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Questions about cooperation. Research included.

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  1. 1. Cooperation
  2. 2. 1 Compete 2 Cooperate 3 Compromise 5 Avoid 4 Adapt Adapted from Blake & Mouton, 1964. High self confidence Strongly cooperative behaviour
  3. 3. Question # 1 What values do people have?
  4. 4. We often don’t like in others what causes us discomfort in ourselves, so self-awareness is a key asset for a lifetime of effective conflict management.
  5. 5. Further inspiration
  6. 6. Question # 2 What is the purpose?
  7. 7. Further inspiration
  8. 8. Question # 3 What are the reasons for the problem?
  9. 9. Get to the root of the problem. Knowing the real issue at hand is the only way to develop the right solution.
  10. 10. Collaborate when your objective is to learn. Morgan, Gareth: Images of Organization, p. 201.
  11. 11. Ask each person to reflect on this question: "What can I learn from this crisis?"
  12. 12. First, person A speaks 5 minutes, while person B listens. Then person B speaks 5 minutes, while person A listens. Plan who speaks when
  13. 13. Each person explains how he/she understands the problem / conflict. The other person listens, repeats, and asks questions to make sure that he/she understands. Inspired by
  14. 14. Further inspiration
  15. 15. Question # 4 What needs does each of us have?
  16. 16. People enter negotiations assuming that their preferences and priorities are identical to their counterparts’ priorities.
  17. 17. Accept that conflict happens when people work together. Try to understand each person’s needs.
  18. 18. To negotiate constructively, learn about and understand the needs / interests of yourself and the other person. Kofman, Fred: Conscious Business, p. 172.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Further inspiration
  21. 21. Question # 5 What ideas do we have?
  22. 22. To negotiate constructively, create new solutions with the other person. Kofman, Fred: Conscious Business, p. 172.
  23. 23. If everyone is going to feel satisfied with the resolution, it will help if everyone has had fair input in generating solutions. Brainstorm possible solutions, and be open to all ideas.
  24. 24. Further inspiration
  25. 25. Question # 6 How can we find the best ideas?
  26. 26. Further inspiration