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Bamboo roadmap wkshop clark

  1. 1. Philippine Bamboo Roadmap Workshop 15 & 16 May 2012 Holiday Inn Clark, Pampanga UNDERSECRETARY MERLY M. CRUZ Regional Operations Development Group Department of Trade and Industry Chair, PBIDC Executive Committee
  2. 2. What is Bamboo? Any of a large number of erect or climbing woody grasses with hollow, jointed, rounded and often springy stemsClumping Non-clumping
  3. 3. Remarkable AttributesFast growingGreat for erosion control and CO2 sequestrationExtraordinary hardiness – typhoons, atomic bomb, earthquake, fire, pest and diseasesPotential source of renewable energyProduces more oxygen
  4. 4. Desirable Features Can be cut and worked into various shapes Can be joined with nails, screws, bolts, connectors, tying materials and adhesives Can be used in many forms (1) round, (2) splits, (3) sliced, (4) flattened, (5) particles, and (6) fibers Pleasing appearance Treatable with chemicals
  5. 5. Philippine Bamboo Statistics Species 53 erect; 17 climbing Hectarage 38K; 20 natural, 18 plantedAnnual demand 60 M polesAnnual supply 40 M polesMain industries furniture & handicrafts; construction and fishpens; packaging; propping Industry very small due to limited raw material supply!!!
  6. 6. Good News!!! EXECUTIVE ORDER 879Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Council Reforestation of at least 500 thousand hectares from 2010 to 2020. DENR to use bamboo for at least 20% of its annual reforestation 25% of annual desk requirements of DepEd shall be made of bamboo DTI-BambooPhil-DENR
  7. 7. Industry Strengthening Training Additional Good News!!! Techno-transfer Landbank to extend loansAccess to raw material supply for bamboo development Bamboo expos projects Marketing assistance
  8. 8. Why Invest in Bamboo? Great global demand; international market value now 10 B US dollars Thousands of products Low capital investment for many products Profitable Fast growing; renewable; environment friendly Technologies available Large tracts of land available for pole production
  9. 9. Money Making Alternatives CATEGORIES Nursery production Mass propagation – tissue culture Bamboo farming Primary processing Production of finished products
  10. 10. Bamboo Farming/PlantationPotential Markets Construction, furniture & handicraft sectors Fish pen operators Fruit & vegetable sector Charcoal producers Power providers
  11. 11. The Big Four
  12. 12. The Big Four …
  13. 13. Primary Products Potential Markets • Construction industry • Furniture industry • Handicraft industry • OthersFor Banana Props
  14. 14. Engineered Products Potential Markets • Construction industry • Furniture industry DTI- • Handicraft industry CITC • Others
  15. 15. Carved Articles
  16. 16. Handicrafts
  17. 17. Fences
  18. 18. Gazebos
  19. 19. Charcoal Lump or raw BriquetteCooking & Heating ActivatedCooking & HeatingAir/water purificationAir/water purification  Hotels, restaurants, residences Detoxification  Supermarkets, Detoxification warehouses  Hospitals, drug Medicine companies Medicine  Vehicle owners
  20. 20. Power Generation BiomassCooking Heating Electricity
  21. 21. Bamboo Pellets
  22. 22. Executive Order 879Creating the Philippine BambooIndustry Development Council(PBIDC) to promote the bambooindustry development project anddirecting the use of bamboo for atleast twenty five (25%) percent of the desk and otherbamboo furniture requirementsof public elementary and secondaryschools and prioritizing the use ofbamboo in furniture fixtures andother construction requirements ofgovernment facilities and allocatingfunds therefore and other purposes.
  23. 23. Rationale for the EO RP contribution to ASEAN to reforest at least 500 K hectares with bamboo from 2010 to 2020. Planting bamboo can significantly help mitigate climate change and reduce impacts of natural disasters Bamboo can be used as cash crops for farmers RP can have larger share in 10B US$ global market Will enable LGUs to participate more actively in planting and processing into various products Bamboo industry needs to be strengthened.
  24. 24. Major Provisions PBIDC Executive Committee TWG PBIDC - to provide overall policy and program directions. DENR and associated units shall use bamboo for at least 20% of its annual reforestation. Bamboo desks and armchairs to be procured by Dep-Ed (at least 25% of annual requirements of all public elementary and high schools) Executive Committee to assist PBIDC in program/project identification and resource generation. Technical Working Group to assist Executive Committee. Initial funding – P20 million
  25. 25. Council Composition 12 Members Chair Secretary, DTI MembersSecretary, DENR Chair, Exec. Comm.Secretary, DA League of Municipalities of the PhilippinesSecretary, DepEd 2 Representatives, NGOsSecretary, DOST 2 Representatives, Private IndustrySecretary, DOLE Associations
  26. 26. PROGRAM COMPONENTS  shall take into account climate change mitigation measures. DENR (FMB, BambooPhil MGB, LLDA, AHON Movement ERDB) PHILEXPORT DA PCCI DAR (Excom LMP Member) NCIP ( Excom Member) DTI DOST DepEd DOLE CITC (TWG) shall address primarily shall look into disaster mitigation poverty mitigation which would cover dev’t nodes &projects involving community hubs, prodev, value/supplydevelopment and social protection chain mgt, marketing &and responsibility. technology.