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Plan b iu 4

  1. 1. IU 4: The Instructional Strategy The Plan B Program: Career Exploration and PlanningGoal StatementThe instructional goal of the Plan B Program is to provide student learners with the knowledge, skills,and tools, to perform career exploration research and develop a basic career plan. After completion ofthe program, the students will be able to describe what their primary field of interest is and demonstratethe capacity to build a revisable career plan to reach their intended career goal.OverviewIn under-performing schools, the terms “at-risk” and “disadvantaged” have been used interchangeablyto describe the student population in general and more specifically their performance. Many of theseschools suffer from a myriad of socioeconomic issues that range from decentralization and expansionto the outer suburbs, a dwindling tax base, limited civic involvement, underdevelopment, mediocreleadership, and an eroded value of education through negative peer pressure. In Dekalb CountyGeorgia, which is in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, the graduation rate is 78%. The overallgraduation rate for the state of Georgia in 2008 was 75.4% (Georgia Department of Education, 2008).What happens to the students that did not graduate? How do we address their needs and bring them intothe new economy. My proposed approach is to reach them middle school, when they still believe thatthey have possibilities for the future. The Plan B program is a career exploration and planningroadmap for “at-risk” students that provides practical activities and skills for the youth to identify areasof interest for a future career or trade. 1. Instructional Strategy 2. Media Selection and Delivery System 3. First Draft of Instructional MaterialsI. Instructional Strategy – Intellectual Skill/AttitudeThe identified learners for the Plan B Program are eighth grade males that are classified asdisadvantaged students. In this district, the majority of the student population is African-American.According to statistics, this demographic of male students is likely to become a dropout and anunproductive member of society. The Plan B Program is designed to be a moment of reflection oranalysis for the student to determine which path they want to follow. Pre-instructional Activities To gain the attention of the learner, the student learner will be posed introspective questions to set the mood for self reflection and analysis. The student learner will be required to take a look at the history of the African experience in America from 1619 to present day. The student will be required to watch video clips of the experience in the Colonial period, American Revolution, Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement. After viewing the video clips, the student learner will perform analysis of two generations of their family. Objectives 1. The student will identify three potential careers or trades.
  2. 2. 2. The student will research human resource and workforce development websites. 3. The student will perform an internet search of the knowledge, skills, and abilities for his top career interest. 4. The student will compile the information from the lesson and complete templates for career planning and seeking a virtual mentor. Assess the conditions of poor people. What do they have in common? Examine the role of education and its correlation to lifestyle. Define institutional racism and provide an example. Prerequisites 1. Computing Skills - The student must possess basic computer skills that include typing and browsing the internet. The training will involve extensive utilization of the computer. 2. Open to Learning - The student must show his willingness to learn and be flexible in his thinking. The student will perform research necessary to complete the outcome. 3. Choose a Career - The student must identify a potential career or trade based upon their talents or potential.Content PresentationThe content presentation of the Plan B Program will be a combination of video, video clips, podcasts,and web resources. The content is intended to raise introspective questions of the student learner aboutexisting norms in their environment. For example, the student learner may ask himself why does hecontinue to go to school. What is the benefit to him other than the streets? What is a meaningful skill?The content and the research is intended to correlate learning to lifestyle. Task 1: Initial Assessment of the student learner Assessment 1. The student will be provided a link to the Moodle learning management system and enroll in the Plan B Program. 2. The student learner will participate in an online survey that highlights the experiences of his family members. 3. The student will click the survey link in the Moodle application, which will take him to the Survey Monkey online survey site. 4. The student will complete the survey questions and hit the Submit button when completed. Skill Inventory 1. The student will click on the Skill Inventory section of the LMS. 2. The student will list the existing skills or talents that he has today. 3. The student will write his skills in the Short Answer field of the section. Interest Inventory 1. The student will complete the Interest Inventory examination to determine what fields of interest best match his skills today. 2. The student will click on the link to an external website that provides the interest inventory.
  3. 3. 3. After the Interest Inventory is complete, the student will print to the CutePDF printer tocreate a .PDF of the file and save it to their virtual directory.Task 2: Research1. The student will go to the Research section of the LMS.2. The student will identify his top three career interests from the Interest Inventory3. To conduct research, the student will go to the following,,,,and The student will find a minimum of three job listings for his top career or trade choice.5. The student will print the job listings to the CutePDF printer and save the files to hisvirtual directory.Task 3: Planning1. The student will go to the Planning section of the LMS.2. The student will list the specific job requirements that include the knowledge, skills, andabilities necessary to be successful.3. The student will determine if college or technical training is required for their careerinterest.4. If additional school or training is required, then the student will review the admissionsrequirements and cost of the program.5. The student will construct their plan from the Plan B Template.Task 4: Execution1. Each student will have another student perform a quality check of their assignmentbased on a checklist.2. The student will make revisions if necessary.3. The student will review the plan before the next school year.4. The student will monitor his progress as necessary and make the adjustments as theirinterests evolve or change.Learner ParticipationThe student will be engaged throughout the instruction by completing tasks of short durationthat are in line with the learning style of pre-teen males. The videos, clips, and podcasts will besupplemented with thought provoking questions to make sure they are engaged in the process.Learner FeedbackA discussion forum will be added to the LMS to allow the students to ask and respond toquestions that they may have from the assignment.AssessmentsThe students perform assessments throughout the training where they complete the onlineFamily Survey and the Interest Inventory.
  4. 4. Following Through Activities To achieve the greatest value from the Plan B Program, the student must periodically refer to the career tool that was constructed and make the necessary revisions. Students that formally register in the Plan B Program have the option to consent to further career development activities. For example, annual follow-ups will be conducted for students and they will have continuous access to the program website. The Plan B website will provide additional discussion forums, mentoring, and conduct future surveys and activities associated with the program.II. Media Selection and Delivery SystemThe media for the Plan B Program will primarily consist of video clips from YouTube and Vimeo,which will be supplemented with documentaries and Podcasts from PBS Video, iTunes, and delivery system will be websites on the internet. After the student is exposed to the information,they will complete the Plan BIII. First Draft of Instructional Materials The first draft of the instructional materials allow the student to work in an asynchronous environmentto create the Plan B Program Career Plan. Please copy the link to your browser to access theinstructional materials.Http:// Plan B Program- Instructional Materials.pptxSummaryStudents that complete the steps of the program will be able to organize their thoughts and create anadaptable career plan. The research and data compiled by the student can be updated as necessarywhen the student revisits his plan. The Plan B Program will expand the students framework ofunderstanding the need to evaluate data, career options, and managing their destiny.