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Models of intervention to support Diaspora investment in agri-food systems


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Presentation by Frederic Ponsot- Remittances and Financial Inclusion Specialist IFAD.
African Diaspora Agro Food Forum 2018
25th April 2018
Bouchout Castle, Botanic Garden Meise Belgium

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Models of intervention to support Diaspora investment in agri-food systems

  1. 1. Models of intervention to support diaspora investment in agri-food systems Pooling diaspora investment • Connect diaspora investors with agri-based ventures and/or local entrepreneurs • Adapt existing investment mechanism to diaspora investors • Examples: • NGO brokerage, Atikha, Philippines • Matching grant mechanism, Somalia • Crowd funding platform, Babyloan Mali Support diaspora entrepreneurs • TA before, during, and after business kick-off • Matching grant to leverage migrant capital and catalyse local private resources • Ex.: Youth-oriented diaspora investment with communities from Morocco and Senegal in Italy (implemented with Oxfam and Slowfood) • Bringing capital to rural areas and agricultural value chains considered more risky / less profitable • Leveraging diaspora capital and skills • Impact on rural employment, youth migration and agricultural value chains
  2. 2. Atikha - Philippines • Investment in egg-layer farms cooperatives in rural Philippines • Preferred shares sold to migrant abroad • Brokering approach combining financial education, business, investment facilitation • > $ 500,000 investment Somalia • Linking Somalian diaspora members with local SME (fisheries, storage, agri- businesses) • Investment through middle terms loans • The US$ 565,000 capital financed by the Fund leveraged US$ 831,000 from the Somali diaspora. • 10 companies created 160 new jobs and opened new markets for about 15,000 rural producers Babyloan Mali • Crowfunding young rural entrepreneurs by mobilizing Malian migrants in France • Young entrepreneurs supported by IFAD youth project • Pilot phase just started • To leverage € 300,000 in order to finance 400 young entrepreneurs