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5 points on twitter with frank brunke


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Have a question on how to use twitter? Here are a few points to help.

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5 points on twitter with frank brunke

  1. 1. 5 points on twitter with Frank Brunke
  2. 2. 1: What is Twitter?Type: PrivateFounded: 21, 2006Founders: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Biz StoneEmployees: 900+ (2012)fine print: Twitter as with any other online tool, is an ever changing state of flux.I will cover the basic concepts of twitter . Sketch of the layout for Twitter. 5 points on twitter with
  3. 3. 2: How is Twitter used?General Usage: @ This can be called an @ (at) reply and/or an @ (at) mention. # This can be used to join or comment on a current conversation. Tweet this is a single update that is 140 characters or less. This can contain @mentions, hashtags external links or simple text. ReTweet or RT. This will take any tweet and share it with your followers. It is good practice to provide credit to the original content, for example “RT “content” @username” TT - Trending Topics. This can be a topic that is creating the most buzz on twitter. This is how the # (hashtag) is/can be used. Lists. You do not need to follow everyone you are interested in. I personally have about 25+ lists, based on topics. I do not need to follow these people, but i can see / join in on the conversation. Promoted tweet. This is a tweet that someone has paid to have a single trending topic. 5 points on twitter with
  4. 4. 3: Who is using Twitter?Everyone: over 500 million users as of April 2012.With over 500 million users twitter has grown a little bit since the launch back in 2006. Source: Wikipedia, 5 points on twitter with
  5. 5. 4: Question?Do the number of followers matter?: Not anymore. The more important quality to have on twitter is influence. If you can build influence(trust) with your followers, the number of people who look to you for suggestions will rise.Should I follow everyone who follows me?: No. While there are over 500 million users sorry to say, but there are a lot of fake accounts and spam has found a nice home on twitter. If you want to follow a friend / family go right ahead, but it is not so important to follow strangers.What should I worry about on twitter?: A lot, I hear a lot of people get link happy. Since the links are shortened it is hard to tell the difference between and a valid link. Click with caution. Also anyone can be the victim of a hacked account on twitter. So since it came from a friend, does not always mean it is safe.What is the value of twitter?: Currently I see twitter making a nice home as the second screen. It can also be a source of support. If you have a question on a product for example, “my #tvbrandname is restarting a lot.” With use of the #tvbrandname a respectable manufacture should monitor tweets about the brand. You could obtain support from the brand or someone else having the same issue. Questions asked to my in response to question on facebook. 5 points on twitter with
  6. 6. 5: How can I use Twitter?The way you can / should use twitter has changed a lot over the years.Self Promotion: If you are looking to sell a product and or support a product, twitter provides a great low cost way for you to obtain quick user feedback.Increase user base: Connect with users quick on current events.Ask a question: Not finding the answer in google? Ask twitter if you are having a problem, with such a large user base you will find someone with a similar issue. Having nothing to do on a Friday night? Ask what is your favorite word…or what is your biggest dream in life.Second Screen: The recent super bowl was a great example of twitter as a second screen. With the ability to connect in real time and comment on events made for a great second screen experience.Have a question? Have a question on how to use twitter? Send me a message @frankbrunke 5 points on twitter with