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Mobile coupons


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Mobile coupons are similar to the conventional print coupons we see on magazines and newspaper inserts; the difference being that they are sent directly to mobile phone devices.

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Mobile coupons

  1. 1. Presented by: Fran Hylinski
  2. 2. Integrate Mobile Coupons with Your Autoresponder Entice users to opt-in to receive your coupon offer with a strong call-to-action Set-up your offer so they can receive the coupon immediately after opting-in
  3. 3. Don’t Make Your Offer Totally Free Combine your free offer with a paid product or service to avoid freebie-seekers They will grab your free offer and then opt-out of your list
  4. 4. Make Your Offers Time-Sensitive Most mobile users read text messages within minutes of receipt Put time limits on your offers to increase urgency
  5. 5. Send Your Offers at the Right Time  Certain businesses get higher conversion rates if they send messages on certain days or at specific times of the day  When is your audience more likely to redeem your offers? Send your message on those days and times
  6. 6. Advertise Your Coupon Campaign Aggressively Tell the world about your mobile coupon campaigns to drive up participation Tell in-store consumers, social media followers, website visitors, and email subscribers about your mobile coupons
  7. 7. Do Not Overwhelm Your Customers Do not send your customers coupons every single hour; not even every single day for that matter Coupons will be ignored Many will unsubscribe
  8. 8. Provide High-Value to Your Customers Find out what your customers want and give them just that Make your offers “worth it” to your subscribers to keep them coming back to spend money with you
  9. 9. Keep Your Coupons Super Simple Make sure your coupons are easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to redeem Simplicity wins with coupons Keep offers short, sweet, and to-the-point
  10. 10.  Remain Professional  Don’t add anything “unprofessional” to your coupon offers Could turn off some of your subscribers
  11. 11. Be Consistent with Your Offers Figure out how often you will send out coupon offers and stick with it Don’t let months go by without communicating with your list as they may grow unresponsive
  12. 12. If you would like more information about Mobile Coupons, contact me at  408-480-5637   for a FREE Consultation Fran Hylinski 408-480-5637