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Re-Elect Frank J. Thornton


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Henrico County Board of Supervisors

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Re-Elect Frank J. Thornton

  1. 1. Re-Elect The Honorable Frank J. Thornton
  2. 2. Community Activism and Leadership Every leader answers a clarion call-to-action to make change. From the Civil Rights movement to present day, Frank has been there on the frontlines working in the community through civic engagement.
  3. 3. Grassroots - Fighting the Good Fight The journey to the Board of Supervisors was hard a fought battle. Through the Henrico County Civic League, committed activists won the landmark case McDaniels v. Mehfoud, so that African- Americans voters could achieve representation in the Fairfield District.
  4. 4. Historical Election - 1995 In November of 1995, Frank J. Thornton won election for the Henrico County Board of Supervisors becoming the first African-American to hold office as a supervisor. He was installed into office in January of 1996.
  5. 5. Historic Leadership in Virginia
  6. 6. Our Pledge ● Honesty and Integrity in Government ● Family Values: Safer Neighborhoods ● Improved programs for Youth and Seniors. ● Economic and Community Development: Jobs ● Sports Tourism ● Global, Quality and STEM based Education ● Keeping Taxes Low ● Fairness and Uniformity in Assessment Rates ● Regional Cooperation
  7. 7. On November 3rd Re-Elect The Honorable Frank J. Thornton Henrico County Board of Supervisors Fairfield District