Agile Open Source Performance Test Workshop for Developers, Testers, IT Ops


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Training For Selenium, soapUI, Sahi, TestMaker Performance Testing. Slide deck from the free Webinar titled "Technical Training On The Agile Open Source Way To Load Test, Scalability Test, and Stress Test." Learn the Agile Open Source Testing way to load and performance test your Web applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash, Oracle Forms, Applets,) and SOAP and REST Web services. This free Webinar delivers a testing methodology, tools, and best/worst practices.

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Agile Open Source Performance Test Workshop for Developers, Testers, IT Ops

  1. 1. The Agile Performance Test Methodology and ToolsAgile Open Source Performance Testing A Workshop For Developers, Testers, IT Ops Frank Cohen, +01 (408) 871-0122, January 5, 2012
  2. 2. Open Source Test AutomationAbout PushToTest‣ Our Mission: Test, To Make A More Reliable World‣ Make It Easier To Move From Manual To Automated Testing‣ Support Advanced Testing, including Agile, Load, Integration‣ Open Source Testing (OST) For Everyone2
  3. 3. Open Source Test AutomationWhen OST Is Your Best Choice‣ Modern Agile Software Development Techniques‣ Highly-Usable, Highly-Functional Applications for Web Deployment‣ Complex Data, Sophisticated User Interaction, Application Business Logic (Workflow)3
  4. 4. Open Source Test AutomationAgile Repurposing‣ Agile Delivers More Projects Faster‣ Requires Repurposing Between Teams‣ Treats Tests As Business Asset (Version Control, Sharing, Reuse) Business Requirements to Launch Biz Integration Test and SLA Compliance IT Dev Functional Tests Repurposed As Test Load and Performance Tests4
  5. 5. Open Source Test AutomationOST Architecture Application Under Test PTTMonitor Web, RIA, BPM, SOA CPU, Net, MemoryFunctional Test Injector Test Authoring Test Bundles ScriptRunners Data Production Libraries SoapUI (Pro) MySQL, HtmlUnit Sahi, Selenium, SoapUI, Java csv files, rdbms queries Sahi (Pro) JUnit Class FrameworkLoad Test Eclipse Java IDE Fitness Test Operation Console Languages: Java, Python Wiki CollaborationProduction Designer Grid and Cloud Repository Results Analysis Record/Playback Test Deployment MySQL RDBMS Business Intelligence Tool Monitor Continuous Test Repository Bug Tracker Monitoring Integration Management5
  6. 6. Open Source Test AutomationComponent Approach TestScenario Component Application Log-In Load Test 100 Users 500 Users 1000 Users setUp Data runTest Test Use Case Database Production tearDown Development RDBMS DPL Log-In Database CSV DPL Product Search Component QA Regression Order Product Custom DPL Database Confirm Order Component Load Test Log-Out Database Production6
  7. 7. Open Source Test AutomationRepurposing7
  8. 8. Open Source Test AutomationTest Authoring and Scale Approach Advantages and Disadvantages Scale 1000+ VUs per TestNode Protocol Level Testing Script-level coding 1000+ VUs Extra code for JavaScript 1000+ VUs per TestNode HTTP Archive (HAR) Script-less Test Authoring 1000+ VUs Automatic for JavaScript Record/Playback SeleniumHtmlUnit 20-200 VUs Operates client-side logic Same Test Script Browser Functional Testing Visual Test Debugging 2-4 VUs Slow Test Operation8
  9. 9. Open Source Test AutomationTestMaker Demonstration‣ Fun And Easy Test Script Creation ‣ Selenium and TestMaker‣ Repurposing A Single Test ‣ Functional Test, Load and Performance Test, Production Monitor‣ Results Analysis ‣ Chart Engine9
  10. 10. Open Source Test Automation Next let’s talk about Calibration Testing ‣ Test Environment Scalability ‣ Early Look At Results10
  11. 11. Open Source Test AutomationCalibration Testing11
  12. 12. Open Source Test AutomationExpensive For Time12
  13. 13. Open Source Test AutomationStart In The Middle13
  14. 14. Open Source Test AutomationWork Down or Up14
  15. 15. Open Source Test AutomationLoad Testing Timing‣ TestScenario Options Tab ‣ Ramp up speed ‣ Sleep Time15
  16. 16. Open Source Test AutomationIndividuals and OrganizationsFor the individual tester needing a For organizations running large scaleno-cost test tool to test Web and business-critical Web, RIA, SOA, BPMRIA for functionality, load and and needing world-class tools,performance, and monitoring. methodology, training, and support.‣ Functional Testing with TestMaker Object Designer ‣ Load Testing to Millions of Virtual Users‣ Repurposing Selenium, soapUI Sahi and unit tests into ‣ Cloud and Grid Test Deployment ‣ data-driven functional tests, load and performance tests, and business service monitors Collaborative Test Object Repository‣ Load Testing To 50 Virtual Users ‣ Data-driven tests, RDBMS Data Production Libraries‣ Data-driven tests using CSV files. ‣ Collaborative Results Analysis Repository‣ 25 Charts and Reports ‣ Flex/Flash 3.0, 4.0, AMF‣ Community Support and access to all documentation ‣ 1000+ Charts and Reports16 ‣ Support, QuickStart, Training, Consulting
  17. 17. Open Source Test AutomationAvoid Retreats‣ Load Test Shows: 3,230 Success, 12 Failures‣ Avoid The Urge For Perfection ‣ Even TheTo Functional Testing Go Back Best Managers Sometimes ‣ Even Failed Transactions Generate Load‣ Sometimes the whole point is...17
  18. 18. Open Source Test Automation18
  19. 19. Open Source Test Automation Alex: load test is running fine Inga: Coolio! Alex: Uh oh Alex: Success: 3210, Failure: 15 Alex: Success: 3210, Failure: 204 Alex: Success: 3210, Failure: 483 Inga: What’s up? Alex: The whole application failed Inga: Yep, avail threads = 0 Alex: Back to the drawing board19
  20. 20. Open Source Test Automation Fear Not We get paid to break things. When you break it you understand it. When you understand it you can fix it.20
  21. 21. Open Source Test AutomationSlides on Twitter‣‣ Please retweet‣ Please follow me‣ #ost21
  22. 22. Open Source Test AutomationWhere To Go From Here‣ Watch A Screencast and Tutorial ‣‣ Attend An Open Source Test Workshop ‣‣ Ask For A Proposal on Licenses, Training, Support, Consulting ‣ Call +01 408 871 0122, sales@pushtotest.com22