frank asks: “Why is network limiting throughput to PHP requests to Node.js?” 
 Host: “The F5 load balancer does that by design. We’ll remove it.” • Frank asks: “Does the delivered app have testing APIs?” Agency: “We will write some.”
  11. 11. Mistakes Happen At App Integration Time • Frank asks: “How could more than 1 person log-in per second using Gigya?” 
 Gigya: “Oh, we didn’t think of that.” • Frank asks: “Why isn’t the Log In service scalable above 100 log-ins per second?” 
 Agency: “You’re running it on Windows, all our experience is on Linux.” 
 Host: “We don’t know.” • Frank asks: “Why is Apache set to only use 25 worker threads, when the app needs hundreds?”
  12. 12. Example Architecture - Integrated App Email Services Utility Apache, PHP MySQL Master MySQL Read MySQL Read Load Balancer App Web 1 Apache, PHP, Zend NodeJS Bid History Load Balancer NodeJS View Counts Load Balancer Distributed Edge Cache Browser
  13. 13. App Integration Test Readiness Requirements Number of Server Machines Identified and Provided App code from Agency Installation at Host Last Minute Changes from the Business Voting Service (SAAS) Configured App Integration Database Created and Populated Preference Center Configured Apache, PHP, Zend, .NET, Java optimized
  14. 14. Best Practices for LoadRunner on Ajax, Mobile • Beginning-to-End App Integration Testing • Run Ajax App In Real Browsers: Ie, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Webkit, Mobile Web. Tests 100% Of The End-User Experience. • LoadRunner TruClient does not work reliably with Ajax apps, 
 does not test on Chrome, Safari, WebKit, and older IE, Firefox • LoadRunner works great for end-to-end and protocol level tests. For example, making HTTP/JSON requests to a Node.js server through a load balancer • Combine Beginning-To-End and LoadRunner 
 for test of app’s integration at app and protocol tiers
  15. 15. Models That May Work • Product and License - Augment What You Already Have, Teach and Train your team • Services, Experts in Load Runner and other products, need outsource, short staff • We know your product, we know your tools, we know our tools, we know what reduces app performance • Maestro Service between agencies • App Integration and Performance Test Services
  16. 16. Appvance • When You Build Modern Apps And Wonder
 “How Risky Is That App Launch Going To Be?” • Call Us At (855) 254-1164 
 Or Email Us Sales@Appvance.Com
 And We Will Show You