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Egypt - its geography, economy, and people.

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  1. 1. Egypt
  2. 2. Part # 1 Geography of Egypt
  3. 3. Source Egypt
  4. 4. Egypt is about 1 million km2, almost 3 times the size of Germany. Source
  5. 5. Egypt’s coastline is 2,450 km. Source
  6. 6. The river Nile. Cairo, Egypt. Source
  7. 7. Egypt is home to the Suez Canal and the Sumed Pipeline, which connect the Red Sea with the Mediterranean. Both are guarded by the Egyptian army. Source
  8. 8. The Suez canal in Egypt is 163 km. Long and 300 meters wide at its narrowest point. Transit time averages 14 hours. Source
  9. 9. The black desert in Egypt Source
  10. 10. The white desert in Egypt Source
  11. 11. Part # 2 Economy of Egypt
  12. 12. In Egypt, tourism brought in nearly $7 billion in 2005, about 25% of the country’s foreign currency revenues, more than the revenue from the Suez Canal. Source Mahajan, Vijay: Africa Rising, p. 177.
  13. 13. Typical cruise boat on the Nile River and on Lake Nasser Source
  14. 14. Pyramid built 2649 – 2575 B.C. Source
  15. 15. Source The great pyramid of Giza was completed around 2540 B.C. and is constructed of an estimated 23 million blocks.
  16. 16. 10 inventions by people from Egypt Invention Written language. Year of invention 6000 B.C. Papyrus paper. The calendar. The plow. 4000 B.C. Breath mints. Toothpaste. Shave and a haircut. Eye makeup. 4000 B.C. Bowling. The door lock. 4000 B.C. Source
  17. 17. Much of Egypt receives ample sunshine, yet few local companies are pushing solar energy technology. Source
  18. 18. Statistics show that among the poorest 20% of Egyptians, 85% of households have no proper means of rubbish disposal, so they burn it, dump it by the side of roads, tip it into canals or feed it to wandering goats and chickens. Source ”No Paradise”. A special report on Egypt.
  19. 19. Part # 3 People who live in Egypt
  20. 20. Population 85 million people. Population growth Languages Religion 2% Arabic. English. French. 90% are muslims. Source
  21. 21. Labour force by occupation Agriculture 32% Industry 17% Services 51% Source
  22. 22. The body mass index in Egypt is high Source Egypt
  23. 23. The culture of Egypt Power distance Individualism Source Masculinity Uncertainty avoidance
  24. 24. The military owns much land and has its fingers in virtually every sector of the economy - so much so that the money it takes in each year from its business ventures pays for a good part of military operations. Source
  25. 25. Egypts ranks low on gender equality compared with the 135 other countries measured Source
  26. 26. A relatively low percentage of data from Egypt is open Source