Project Management - Rehabilitation of Child Soldiers


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Poster Presentation for MSc Disaster Management & Sustainable Development (Dec 2010, Northumbria University)

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Project Management - Rehabilitation of Child Soldiers

  1. 1. Since 1986 an armed conflict raged through Northern B Uganda between the rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army Ex i-an pe nu Ti (LRA) and the government army (UPDF), causing the m displacement of up to 2 million people and the abduction of nd al el more than 20,000 children, forced to serve as child soldiers, itu in sex slaves and labourers. re e Uganda Since 2008, an estimated 900,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) have returned to their homes and a number of former child soldiers have been demobilised or have escaped. Yet, the issues surrounding their return are complex. In particular, the rehabilitation of formerly abducted Pajule adolescents, their reintegration with IDPs of the same age and their communities of origin, and the provision of training to foster their livelihoods are of great concern. One of the largest IDP camps rose around the town of Pajule, Pader District, Northern Uganda, as people fled their villages to avoid the LRA raids. The camp hosts up to 24,000 residents for an average of 3 years, but it cannot meet their basic needs. This major issue is compounded with the need for social capital reconstruction, ex-child soldiers reintegration and wealth provision. Expenditure ($) Microfinance Monitoring & $5,000 Evaluation Contingency Communication 2% $27,370 $19,550 $22,000 9% 6% 7% Expatriate Employee $20,100 Land and Building 7% Costs Local $89,300 Management 30% $24,000 8%Reduction of STDs Disabilities Aggressive Effect on Self- Administration LivelihoodOpportunities Behaviour Esteem Training $4,800 Children 2% Counsellors $76,365 Community $9,000 26% Breakdown Physical 3% Abuse Psychological Abuse Sexual Abuse Stakeholders and Organisation Participation in Conflict Stakeholders Interest Effects Community Loss of Reintegration and livelihood +++ Elders Childhood 15-25yr old adolescents opportunities Parents Separation from Family and Community Raised by Commanders Parents Assurance of child’s future ++ Sustainable Siblings Social capital +/- Siblings Exit Strategy Community elders/chief Community cohesion ++/- Community Child Soldiers Other community Social capital ++/- members Stability Child Protection 15-25yr old Committee Adolescents Neighbouring villages Knock-on effects +/-Poverty War Displacement Government Stability +/- Builders Counsellors Trainers Ed Bridge Rebels and Military Recruiting children -- Alberta Filaferro Other NGOs Working in partnership +/- Francesca Hughes Expatriate Local Manager and Farmers/other producers Competition +/- Manager Administrator Aaron Jamison