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Slideshow with information about Kosovo. Contains political/legal/administrative, economic, cultural, and geographical aspects.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  1. 1. Kosovo
  2. 2. Political, legal, administrative aspects
  3. 3. The gender equality is one of the fundamental values of democratic development of society of Kosovo. Source:
  4. 4. Value added tax Source:
  5. 5. Corporate income tax Source:
  6. 6. Personal income tax Sources:
  7. 7. Economic aspects
  8. 8. 87,960 small and medium enterprises (SME) in 2008, of which approximately 47% are engaged in trade industry. Source:
  9. 9. The Trepca and Ferronickel conglomerates employ, together, more than 12,000 people. Source:,45
  10. 10. Some foreign companies in Kosovo Sources:
  11. 11. magnesium zinc nickel Natural lead lignite resources chrome kaolin bauxite
  12. 12. World lignite reserves Source
  13. 13. At 14.700 million tonnes, Kosovo possesses the world’s fifth-largest proven reserves of lignite. This mineral is of outstanding importance for the country, representing in a long term one of the most crucial factors for the power generation. Source:,44
  14. 14. Decorative stones 6 million m3 of Onyx Marble in Istog. Large amounts of White and Gray Marble in Rahovec. Very high amount of Black Marble in Rugova Gorge. Gray Granite of Shipashnica is about 16.5 million m3. Breccia Marble quarry in Decan has over 420,000 m3 and 2,400 000 m3 in Gadime near Lipjan. Other decorative stones such as Gneiss, Andesite, Magnesite, Serpentite, Quarzite, Trachyte, Porphyry etc., are available in large amounts. Source:,47
  15. 15. Ferronikeli The Ferronikeli nickel plant in Kosovo is supplied with nickel ore from the group’s mines in the country, as well as imports of third party ore from Albania, and supplemented with other ore to optimise blends and production. In 2006, Cunico Resources acquired Ferronikeli. Cunico Resources is incorporated under Dutch law as the holding company for a joint venture operation owned equally by International Mineral Resources, Zürich, and BSGR, two strategic investors in the metals and mining industry. IMR is owned by the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC). Sources
  16. 16. Agriculture
  17. 17. Agriculture contributes 19 percent to the GDP and is the main source of income for the majority of the population. Source:
  18. 18. Dairy farm structure Source
  19. 19. Largest companies in Kosovo dairy market Source
  20. 20. Dairy sector efficiency Source
  21. 21. Long wine making tradition in Kosovo Source
  22. 22. Infrastructure
  23. 23. There is an opportunity to construct an highway in Kosovo worth 1.17 billion euros and Turkish companies can participate in such construction. Zafer Caglaya Turkish State Minister Source
  24. 24. Source Swedish Trade Council, June 2009. %20Juni%202009.pdf
  25. 25. Financial industry
  26. 26. There are 8 licensed banks, 2 pension funds, 16 other financial intermediaries, 27 financial auxiliaries and 9 insurance companies in Kosovo. Six out of eight banks in Kosovo are foreign-owned. Source reasons-to-invest-in-kosovo.html
  27. 27. Banks Source:
  28. 28. Procredit Bank arrived in Kosovo in 2000 and is now a leading player with more than 40% share of the market and more than 300,000 customers. Source
  29. 29. Insurance company Premium volume Market share Sigal EURO 19.2. million 28% Siguria 25% Vienna Insurance Group – SIGMA (Took over TBIH stakes in insurance companies in 2009) Sigkos EUR 643.000 Dukagjini 320.000 private clients Dardania Croatia Osiguranje INSIG Tirana Kosova E Re Total EURO 85 million Sources
  30. 30. Insurance companies Source:
  31. 31. The automobile sector again dominates the market taking up a share of 57%. Currently only one single company offers life insurances. Sources
  32. 32. IT and telecommunications
  33. 33. From being inexistent 10 years ago, Kosovar companies in the IT sector offer today high quality services and the latest technologies to their customers both locally as well as to foreign companies who want to outsource their software development or support centres. Sources:
  34. 34. Internet market Companies Kujtesa. Owned by Slovenian Telecom. IPKO (2008 revenue: EURO 41 million). Dardanet. Subsidiary of Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK). Size of market EUR 10 Million per year. Sources,89
  35. 35. According to the latest figures of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) app. 15,3% of the Kosovars use internet on a regular basis. Compared to the EU – average of 38%, the usage of Internet in Kosovo can be therefore considered as being significantly lower to an EU – average. Source:,89
  36. 36. Kosovo has 2 mobile telephony operators, with over 200 million Euro investment by the Slovenian Telecom for one of them. The state-owned mobile telephony operator VALA with over 850,000 users will be available for privatization soon. Sources
  37. 37. Textile industry
  38. 38. 51 private companies engaged in textile production, out of which 90% are final product producers. Source:,90
  39. 39. Sports
  40. 40. The mountainous south of Kosovo has great potential for winter tourism. One of the most interesting opportunities for foreign investors in this region is the skiing resort Brezovica in the Sharr Mountains. The resort, situated between 1,700 and 2,500 meters above sea level, has been offered for privatization by the Kosovo Trust Agency. It offers excellent weather and snow conditions as well as long ski seasons from November to May. Sources,48
  41. 41. Cultural aspects
  42. 42. Population 2.2 Million 70% under 35 years old Groups in population 88% Albanians 7% Serbs 5% other Sources,10
  43. 43. Population density Source:, p. 228
  44. 44. The Diaspora represents more than 17% of the general Kosovo population. Every person who has legal and regular residence outside Kosovo, but who was born in Kosovo and has close family and economic relations in Kosovo is considered a member of Kosovar Diaspora. Source:
  45. 45. Geographical aspects
  46. 46. Gjeravica 2,565 metres Sources