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Entrepreneurship: Know Before You Go - Presentation to TSEM 102 - Spring 2017


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Presentation to two sections of Professor Suzanne Obenshain's Towson University Freshman Seminar 'Current Issues in Education: Excitement and Challenge of Extreme Teaching'

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Entrepreneurship: Know Before You Go - Presentation to TSEM 102 - Spring 2017

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship Know Before You Go Frank Bonsal III Director, Entrepreneurship Towson University Incubator TSEM 102 – ‘Extreme Teaching’ Hawkins Hall April 13, 2017
  2. 2. Entrepreneurship is a Mindset With 2 mindsets: • Fixed • Growth “passion for learning over a hunger for approval” - Dweck
  3. 3. What Success Looks Like
  4. 4. Entrepreneurs Identify + Solve Problems What problems do you see everyday? What issues do you find in your environment? What dilemmas keep you up at night?
  5. 5. Entrepreneurs Must Embrace Failure
  6. 6. Entrepreneurs Must Find Their Purpose
  7. 7. Entrepreneurs Must Strive for Balance
  8. 8. Native Baltimorean K-12 + PS Education: MD, NH, OH, MA, NH, UK, TN 15+ Years Teaching + Coaching 15+ Years Education Technology Investing 15+ Years Volunteer Education Nonprofit Service 3 Years University Entrep. + Ed. Innovation Cluster Teacher-Coach EdTech Investor EdTech Ecosystem Leader Edupreneur Classroom to Boardroom Boardroom to Ecosystem 25+ years 2001 2013 My Life as ‘Practice Coach’ -blog post series here Education Entre- preneur- ship Tech Innovation EdTech
  9. 9. Leading, Growing, and Supporting ‘Baltimore EdTech’ + BaltCo Entrepreneurship Empowering an ‘Entrepreneur Experience’ by Aligning the Academic, Experiential, + Real-World Experiential Real-WorldAcademic The EdTech Ecosystem Part Teacher-Coach EdTech Investor EdTech Ecosystem Leader Classroom to Boardroom Boardroom to Ecosystem
  10. 10. Think of problem-solving in massive industries that leverage regional & institutional core competencies. When you think of Baltimore Startups…
  11. 11. #BmoreEdTech “Maryland is really, really strong in its community of teachers.” – Betsy Corcoran, CEO + Cofounder, EdSurge TU Incubator-The Apex of Baltimore EdTech
  12. 12. Lifelong Learning 23 member companies (75% of all member companies) solve problems and innovate in education via solutions in K-12 (55%), Postsecondary (35%), + Lifelong Learning (10%). Our Focus on EdTech Innovation TransitioningU PostsecondaryK-12
  13. 13. Memberships Resident Associate Virtual Student We Support 30 Member Companies Mix of edtech, IT services, Business Services, Enterprise Security Mix of edtech, sports tech, consumer social web All edtech Mix of edtech + consumer product
  14. 14. Mentoring Capital Distribution Networking + Place Our Value-Added Support
  15. 15. Our Focus on Founder Diversity 9 edtech companies with women founders 9 companies with founders of color ?
  16. 16. Example #1 Teacher Effectiveness Platform Founders: Nicole Tucker-Smith + Khalid Smith Credit: Baltimore Sun
  17. 17. Example #2 Credit: The Daily Record InferCabulary: Vocabulary Learning Founders: Beth Lawrence + Deena Siefert
  18. 18. Ensure the Right Base The Business Model Canvas
  19. 19. What opportunities do YOU see to kill pain or create gain Value Proposition MVP Minimum Viable Product ● Essential value prop. of your solution ● Used to test the core aspects of an idea
  20. 20. • Online • Offline • Target Customer — beachheads Test Your Assumptions (a.k.a. Customer Discovery)
  21. 21. A Reminder!
  22. 22. What’s the one trait all successful entrepreneurs MUST have? What are YOUR Thoughts?